Yesterday, Compassion Over Killing released an undercover video revealing cruelty to baby birds inside a Pennsylvania chicken hatchery owned by Bell & Evans, a company that prides itself for its so-called "humane animal welfare" standards.


This story is making headlines, exposing countless consumers to the painful realities of where our food comes from.    


A feature story in this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer calls out to readers: "Nonprofit Accuses Chicken Producer of Cruelty."  


While Bell & Evans claims "all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled" our undercover footage tells a very different story.


On their very first day of life, as they emerge from their shells, these baby birds who are destined to be raised for their meat are violently jostled around in a highly mechanized system and are treated like mere inanimate objects.


As our investigator also documented, some newly-hatched chicks who may be sick, injured, or otherwise deemed unfit for processing are dumped into a macerating machine that grinds them up alive.


This is the sad reality: regardless of how it may be marketed to consumers, animal cruelty is standard practice in the chicken industry. With virtually no legal protections whatsoever, these birds' short lives are filled with misery. The most effective way each of us can help end this abuse is to simply leave chickens, and all animals, off our plates.


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For the Animals, 


Erica Meier

Executive Director 

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