: Members of the Ohio Senate

FROM: Brandon Ogden, Director, Ohio Small Business Council

RE: Upcoming Floor Vote on House Bill 387

DATE: May 24, 2016

On behalf of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and its small business affiliate organization, the Ohio Small Business Council (OSBC), I am writing to indicate our support for legislation that will likely be on the Senate floor TODAY, May 24, House Bill 387. HB 387 is an important piece of legislation which raises the small claims court cap from $3,000 to $6,000. Currently, Ohio has one of the lowest small claims court caps in the nation, and it has not been increased in nearly twenty years. Raising the cap to $6,000 would put us near the regional and national average.

HB 387 will have a direct impact on businesses, more specifically, small businesses. This increase will allow for less costly and more expeditious handling of business disputes. For many businesses, filing a lawsuit in a higher court for a low dollar amount claim simply is not justified due to the cost and time associated with doing so. Small claims court provides a less costly venue to adjudicate these disputes. The relaxed rules and quick decisions provide small businesses with an easier and more efficient method to resolve claims that otherwise may not be filed. Specifically, it cuts down on filing fees, time away from the business, and attorney fees.

The Ohio Small Business Council's mission is to promote the establishment, growth and vitality of small business in Ohio. It is the Ohio Chamber's and OSBC's position that HB 387 achieves that mission and provides for a more favorable business climate in Ohio.

Therefore, we would appreciate your favorable vote on this bill when it's on the floor TODAY. Also, please be aware that your vote on House Bill 387 will be a key vote reflected in the Ohio Chamber's General Assembly Voting Record.

If you have any questions about this bill or the Ohio Chamber's position, please contact me at (614) 228-4201 or via email.