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September 2013

We hope this electronic newsletter finds you all well and enjoying this most beautiful time of the year.     Richard  and Karen just came back from an educational conference in Muskoka and the fall colors, mixed with the incredible sunshine and landscape were breathtaking !

On one hand we must say goodbye to what we hope was a fabulous summer and on the other, we must embrace the hustle and bustle of autumn.   Closing up the cottage, back to school, routines and structures back in place and thoughts turning to plans for the upcoming holidays.

Whatever you have going on in your household over the next few months, we hope it is met with optimism, success, love and excitement.

We wish you and your families the very best,

Karen, Richard, Janet, Ingrid and Sheila
Join us for our
Thanksgiving Family Day
on October 26, 2013
@ Chappell Farms
in Barrie

We hope to see you at the Pumpkin Patch for a fun-filled day !!
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Of Tantrum and Policy 
Monetary policy
Over the past few years, we have adopted many new words and phrases, introduced to us by policy makers, economists and the media including, "European Debt Crisis", "Debt Ceiling", "Fiscal Cliff", "Sequester", and finally "Tapering".

Baby Steps  


Are you prepared financially for the arrival of a new addition to your family ??


Here are some areas to  

consider  ...


or open PDF version



Boost your Bone Health
at any Age  


Healthy bones are vital to our well-being,  from providing support and protection to helping us stay mobile.    


Read more on protecting your bones and your quality of life. 


Yours, Mine and Ours ...

I have clients who are a classic blended family. She had a child young and separated from the father when her daughter was three; he divorced his wife when his daughter was seven; and when they married, they had a child together. They consider all three children to be both of theirs, as they have jointly raised them all, but he never adopted her daughter and she never adopted his. They have drafted their wills to reflect their view of their family rather than their legal status.


Pop quiz: what would have happened if  

they hadn't done wills?


Given that most of their assets are jointly held, on the death of the first to die, the survivor would receive everything. However, on the death of the second partner, only that person's children would inherit. If she died first, her daughter would receive nothing, and vice versa. This would have been completely contrary to their wishes.

Even if you have a cookie-cutter family, you should consider having a will. If you fall anywhere outside the norm, it is vital.


---blog post from Cesia Green of Wall-Armstrong & Green

    Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries, Barrie, ON  - July 16/13 

Spectrum Team
Following Your
Spectrum Team ...

Our office enjoyed a wonderful evening on the town a few weeks back ~ We started with an excellent dinner out and followed it up with a fantastic viewing of an inspirational, thought-provoking musical comedy entitled "Alzheimer that ends Heimer".   
Written, composed and starring one of our very talented clients.


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