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News & Updates from the Body-Mind Centering� Association community, July 2015
Greetings from Wendy Masterson, board of directors

The transition of Winter to Spring has come to northern Michigan. The bulbs, a gift from the Board at the 2014 BMCA Conference at Skidmore, have spread their roots and are reaching towards the sky. What they will become, I do not know. For me, their journey reflects the path of BMC unfolding into a universe of potential and discovery.  


My BMCSM roots began to emerge in my first introduction to the circle in Northampton, MA in 2005 and continued with SME certification through Kinesthetic Learning Center (KLC) in Durham, NC in 2010. My current studies in the IDME and Practitioner programs at KLC support a deepening knowledge of the material and support the extension of my personal and professional practice of engaging individuals, organizations, and communities in the work.


I integrate BMC daily in my life as a teacher, choreographer, and administrator at Interlochen Arts Academy (residence high-school for the arts & academics) in a variety of dance, arts, and academic classes and also with my colleagues in administration. As an established leader at the Academy, I utilize a BMC-frame in committee work, in support of my colleagues, and in mentoring the student body. Interlochen has provided a dynamic working laboratory and playground for me during the past 23 years. This year, I launched a new interdisciplinary course with a science credit called Learning, Expression & Artistry. This course, based on BMC principles, includes upperclassmen from dance, theater, film, and music. We have encircled developmental patterns, sensory experience, and the body systems; connected with BMC professionals on special questions; been led in vocalization and rhythm with a Shakespearean actor/director; and welcomed infants (15 days old - 5 months old) as our teachers. Like BMC, my students are emerging from the nurturing cocoon of their study and their arts to find their own voices in the world.  


In 2012, I was asked to serve BMC in two different capacities - one as a BMCA Board member, the other as Director of Program Development and business partner with Maryska Bigos at KLC. Since then many projects have come to fruition for these organizations while other projects are softly migrating out of the synapse; some are immersed in thought and hope. 


Bonnie and Len, along with BMC professionals and teachers have spread the roots and a new phase is emerging for Body-Mind Centering. It is a time for visionary thinking, reflection of our common past, and an embodied and courageous step into the space of the unknown. This is a vibrant time as the BMC circle widens to include new professionals, new teachers, and new students throughout the world.  BMC is only beginning to find its breath as it reaches for the sky, resonating with a new space and sense of identity.


Who am I?  I am teacher, artist, sister, friend, wanderer, and wonderer who has a fondness for interwoven circles. 


Wendy Masterson

RSME 2010, Practitioner/IDME Candidate


Treasurer, BMCA


New books by BMCA members

from Barbara Neiman

Mindfulness & Yoga Skills for Children and Adolescents: 115 Activities for Trauma, Self-Regulation, Special Needs & Anxiety.

New and unique exercises in yoga, meditation, guided imagery and somatic explorations fill this comprehensive skills guide. This book is brimming with 115 practical and easy to use tools and stories supporting critical life skills for families, classrooms and therapy sessions.


Holistic strategies include:


  • Meditation to support body-mind-spirit connection 
  • Yoga pose adaptations for autism, sensory processing & special needs
  • Trauma sensitive and grounding guided imagery
  • Parenting tools to tune to our somatic self and enjoy silence and nature
  • Designing a personal mantra and contemplation
  • Classroom interventions for building life skills

  • More information available at:

    From Veronika Wiethaler: 


    I am happy to announce that

    Connecting Pelvic Floor and Postural Exercises book and DVD is available now.


    Aspects of Body-Mind Centering� applied to pelvic floor and postural exercises.


    This book and DVD gives tools and ideas which help to understand how the spine gains length when the coccyx and the ischial rami, which are the bony reference points for the pelvic floor, are included in average exercises you might find in yoga, pilates or other movement techniques. It proposes how to use the pelvic floor when abdominal muscle training is  encountered, in order to protect young and elderly women who aim to do abdominal work out, from organ prolapse. It offers insights how principles of developmental patterns invite non expert adults to integrate new ways to do and to feel movement. The DVD demonstrates almost all exercises presented in the book and it contains a lesson on big balls.


    The book tries to offer a new relationship with the pelvic floor in a colorful way.

    I feel highly thankful to Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen who  gave me the opportunity through her work to approach movement in many different ways and with this, to help people in more and  less difficult situations with their pelvic floor and  vertebral column. 


    Connecting pelvic floor and postural exercises, book and DVD

    Veronika Wiethaler

    Morlacchi Editore

    20 Euro


    Available by 

    click on '2-Nuovo' 

    go to order from Morlacchi - spredito da amazon provides international shipping


    You can order also from 

    [email protected]

    shipping will be divided between buyer and Veronika

    From Annie Brook
    Annie's latest book is "The Adoptive Parents Handbook". It is a guide for adoptive parents to help them through the unique challenges they face in their family. Adoption can be confusing and discouraging at times. It can even feel as if the child is being manipulative. These feelings are common. Annie's new book breaks down the brain mechanisms and behaviors in adoption and gives workable solutions. 

    Also available are "Birth's Hidden Legacy" Volume 1 and 2 - easy to use manuals to help therapists and parents understand how experiences in the womb and early infancy shape behavior in later life. Annie helps therapists and parents understand how pre-cognitive body memories in utero and the first 18 months of life have a surprising amount of influence on lifelong behavior and coping patterns. Annie gives case study examples, theory, and practical intervention tips for "rewiring" the body-mind to encourage healthy development and relationships. Brook's new book explains how this period from infancy and birth can create unconscious experiences that a child or adult may carry with them for the rest of their life. 
    New certification and masters programs
    Linda Hartley - by Jane Bacon
    photo: Jane Bacon. Image taken from Bacon's video installation sitting / walking / practice, 2010. See the full article here

    From Linda Hartley - MA Somatic Practices by Independent Research, UK


    The Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy - UK, has initiated a collaboration with the University of Chichester, UK, to offer this exciting new Masters Degree to qualified Somatic Practitioners. IBMT Diploma graduates may apply to undertake the 

    10-month 'top-up' programme, working towards an MA as well as professional registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator with ISMETA. Somatic practitioners trained in other disciplines may also be eligible to apply.


    The MA programme enables students to explore their own somatic practice by examining and critically framing their working methods, to develop their somatic understanding and further their careers as reflective practitioners.


    In addition, it offers practitioners a means of validating and accrediting their previous experience and professional training, as well as an opportunity to develop and deepen their critical understanding of specific somatic practices and how to conduct somatically informed research.


    The MA is designed to cater both for students who wish to develop their somatic understanding in order to further their careers as reflective practitioners, and as a foundation programme for those hoping to pursue practical and/or theoretical research at M.Phil or Ph.D level. Students pursue their own research, therefore they will be expected to be self-motivating and possess the ability to work independently. 


    The MA Programme has been initiated by Linda Hartley, and created by Prof Jane Bacon.


    For more information please see: 

    For all enquiries, please contact the Programme Coordinator, Prof Jane Bacon: Email: [email protected] / Tel: 01243 816174

    L Hartley program
    New SME program in Oregon, USA, starts in 2016!


    Core Teachers: Amy Matthews and Mary Lou Seereiter


    Director: Mary Lou Seereiter 


    Additional Faculty: Mark C. Taylor, Rebecca Haseltine and Wendy Hambidge


    Location:  Studio in the Woods in Lorane, Oregon  


    All courses can be taken individually or in groups. Moving Within, Studio in the Woods offers a unique residential experience with tent camping, fully-prepared organic meals and nature walks in Western Oregon Forest Lands.


    Contact: [email protected] or 1-541-767-2697.


    If you are a BMC teacher or practitioner please let your students or clients know about this program. If you would like to assist in this program call Mary Lou for application information. 


    For complete program details go to

    Embodied Performance training news from
    Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad, BodyCartography Project
    We launched the first module of The Embodied Performance training in Minneapolis in June with much excitement. We had sixteen students from as far a field as Perth, Australia and Canada. We worked intensively for two weeks with cellular presence, our nervous systems, bones, organs, diaphragms and vocal apparatus. Students performed at Future Interstates, a series dedicated to improvisational dance and performance at the Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts. We have decided to launch a second training in Berlin beginning in November. You can read all the details at 

    Conference News
    The 2015 North American BMCA Conference is just days away!  We hope you will join us in Portland, Oregon, USA to explore, share, be inspired, and have fun.  It would be wonderful to see you there!

    30th Annual North American BMCA Conference

    Body As Ecosystem: Somatic Landscapes
    Reed College - July 22-26, 2015

    Pre Conference Workshops:
    Daria Halprin:  July 22-23
    More Information
    Get all the latest news and updates.
    Conference Brochure
    Check out the amazing line up of presenters and performers!
    Rates increase after July 15

    31st Annual North American BMCA Conference 
    Metamorphoses: Evolving Pathways in Somatics 
    Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 
    June 17 to 22, 2016 
    Photo:  Rosie Dienhart

    Friday, June 17:
    Full Day pre-conference workshop, guest presenter TBA

    Saturday, June 18 (9:00 am) to Monday, June 20 (noon):

    Monday, June 20 (2:00 pm) to Tuesday, June 21 (noon):
    Post conference workshop, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


    Seeking proposals for, but not limited to:
    Experiential workshops, presentations, panel discussions, performances, research, case studies.  Content may address any somatic tradition and need not be exclusive to Body-Mind Centering.

    Deadline for Proposals:
    September 15, 2015

    Submission Format:
    Presentation title, three-sentence description in third person tense, four-sentence biography, length of presentation (90-minutes preferred), space and technical needs.

    Accepted Presenters will be notified by October 15, 2015 and are required to confirm participation by registering for main conference with a $100 non-refundable deposit by November 15, 2015. The presenter registration fee will be substantially discounted. Please note that presenters are also responsible for accommodation fees and travel to and from Montreal (BMCA will offer optional reasonable dormitory housing and meal options). In return BMCA will market presenter offerings worldwide to the somatic community in addition to any others presenters recommend. BMCA will provide the following: access to Concordia University facilities, staff and technical support for presentations, table space for marketing materials, sales of presenter publications, contact information for all conferees and perhaps, most importantly, the opportunity to convene with a global community of somatic practitioners.

    Reflections on the BMCA European Conference in Ghent, Belgium,
    May-June 2015


    Intensity to meet so many people from this community. Excitement to see these women from whom I'm reading books and whose writing is inspiration for my classes and research. Pleasure to share with so many different people, to hear about individual experiences and interest, to see some friends and colleagues I haven't seen for years, to discover so many others.


    It was a great opportunity to dance "ffflo" the duet with Annick P�tz. A fresh and new work, fragile fluidity, sensitive dialogue. A nice frame for us, for sharing, open discussion and refined feed-back.

    Space for me too, to discover other aspects of myself, openness for communication, readyness to bond with curiosity, to ask and hear from the presence in my heart. 


    Thank you Noya, Eva and Kristina, thank you to each of you who were there, or around, and permitted these great days!


    ~Odile Seitz-Walser



    Fantastic, surprising, supportive, inspiring time in a great location.


    Warm, friendly, honest communication.


    A great contribution to our culture, which we are building as we are learning.


    Great to have the little girl there with her family and people's interaction with her.


    My own development during 3 sessions of presenting my research on the polyvagal theory, framed as 45 minute warm-up sessions. Thank you Noya for your encouragement!


    Thank you Eva for your soft and generous spirit. Thank you K

    ristina for your loving care.


    Amazing how much work you put into making this work.


    Day at the spa, wonderful!


    Bonnie's teaching yet another revelation.


    Continuing flow and inspiration for my personal and professional life at home in Berlin.


    ~Ulrike Dillo




    I was very excited to meet the BMC community after a long time of not being really 'active' in the BMC field--it felt like a jumping into warm water--joyful, a lot of laughing, relief of inner tension--a very touching experience. Dancing Tango for the first time with the support of the glia and discovering a very intimate and beautiful place within myself and in being with someone I didn't know before.....


    The day in the SPA: wonderful space......


    I appreciated a lot the ideas about water and the political dimension of taking care of our environment--water activists and the quality to move as a water strider....

    And I was totally confused about my work and understanding of the importance of awareness of the body after Bonnie's teaching--a chaos in my mind--repatterning--letting go of concepts, open space and going into new research... a wonderful inspiration for me....


    Ein Dank von Herzen an Eva, Kristina und Noya, die diesen wunderbaren Rahmen der Konferenz mit soviel Zeit, M�he und Liebe gestaltet haben! 


    ~Mouna El-Hosri

    Words of Movement: Currents meets Contredanse

    Report from BMCA Conference in Ghent, Belgium, May 30, 2015


    Workshop Description

    Kate Tarlow Morgan, editor of BMCA's Currents Journal, and Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin, editors of Contredanse, discussed the ways in which language engages the body through printed and online media. Currents Journal, begun as a newsletter in 1985, now supports body-based authors and their writing process. Contredanse, founded in 1984, provides the resources for dancers to connect their studio work with analysis and history of their discipline. Together, all three editors are inviting participants to "push" the boundaries of this field with fresh responses for writing and moving ideas.


    by Dennis van Lith



    "Inside the body is a thing as vast and as difficult to experience as the universe. But it has this advantage, that it is inside. It can be experienced directly."

                                          ~ Charles Olson, (in unpublished text, written in 1955)


    "Speak into the room as you would put your hand on someone's knee - layers - you [choose] how far to penetrate: pants, skin, [muscle], bone."

                                 ~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (SBMC, Amherst, MA 6/24/86)


     What is Somatic Writing? 


    "Somatic" is a term coined in 1976 by Thomas R. Hanna, who defined the Greek root-word as body experienced from within. But how to capture this event - the body experience, the within-ness? There are many ways to express somatic:through movement, touch, and through language.  



    Read more

     "Glia Body-Mind Centering� Verband"
    After a long process spanning three years or more, BMCA is happy to announce the formation off a local BMC German-speaking association. Congratulations to this group! Please read their message below about how to become involved if you are interested. Members still need to join BMCA at the professional level to use the mark and this local association will also be a member of BMCA at a new Association membership level. That process is still in the works and we hope to continue to have more information on that in the coming months. Congratulations to Glia! 

    Message from Glia:
    Dear Members of BMCA
    In April 2014 a group of 24 BMC� and IBMT professionals (SME, Practitioners, Teachers, students and others) gathered in Berlin, Germany to found a German speaking Association of BMC:

     "Glia Body-Mind Centering� Verband"

    It was a pleasure to meet, to get to know each other and to have the possibility to discuss in our mother tongue.

    The process is continuing, it is very exciting to stand at the beginning and form, create and process our ideas of a network! This year (2015) we met again, new members are joining and we are digging through german law formalities, website, logo and and and and and....  The seed is set - now we are growing and evolving!

    "Glia cells assist neurons to form connections between each other and are there to support neurons in their work."  

    Our vision for Glia is to:

    -create a support for German speaking BMC and related professionals.

    -create a network and a platform for people who are working with BMC in the German speaking area and internationally.

    -build a reference for public and institutions in the German speaking countries.

    -continue the dialog and exchange with other German speaking somatic professional groups.

    -support the influence of BMC in other working fields such as schools, medical field, arts, etc

    We are related to BMCA and have an ongoing exchange with BMCA.

    If you are interested in getting more information about Glia, about joining us at the next meeting, which will be held in 2016 in Berlin, please write to

    Johanna Harbeck

    With best wishes from all members and the board Johanna Harbeck, Hildegard Stockhofe, Nina Wehnert!

    Great news!  A complete collection of back issues of Currents, the BMCA Journal are online and available to members. We hope you will take a look and take advantage of this fabulous member benefit. You can also access them by logging into the BMCA website and clicking "Currents-Past Issues" on the lefthand menu bar.

    A survey to evaluate BMCA's Continuing Education program has been sent to all professional members. Please respond promptly to this survey so that the CE program can be improved. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Sager-Evanson.
    Do you have an announcement, photos or writing you would like to include in the next issue of ConCurrents? 
    Send it over by 15 August for the September issue!
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