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The E-Newsletter of Compassion Over Killing Nov 20, 2012

Countdown to a Compassionate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tradition is about celebrating life—and a growing number of Americans are choosing to do so by serving delicious vegetarian fare that everyone, including the turkeys, can be thankful for. We've got ideas to help make compassion the centerpiece of your holiday dinner table.

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New York Times: "A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Table"

"Every Fall, Well [blog] goes vegetarian for Thanksgiving, taking the meaty turkey off the table ... to make room for a spectacular array of vegetarian soups, side, main courses, salads, and desserts. So get ready to save a turkey and savor the flavors of the fall harvest." From banana-infused pumpkin pie to cashew butternut squash soup, many of the recipes are (or can easily be made) vegan.

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From Playful to Intelligent: The Personalities of Turkeys

Though most Americans have never had the opportunity to meet a turkey, these animals are playful, intelligent and inquisitive, much like the dogs and cats in our homes. They form strong social bonds, show affection towards one another, and can recognize each other by their voices.

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Associated Press: "$500 Million Animal Abuse Settlement Reached"

The largest legal settlement in an animal abuse case ever has been reached, and it stems from a 2008 investigation by the Humane Society of the United States inside the now infamous Westland Hallmark Meat Co., a California slaughter plant. The footage, revealing egregious cruelty to animals, also resulted in the nation's biggest meat recall.

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"Los Angeles adopts Meatless Monday" Ecorazzi, Nov. 13, 2012
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"Los Angeles Officially Endorses Meatless Monday" Take Part, Nov. 12, 2012
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"LA calls on residents to adopt Meatless Monday" The Today Show, Nov. 12, 2012
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"L.A. now nation's largest city to endorse meatless monday" LAist, Nov. 9, 2012
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