Landscaping Newsletter and Garden Tips 
August, 2014     Volume 122

Okay, I confess.  Part of this newsletter is being written from the beach.

Melissa and I have been able to enjoy a brief respite away from the office this summer. 

As usual, we pack up most of our kitchen, half our clothes and the cat for our annual move to Ocean City.  We're fortunate to be able to spend several weeks a year here. 

We both travel back and forth about once a week to catch up at the office.  However, the cat resides here the entire summer.  Miss Cleo isn't much for traveling, but once she arrives, she thoroughly enjoys life at the beach.

Here's Cleo watching life go by from the big bay window of our home at the beach.

An exciting contest came to an end in mid-July.  We recently announced the winner of our free tick repellent service contest.

Kathleen Coale of Royal Oak was selected to win a tick repellent spray, valued at $500.00.  Her name was drawn on July 17th, live on the air during my weekly radio interview on WCEI radio.  We received 162 entries for this contest...the most contestants we've ever had.

I talk with Matt and Mo every Thursday at 8:10 AM on WCEI (96.7 FM.)  We always have a lot of fun on the air.  I try to provide information about seasonal landscaping topics throughout the year.  Please try to listen on Thursday mornings. 

I'll leave you now with a little slice of life from Ocean City.  My young niece, Scarlett Rose, whom you've met here before, visited us over the 4th of July weekend.  She and her family are from New York. 

Scarlett is 8 years old now.  Apparently, she is quite the equestrian.  Despite a recent fall from a horse, she vows to resume lessons.  The cast comes off in about a week, so we'll see how it goes.  They gave her a waterproof cast, just so she could come to the beach to visit Uncle Dell.

Here's Scarlett (and her cast) and me, right before the fireworks on July 4th in Ocean City. 
August Garden Tips

*  Water the garden early in the day so plants can absorb the moisture before the hot sun dries the soil.  Early watering also ensures that the plant dries out completely before nightfall.  Wet foliage at night increases susceptibility to fungus diseases.

*  For my money, Jan McNeilan offers the most entertaining gardening videos on the internet. 

Jan is a retired extension agent from Oregon State University.  About once a month, she is interviewed from her home and huge gardens in Portland.  Apparently, she doesn't broadcast during the cold weather months.

I don't know Jan at all.  But, I'm a huge fan of her sage gardening wisdom.  And, I love the topics and garden spots she chooses for each broadcast.

Her 4 -6 minute "Garden Time" spots are gentle treasures.  Her interviewer allows Jan to speak at length about her topics.  However, the interviewer seems to be pretty well versed about gardening herself. 

Take a peek at her "Garden Time - August Gardening Tips" video from last year.

*  Many herbs self-sow if the flowers are not removed. Dill produce seeds that fall around the parent plant and sprout as volunteers the following spring.

I know my dill seeds produced a bumper crop of volunteers.  I used them in the dill pickles I canned last month.

Here's a beautiful dill plant, ready for anything from peas to potato salad.
And, here's a more mature dill plant, already producing seed fronds.  They'll be wonderful in my dill pickles.

*  Did you catch the "Supermoon" on July 12th?  It was fabulous here in Ocean City.  I saw it rising above the coastline, just off 24th Street. 

For those of you who missed it, you can catch supermoons (full moons) again on August 10th and September 9th.

A supermoon or "perigean full moon" is when the earth is closest to the moon, during the time of the full moon. 

They can cause real physical effects, such as higher than usual tides.  There are five supermoons in 2014. 

Yes, I realize this isn't a gardening tip...technically.  But, I took Astronomy in college and I wanted to show off a little bit.

*  Ever look at your indoor potted plants and wonder why the tips of the leaves are turning brown?  Even yuckier is the white crust that may form on your container.
 When these two problems occur together, you may have too much salt in your soil.  Salt accumulation may occur when you overfeed (fertilize) your plants.
Brown Leaves
Salt Encrusted Pot
You can get rid of the salt by flushing out your potting mix.  You start by wiping off the inside of the pot, without letting any of the crust fall into the soil.

 Then, put your plant into a sink or under a hose.  Water it until you see seepage coming out of the drainage holes.  

 Let the pot drain, then water it again.  Don't worry about overwatering at this stage; as long as the pot drains, the plant should be fine.  

 If the plant doesn't recover after several days, gently repot in fresh potting soil and a new container.  Soak and scrub the old pot before reusing. 
List of Services

We thought it might be helpful if we provided you with a list of our programs and services. I hope you'll consider using my company for your landscaping needs.

Natural/Organic Lawn Program:  We use only natural/organic fertilizers and top quality grass seed.  Our program is 80% non-toxic and includes disease, weed and pest deterrents.  Please contact us for a free lawn evaluation.
Monthly Property Maintenance:  Weeding is available as needed or on a regular monthly schedule.  There is no minimum charge for the monthly program and no contract is required.
Natural/Organic Deer Repellent Program:  The deer repellent program is applied on a periodic basis throughout the year.  There is absolutely no possibility of harm to the deer because only natural/organic, non-toxic products are used.
Tick Repellent Service:  Our integrated approach to tick control begins with a barrier tick repellent service.  We may also suggest brush removal, Damminix tube placement and deer repellent spray as part of a total package of tick management.
Mulching:  We apply a wide variety of locally available mulches for top dressing and plant protection purposes.  Also, we stock pine straw mulch for a truly unique look. 
Weeding:  Weeding crews are available on an as needed basis or you may choose a regular monthly schedule.  There are no minimum charges for the monthly maintenance program. 
Edging:  We create and maintain edges for landscaped beds and driveways.  We offer both temporary and permanent edging solutions that help define landscape beds from your lawn.   
Care of Landscape Ornamentals:  A complete maintenance program of trimming and shaping your ornamentals is available as needed or as part of our regular monthly program.  Please contact us about the fertilization needs of your valuable shrubs and ornamentals. 
Soil Amendments:  We use a variety of composted products to amend the topsoil in your landscaped gardens and beds.  You may want to consider mushroom-based, pelletized compost which adds organic matter to your plant material and is odor-free.
Plant Health Care:  We use a compost tea blend to prevent plant diseases.  Our best selling point here is that our clients call us back year after year to schedule their sprays.  It really works!
Installation of Flower & Landscaped Beds:  Whether you work with a landscape architect or design the project yourself, we are available to provide the labor and materials necessary to complete your job. 
Landscape Design:  Our landscape designer has worked on some of the most beautiful properties on the Eastern Shore.  He loves to use indigenous plant material.  As an extra added benefit, you'll actually have the designer on staff at the time of installation. 
Woods Restoration:  We can turn your woods into a park-like setting.  Programs to remove poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation from your woods are available. 
Leaf Removal:  Complete leaf removal service is available for your entire property.  However, our large leaf vacuum can also assist you in removing piles of leaf debris you have prepared. 
Grass Cutting:  Our state of the art mowers make short work of tall grass.  And, the job's not done until we weed eat the edges of your landscape beds and blow off walkways and the driveway.
Please contact us if you need a service that is not listed above. We specialize in providing unique outdoor services that will meet your individual needs. We are willing to perform the entire job or assist you with any portion of your project. Call us or visit our website at dellsadler.com to sign up for this free newsletter which provides seasonal information relevant to the Eastern Shore.