A Personal Message

Ready to go?  It's time for Spring clean-ups.   
Lots of yards for us to play in this spring.  Take a look at what we can do...

This beautiful garden is ready for warm weather.  Check out the shape of the weeping cherry tree in the background.

These are the entrance beds to a local community.  We've cleared the winter debris for a clean, fresh look.

This is an ideal type of garden for a heavily wooded area.  We love the small white riverstone border that lines up against the gravel driveway.

We're using our low nitrogen, organic fertilizer, combined with a crabgrass deterrent on this lawn.  Our fertilizer is safe to use, even this close to the water.

We've been weeding, edging and mulching.  Applying pre-emergent to deter future weed growth.  Removing leaves, sticks, limbs and other debris.  Fertilizing lawns.  Anything and everything to get ready for spring.

If we can assist you with all or part of your outdoor projects, please give us a call.  We are a full service landscaping company with specialized programs such as organic lawn care and a tick repellent program. 

The best way to reach me is at
410.770.5882 or leave me an email at dellsadler@dellsadler.com.  

Be sure to read on for an introduction to a new small business here in St. Michaels.  We're featuring Hidden Harbor Hair Salon that just opened their doors right beside me.  You're going to enjoy meeting them!
April Garden Tips

*  April is the best month EVER to get into the garden.  Actually, who am I kidding? 
Any month you can be in the garden is good, especially after the cold winter!

*  April is the month for planting summer flowering bulbs like Dahlias, Gladiolas and Lilies.
Who can resist long stalks of beautiful Gladiola flowers?

Don't write off dahlias as your Granny's flower.  There are breathtaking varieties now available in local nurseries.

*  The last Friday in April (April 29th this year) is National Arbor Day.  Plant a tree or support an organization which does.
They actually have a very cool website.  It provides information about various state celebrations.  They also give a history of Arbor Day with great black and white photos. 
Go to arborday.org to see some unexpected fun stuff. 

*  Prune spring blooming shrubs such as forsythia and spirea after they have completed flowering.  It's okay to cut them back right after the blooms are spent.  You won't harm the shrubbery.

Forsythia are the most vivid of all shrubbery.  Love spotting those bright yellow blooms!  Try a vase of forsythia sprigs for a pop of color in any room of your house.

*  Ever tried "fluffing' your mulch?  We're advocates of the less is more style of mulch.

If you have a thick layer of mulch in your gardens, you may not need more.  Too much mulch can prevent light and air from reaching plant roots, thus preventing photosynthesis from occurring. 

Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into fuel for a plant.

This landscape bed has way too much mulch in it.  It appears that the mulch washes over the side of the retaining wall when it rains.

The mulch in this garden looks perfect.  It's smooth and it's not too thick.  Plants appear healthy and it's obvious that the root system gets enough sunlight.

"Fluffing" mulch simply means that we break up the hard crust that may have formed during the winter.  We use a small hand tool, known as a garden weasel to get underneath the crust and turn it over.  Then, we smooth the mulch for a manicured look.

Here's the same type of tool that we use to "weasel" the hard crust of mulch back over the top of the existing layers.

It's very effective when dealing with layers of mulch that may have been spread over the years.  This technique also provides the appearance of a freshly applied mulch at a fraction of the cost.

You can also do it yourself.  Garden weasels are available at most hardware stores or on-line.

Test Garden Tip:   
Try this - Not sure if it works.  I'd be interested to know if this technique works for anyone??? 
In early spring, cold nights can make a shed-stored mower slow to start. Set it in the sun an hour or two before starting and let the sun warm the engine. Covering the engine with a black trash bag warms things up even quicker. 

Tick Repellent Service

We're already receiving reports of tick activity in the area.  So, we'll start to spray for ticks later this month. 

Deer ticks remain active, as long as the temperature remains above freezing.  They're even active during the winter months.

I offer a VERY EFFECTIVE barrier tick repellent service.  It includes the following guarantee:  Allow me to treat your property twice a year. 

Then, if you find a tick on yourself, just let me know.  Tell me where you were when you were outside.  I'll return and retreat that area AT NO CHARGE.

This guarantee has been a part of my program since the beginning.  And here's the reason why. 

In 2015, I returned to only six properties to retreat small selected areas where a break-through occurred.   I treated over 400 homes, but returned to only six. 

We treat all size properties; in fact, we've even treated a vineyard and a chicken farm!

Wooded areas are prime vectors for tick activity.  We make sure our spray doesn't ever go into the water.

I'm very proud of my record of service.  However, I'm really proud to be able to provide protection from tick borne illnesses to so many people in this area.

Contact me for more information and a NO-COST estimate of this service.  Your family will be protected from ticks all year long.

Have you ever driven down the St. Michaels Road and noticed the new storefronts beside my offices?

My big warehouse still runs along behind the stores.  And, we have 10 mini-storage units for rent also. 

That leaves the two storefronts that face the road.  They are at 953 South Talbot Street in St. Michaels. 

This month, I'd like to feature our newest addition, "Hidden Harbor Hair Salon."   

Here's the "Specials Chalkboard" that you see as you enter the salon.  There's always something new here.

Anna has 3 operator's chairs and 2 shampoo stations.  She and her family made the table from recycled pallets.  She hung the wallpaper herself.

Anna Edwards is the the sweet proprietor of this cute salon. 

She lives by the motto, "Life is too short to have Boring Hair."  In fact, it's boldly written on the "Specials Chalkboard" as you enter this jewel-box of a salon.

Even though she's just opened, Edwards offers a huge selection of services here.

She does hair, make-up and other salon services. Anna has totally renovated this space and made it her own with professional equipment and beautiful decorator furnishings.

Give her a call at 410.745.HAIR (4247.)