Landscaping Newsletter and Garden Tips 
March, 2014     Volume 117

Question:  Where do landscapers go during the winter? 
Answer:     Nowhere.  They stay at home and are happy they don't have to work in the snow.

That answer is actually a pretty accurate description of our winter.   

Brrrr....  ice 

Remember when the weather looked like this?  Brrr!

We had a small staff working on maintenance projects during the cold weather months.  However, it was too cold and snowy to do much, especially during January.  Can you believe those 5 degree days? 

Melissa and I contented ourselves with lots of little projects.  We cleaned out closets and shelves.  Painted some furniture.  Watched our cactus plants sprout babies faster than any plant we've ever seen.  (They're prickly pear cacti and they're spectacular.)  And planned our gardens for later this year.  

I purchased tomato seeds the last time I was in New York.  I can't read the writing on the packages.  It's in Italian.  However, the pictures of red, ripe tomatoes on the front of the packs sure look delicious. 

I'll add more seeds soon.  We have about 15-20 seed catalogs, resting on a windowsill.  Anybody need to borrow a catalog?

For Christmas, I gave Melissa a gift certificate to Eastern Shore Nurseries.  They're one of our premier nurseries, located in Easton, MD. 

They have been family owned, for three generations.  This nursery also grows most of their own plant material.  It's a really special place and I hope you'll have a chance to visit them this spring.  And, if you see Melissa, please send her home.   

However, our winter solstice has come to an end.  Now, we're back and ready to begin our landscaping year.  We're fully staffed and ready to start all those projects that were delayed, due to bad weather.

Spring can actually be a little overwhelming.  There are so many chores to be done!

If you need some help solidifying your thoughts, we can help.  We're available to discuss where to place a plant or how much to prune your roses.  What kind of compost to add to your soil.  How to brighten up a corner garden with a few annuals for a pop of color.

We're available for consultations, both large and small.  Our general manager, Dave Lee, is a landscape designer.  He graduated from George Washington University with a degree in Landscape Design.

Here's a landscape bed we installed during late last fall. 
It's ready for planting this spring.

Dave has over 20 years of design experience with gardens on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  He likes to use indigenous plant material whenever possible. 

Estimates are always at no cost.  Please feel free to call us with questions.  And, consider using the coupon at the bottom of this newsletter.  It's good for $100.00 off a landscape design plan.  

March Garden Tips


*  Crocus are often the first flowers in this area to emerge in the spring. 
Check out this beautiful display of an early spring crocus. 

Here's a stunning crocus, photographed by our friend, Ann Marie Federici
Beautifully Exposed Photography

*  A search for new garden tips led me to the New York Botanical Gardens website.  They're located in the Bronx, NY. 
These gardens must be spectacular.  They're over 120 years old.  They host over 50 separate gardens and have over one million plants.  The photographs are gorgeous.
Garden tips for March include planning, planting, pruning and fertilization.  Take a few moments and wander through their beautiful website at nybg.org.  You'll want to visit these gardens as much as I do.

*  Can we plant a garden this March or will we have to wait till April?  You'll have to use good common sense and an eye toward future weather forecasts.  Mother Nature will let us know if it's safe to sow delicate lettuce seeds toward the end of this cold winter.  Same goes for peas and other early veggies.  We should be okay to plant collards, kale and onions, as long as the ground isn't frozen.

*  Make sure ornamental grasses which are so prevalent here on the Eastern Shore, have been pruned.  Remember, certain grasses can grow 12 feet or more during one season.  You'll want to cut them back now, before they start to develop new growth.

Here's a gorgeous example of a Miscanthus (ornamental grass) that's used frequently in this area.

Professional Tip:
*  Loosen winter mulches from perennials cautiously.  In fact, your gardens may not need new mulch at all this year.  We call this process "fluffing the existing mulch." 
We do this by breaking up the existing crust and cleaning out weeds and dead foliage.  We'll use a garden weasel, a hand spade or even a hoe on occasion.  Often, we can make the existing mulch look just like new, simply using this technique.  Saves money and looks great!

   List of Services
We thought it might be helpful if we provided you with a list of our programs and services.  I hope you'll consider using my company for your landscaping needs next year. 


Natural/Organic Lawn Program:  We use only natural/organic fertilizers and top quality grass seed.  Our program is 80% non-toxic and includes disease, weed and pest deterrents.  Please contact us for a free lawn evaluation.

Monthly Property Maintenance:  Weeding is available as needed or on a regular monthly schedule.  There is no minimum charge for the monthly program and no contract is required.

Natural/Organic Deer Repellent Program:  The deer repellent program is applied on a periodic basis throughout the year.  There is absolutely no possibility of harm to the deer because only natural/organic, non-toxic products are used.

Tick Repellent Service:  Our integrated approach to tick control begins with a barrier tick repellent service.  We may also suggest brush removal, Damminix tube placement and deer repellent spray as part of a total package of tick management.




Mulching:  We apply a wide variety of locally available mulches for top dressing and plant protection purposes.  Also, we stock pine straw mulch for a truly unique look. 

Weeding:  Weeding crews are available on an as needed basis or you may choose a regular monthly schedule.  There are no minimum charges for the monthly maintenance program. 

Edging:  We create and maintain edges for landscaped beds and driveways.  We offer both temporary and permanent edging solutions that help define landscape beds from your lawn.   

Care of Landscape Ornamentals:  A complete maintenance program of trimming and shaping your ornamentals is available as needed or as part of our regular monthly program.  Please contact us about the fertilization needs of your valuable shrubs and ornamentals. 

Soil Amendments:  We use a variety of composted products to amend the topsoil in your landscaped gardens and beds.  You may want to consider mushroom-based, pelletized compost which adds organic matter to your plant material and is odor-free.

Plant Health Care:  We use a compost tea blend to prevent plant diseases.  Our best selling point here is that our clients call us back year after year to schedule their sprays.  It really works!

Installation of Flower & Landscaped Beds:  Whether you work with a landscape architect or design the project yourself, we are available to provide the labor and materials necessary to complete your job. 

Landscape Design:  Our landscape designer has worked on some of the most beautiful properties on the Eastern Shore.  He loves to use indigenous plant material.  As an extra added benefit, you'll actually have the designer on staff at the time of installation. 

Woods Restoration:  We can turn your woods into a park-like setting.  Programs to remove poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation from your woods are available. 

Leaf Removal:  Complete leaf removal service is available for your entire property.  However, our large leaf vacuum can also assist you in removing piles of leaf debris you have prepared. 

Grass Cutting:  Our state of the art mowers make short work of tall grass.  And, the job's not done until we weed eat the edges of your landscape beds and blow off walkways and the driveway. 


Please contact us if you need a service that is not listed above.  We specialize in providing unique outdoor services that will meet your individual needs.  We are willing to perform the entire job or assist you with any portion of your project.  Call us or visit our website at dellsadler.com to sign up for your free newsletter which provides seasonal information relevant to the Eastern Shore.