Landscaping Newsletter and Garden Tips 
September, 2014     Volume 123

Every year at this time, I get grouchy.  That's because every year at this time, summer has flown the coop.

But, what a great summer it was this year.  We got to spend time at our little beach house in Ocean City.

We also got to attend Melissa's high school reunion in Virginia.  Want to see us in all our finery?  Yes, that's really me in a suit and tie.

Melissa and I at her 40th high school reunion in Bristol, VA.  I really liked her classmates.

For all my complaining, this early fall season is actually shaping up to be really nice.  I've been catching up on my canning and freezing.  Look at all the freezer jams I made.

I made four different jams this year:  Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry and Blackberry.

My late summer vegetable garden is starting to die back.  We're currently in the process of ripping everything out and replanting a few things for fall.

Remember we discussed my yard long green beans in earlier issues?  I almost forgot to show you what I meant. 

Here's a picture of the last few beans before I removed the plants...

Yes, that's a quarter, just to show you how big these green beans really are.

Much as I hate to see warm weather leaving us, I have lots of plans for the fall.  We'll keep you posted in future issues. 

Meanwhile, if you need us, don't hesitate to stop by my office or call me directly at 410.770.5882.  We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.
September Garden Tips

*  Direct sow seeds of lettuce, greens, peas, beans and broccoli in your vegetable garden.  We trying to decide whether to plant beets and radishes in our own fall vegetable garden.   

Sometimes, it's difficult to find seeds in the fall, so I buy extras every spring for my "second" garden.

*  Autumn is the best the time for planting.  I won't install lawns in the spring; I always wait until fall.

The same is true for many landscaping plants.  Trees and larger shrubbery thrive when planted as the weather gets cooler. 

See how we "guy-wire" the tree for extra support until it becomes established?  Jason is cutting an edge around the area where the root ball is planted.  He applied mulch to protect the tree against cold weather as the final step.

*  Don't forget spring flowering bulbs.  Now's the time to start planting crocus, tulips and my favorite, bright yellow daffodils.    

These bulbs are planted in two inch centers.  This means the plants will grow approximately two inches apart and will look lush and full.
I'm a "Daffodil Traditionalist."  I like the large simple yellow flowers.  This variety also has the best scent.  I'm constantly sniffing daffodils-they're my favorite harbinger of spring. 

*  Here's something else to remember for fall gardening.  Deer are about to become more active. 

They will forage on just about anything as the weather cools.  A typical deer may eat 4 - 8 pounds of a food a day.

Favorite plants in this area are hostas, roses and azaleas.  Beware of your tomato plants also.  I read that deer intake water by eating.  So, they like yummy stuff too like tomatoes, cherries and plums.

Here's a deer in a beautifully manicured garden.   
She's ready to take a bite out of something yummy!

I offer a natural/organic deer repellent service that repels deer by both taste and smell.  It won't harm deer and one of my primary ingredients is peppermint.  Instead of that horrible garlic and egg odor, prevalent in so many repellents, my service smells like a piece of peppermint candy!

*  A good task for a cooler day is one of the most important things you can do for your garden this fall.  Clean the summer detritus out of your landscape beds.

Pests and diseases that overwinter in your garden will reappear next spring with a vengeance so get rid of them now.  Give your gardens the help they need this fall so that weed and insect problems will be at a minimum next year.


Here's a very neglected vegetable garden that was left without a much-needed cleaning.
And, this is a landscape bed with overgrown plant material.  Weeds are starting to overtake the plants and the bare areas.  Pests and weeds are sure to follow next growing season.
Fall Treatments are Just Around the Corner

I'll be in touch soon...

If we provide your lawn care services, we'll be in touch with you over the next month or so to review your lawn. 

Each year, your lawn faces challenges, due to weather, water issues and more.  We like to see each lawn IN PERSON to see how I can better assist your grass with my natural/organic lawn care program.

Here's a beautiful example of one of my organic lawns.  Don't you agree?

So far, I haven't figured out a way to sit in St. Michaels and understand what your lawn will need for next year's growing season.

So, we'll be contacting you soon.  My manager, Dave Lee, or I will personally visit your property to see what's happening with your lawn.

On another note, we'll also be contacting all of our tick repellent clients again this fall.  We'll need to complete your fall spray so that we can keep your family safe from ticks all year.

You need to be sprayed in the fall to kill adult ticks.  You don't want them to lay eggs before the end of their life cycle.  You'll have the same tick problems next spring, if we don't take steps this autumn.

And, if you have any interest in my lawn care or tick repellent programs, please don't hesitate to contact me for a no-cost estimate.

Fall Fertilizer Delivery  

We just got an entire tractor trailer load of organic fertilizer, delivered right here to our shop. 

A 53' truck pulled up to our warehouse and off-loaded twelve pallets of our specially blended fertilizer.  Here's part of the action...

This is our foreman, Bill, starting to unload pallets off the truck.
The tractor-trailer truck was so large that it wouldn't fit beside our warehouse. 

We unloaded the truck and placed pallets outside, along our white picket fence.  That's the St. Michaels Fire Department behind us.  They're wonderful neighbors.

Here we are.  Twelve pallets of fertilizer, waiting to be tucked away into our warehouse.  They looked like big cubes of fluffy white pillows!

We'll use this fertilizer (and probably more!) on lawns this fall.  It's 100% organic, blended to my specifications. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in lawn care this fall.