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The E-Newsletter of Compassion Over Killing December 24, 2012

Compassion is Shining a Bright Light on Animal Abuse

While working undercover inside Central Valley Meat in California, our investigator routinely witnessed dairy cows, many who were too sick or weak to walk, being tortured. These animals were repeatedly jabbed, kicked and electrically shocked to force them towards the slaughter line.

Our investigation shined a bright light on this egregious abuse – and our video got results. The USDA immediately shut down this slaughter plant while international media outlets aired our footage, exposing millions of people to the suffering forced upon animals that happens behind the closed doors of the meat industry.

But these exposÚs don't just happen. Simply stated: This cruelty could not have been exposed without your support.

Our work relies heavily on the year-end donations we receive from generous individuals, like you, who help us conduct undercover investigations and wage effective campaigns that bring about powerful changes for animals.

Will you stand with us to build a more compassionate world in 2013?

Please donate before Dec. 31, 2012 so your gift can go twice as far for animals. That's right – your donation to COK will be matched dollar for dollar up to $60,000!

Compassion is having the courage the change the world – and with your support today, we can work together to create a kinder tomorrow.

With gratitude,

Erica Meier
Executive Director

PS: You can view all of COK's highlights from 2012 in our inspiring year-end video!

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