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Newsletter No. 8. 2015        

February 23, 2015

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This week and next week we feature the Battle of Okinawa, from 1945 to 2015. 

Masako Shinjo Summers Robbins & Steve Rabson conveys a personal account of a young woman sold by her father into prostitution who finds herself caught up in the Battle of Okinawa. C. Douglas Lummis reports from the front lines in the battle unfolding daily around the clock at Henoko where Japanese Coast Guard and Okinawan police face demonstrators on land and sea as the Japanese government moves to impose a new US base on a population that has repeatedly expressed opposition. For the first time in decades, Japanese police arrested peaceful demonstrators, including the leader of the anti-base struggle at Henoko. The arrests form the centerpiece of a situation in which lines sharpen in the wake of a demonstration of 2,800 people, the largest to date at Henoko. Herbert P. Bix examines the fateful 1945 decision by Emperor Hirohito to reject the Konoe Memorial and pursue the Battle of Okinawa long after Japan's defeat was clear with dire consequences for the people of Okinawa. Michael G. Chang's visually-driven study of the 18th century imperial tour of South China takes us inside the imperial court to reveal some of the ways in which the Manchus sustained their rule over nearly three centuries, and provides an important teaching resource for the study of Chinese (and Manchu) history.

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