Market Update

Do the News Headlines have you concerned?

Here is a brief outline and our thoughts on the recent market volatility, the economy and the impact to your investment portfolio.
If you turn on the radio or television at any point in the day, you will be hearing about the chaos and uncertainties of the world and no doubt have concerns as to how this affects us here at home.

We have attached a 2nd Quarter Market Report that will update you on what has happened in the markets.  We hope you may find it informative and of value.

The financial plans we recommend,  take into account bumps in the road because no one can predict the future with certainty.    There will be ups and downs in life and in the financial markets.    We need to be looking past the daily gyrations and keep our focus on the long term strategy and the broader perspective.

If you have a longer time horizon before needing to draw on your savings, you have time to withstand these market fluctuations.  As has been the trend for more than 200 years, stocks will recover from declines and rise above.    The long-term disciplined investor is the one who has historically been rewarded. 

If you are in or nearing retirement, or drawing an income from your account, we are using  our Income Withdrawal Strategy, which we have designed to minimize the impact of volatility to your portfolio.  

We truly value the trust and confidence you have placed in our Spectrum team and want to be sure that we are actively addressing any concerns you may have.   Please be sure to reach out to us whenever a question or situation arises and we will help in any way we can.


Karen, Richard  and Jeff 

Just announced ...
Bank of Canada cuts overnight
interest rate to 0.5%

Canada's central bank today lowered its benchmark interest rate to 0.5 per cent, the second time this year it has dropped the rate to stimulate the economy, after holding it steady for about four years.
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