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March 2013

Happy Spring !! 

We hope you are keeping well and anxiously anticipating the arrival of spring and all it has to offer.  

Along with the change in season, comes tax time !  Email us at spectrum@spectrumfinancial.ca if you need to verify or request any duplicate tax receipts.   ... and remember what your plans are for any tax refunds;    pay down higher interest debt, invest towards your children's education, build your savings/retirement future and a
small treat for yourself!

As always, please be sure to contact us at any time should you have questions or concerns regarding your financial plans; now and into the future.    We are here to help.

All the best,
Karen, Richard, Janet, Ingrid and Sheila
Will you have enough income in retirement to live the lifestyle you desire?


Having an idea of what your guaranteed income may be in retirement is an integral part of any financial plan.    
In order for us to work on a retirement plan for you, we need to have an estimate of what your Canada Pension Plan benefits are projected to be. 
Once you have obtained this information, please send to our office so that we can help you to properly prepare for your retirement.  If you reside in Quebec, send us an email and we will send you details on how to obtain the same information from the Quebec government.
Do you have mortgage insurance?   

More importantly, will it payout   when a death occurs?  
We urge you to watch this 
 20 minute video from CBC Marketplace
to get the real scoop!

Call us for a free 'apples to apples' comparison of your mortgage insurance to a  
personal, individual plan.




Doug Carroll of Invesco summarizes the government's proposed tax changes announced in this week's Federal budget.




This tax season, Manulife Financial is offering customers located in Canada the opportunity to
save 20% off the cost of preparing their tax returns using TurboTax, from Intuit Canada.


TurboTax allows customers to prepare and file their taxes electronically using Canada's number one tax preparation software, designed to help you maximize tax savings and minimize the time spent on tax preparation.  TurboTax online is for one tax return.  



Click here to take advantage  

of this money saving offer  

from Manulife ...  



Are you, or someone you know, contemplating a marital separation or divorce? 
 Here are some bits of information regarding legal counsel, division of assets and government benefits that may be helpful ...
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Spectrum Team ...

* We are excited to welcome Erica Kemp to our Spectrum team.   Erica will be helping Richard to schedule appointments when he is traveling to Quebec, beginning with his May service trip. 

* Also, please remember to sign-up online for the Worldsource Electronic Statements and save our forests!  If you have not yet been given log-in details, please call us.