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Newsletter No. 43. 2014       

October 27, 2014

New Articles

The 1950s have become something of a lost decade in historical recollections of postwar Japan, and while U.S. foreign policy continues to be actively opposed in certain parts of Japan, the vigorous grassroots protests against the first security treaty have all but fallen into a black hole of memory. As a complement to her award-winning documentary ANPO: Art X War, Linda Hoaglund looks back to this tumultuous decade as part of her contribution to Visualizing Cultures, examining Japanese paintings that critically and memorably engage the political struggles of the time.

What are the lessons of Fukushima for the future of nuclear power in earthquake-ridden Japan? At a time when the Abe government is pressing for restarts in the face of deep public opposition, Nassrine Azimi reflects on the issues and options following a recent visit to some of the hardest-hit localities in and around Fukushima three and a half years after the triple disaster. "Years (and billions of yen) could well be spent shifting topsoil, but would any young family be willing to raise kids there?" she muses, from the wasteland of localities that may never be repopulated.

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