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A gate score of 5.0 will yield the maximum return for both NEPHO and individual providers. However, PHO-wide thresholds must be met for any quality dollars to be earned. Click on the above What will it take to get to a 5.0 Gate Score to see what still needs to be done before year-end. Currently the PHO Gate score is 2.28 out of a possible 5.0.

Did you know 85% of patients with chlamydia have no symptoms at all?


By ordering a simple urine test (867491, Chlamydia trachomatis, amplified probe technique)

for female patients in two groupings, ages 16 - 20 and 21 -24, the Chlamydia Screening Measure is met. 

Have the patient drop a urine sample off at the lab and order the test... it's that simple ! 

      Pain Management Program for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

    A recent program on Pain Management was presented to NP and PAs from NEPHO. Click on Handouts for Pain Management for program attachments. The following topics were discussed:

    • Overview / Opioid Overdose Crisis - Carol Freedman, RPh
    • Managing pain in the Primary Care Setting - Alison Gustafson, N.P.
    • Co-management of Pain Management Clinic patient - Amber Dewey, N.P. North Shore Pain Management
    • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP) / Naloxone for Overdose / Scope of Pain - Carol Freedman, RPh

    NEPHO will be submitting for continuing education credits for NP/ PA programs in 2016.

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November  2015
     Volume 5 :  Issue 8      
In This Issue
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Requirements  
All prescribers of  all Schedule II and III Opioids and all benzodiazepines the
FIRST TIME for a patient are currently required to utilize the Mass Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP).  This involves accessing the Online PMP Virtual Gateway to review a patient's previous 12 month dispensing history of these medications. See the attached Massachusetts Online Prescription Drug Monitoring Program  document for details on how to access and a summary of the current regulations.
Naloxone Rescue: Access & Availability
Click on the attached document for information on
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