Dear Valued Lanoha Customer,


Another gardening season is here! This has been a very unusual winter season here in Nebraska.  Wide temperature swings have been difficult on people and certainly stressful to our landscapes. The months of January and February were so extreme in conditions that it seemed we had experienced an entire winter in those eight weeks. The lack of moisture accompanied by the strong winds and frigid temperatures has caused damage to the landscapes of the region. Little can be done now until the ground thaws and spring rains arrive. It is possible that we will need to do a great deal of pruning and manicuring of the landscape plants. Homeowners may need a hefty dose of patience this spring.


Some of the more seriously affected plants include: white pines, boxwood, holly, azaleas, rhododendrons, arborvitae, and yews. Plantings that were stressed for soil moisture in the late fall or exposed to the bright south sun and strong winds appear to be the most affected. While some may have only cosmetic damage that can be corrected with minor pruning, other plantings may have to be replaced.


Please, don't start fertilizing too early in order to "push" new growth! If temperatures moderate, the frost could be gone in a week or two. Extreme patience will repay you with a plant that may not have to be replaced.  We "old time" gardeners shake our heads and remember the 70's and 80's when similar winter weather seemed to hit the Midwest with vengeance.


This winter does indeed remind us how important this old nursery adage is:  Right plant in the right place with plantings that have been produced by local growers using "Northern Hardy" plant materials.  It may be painful to see the effects of the past winter, but with patience and a good maintenance program, many damaged plants will respond and in a few seasons will regain their full landscape value. 


   Our newly remodeled Garden Center is a must see!


The garden center, the state of the art retail greenhouse, and the huge outside sales area have received very positive reviews by new and seasoned customers from the day we opened the "new" facility in l997. Over the last several years we made major renovations to the outside sales area and the greenhouse. This past winter it was the main garden center that was treated to a major face lift! Just like a home needs refurbishing and an existing landscape reaches a point of revitalization, we KNEW the garden center was ready for a NEW LOOK.

 The talents of the staff at Lanoha Nurseries is incredible to say the least. Our experienced landscape designers, store managers, architects , retail staff, brand manager, landscape crew leaders from the hardscape division as well as the horticultural division, along with sage guidance from the Lanoha family  have generated  a finished product that is absolutely going to "blow you away".       


It may surprise you, but researchers tell us that many customers judge a business by the quality of its restrooms! Completely remodeled customer restrooms are a far cry from the "plain Jane" ones of the past. The lighting, tile work, and counters are all products of our talented Lanoha staff!


Colors ---Colors---Colors were researched to give a warm homey feel to all of the new displays.  Accent colors direct and highlight specific areas. Rustic woods, crisp textured metal, and lighting that is 21st century energy efficient will invite you to spend quality time selecting the perfect home accent piece from furniture and home décor from around the world. Our galleries are "bursting at the seams" with new inventory including  furniture made from antique teak and mahogany woods from Indonesia. The quality of these pieces are unique to Lanoha Nurseries. The selection of decorator lamps, glass décor, oil paintings, and a vast department  of silk plants and stems will add the perfect decorative accent to any room.

Pottery has been a department that has been growing steadily for the past several years. While our selection was always outstanding, we knew there were many new lines we had not introduced to our customers. With a totally redesigned floor plan to the garden center, we now have greatly expanded our pottery offerings. Massive displays of your favorite colored pottery will be sure to impress! Our new displays are sure to provide you with a "One Stop Pottery Shopping" experience.  If you are looking for "Frost-Resistant", resin, clay, copper, poly, or the finest in glazed pottery---YOU WILL FIND IT AT LANOHA'S NEW POTTERY DEPARTMENT!!


Walls were removed to make the flow of traffic through a huge windchime, flag, bird feeder, and greatly expanded tool department.  In this area you will find displayed some very unique antique garden tools and equipment. Hundreds of solar powered garden stakes and décor join garden art of every flavor!  You have to see a one of a kind light fixture created using an antique pulley and sling from an old barn on Lanoha property. It is so unique!!  It ,too, was created "In House." If you even mildly like antiques, this will be a treat!

Our grass seed offerings have been expanded with a major expression of bulk grass seed available for every turf need.  We have Super Turf 1 and Super Turf 2 that are both so popular for their durability and adaptability to the needs of the metro area.  Seed will be available in bulk, custom bagged, or in cost saving 50 pound bags.  We have experts who will assist you in choosing the right blend or mixture for your particular situation.


Our children are the future of gardening and horticulture in our city, state, country, and world. We have added a great "kids" section that includes things that will make you wish you were a youngster again.  The display includes everything from a Tootle Lawn mower, butterfly nets, garden carts, tote bags, bug houses, brooms, rakes, shovels, hand tools, umbrellas, and a neat little fold-up chair when the young gardener needs to take a break. What great Easter presents for the budding gardener in your family. 

 We have doubled the selection of vegetable and flower seeds---including Seed Saver Seeds that showcase seeds that are open pollinated and  seeds once thought lost to our generation of gardeners. If you like challenges, save these non-hybrid seeds for planting next year. Our supplies for starting vegetable and flower seeds indoors will make producing your own plants a real treat.


Kids of all ages are drawn to our greenhouse where the "mighty" little train fascinates all ages as it makes its way around the beautifully landscaped pond. This popular spot is now fully encircled with a unique and rustic fence. Using only hand tools, our talented men cut Eastern Red Cedar trees to make the most unique fence you have ever seen.  It is complete down to the Lanoha logo on the gate.  It is a personal favorite of mine as it showcases Nebraska native wood turned into a one-of- a- kind masterpiece by our "Lanoha Nursery Men."   It's a real topic of conversation! 

The Information Center is a busy hub during the growing season. Already this month, everyone who comes in comments about the location and new look.  It is a compliment to the general remodeled theme of warm colors, textured ripple metal sheeting, and warm wood accents.  The talent of our staff is captured at the Information Center. The counter top is hand crafted with the look of fine marble-- but is isn't marble. You must see it to appreciate how unique this new addition is! All the FREE information handouts are easily accessible.  We pride ourselves on Superior Customer Service and desire your input into any additional services we may consider.


We realize how large the entire garden center complex is. A NEW large physical lay-out map will soon be centrally displayed at the Information Center. You will be able to pick up your own personal map of the nursery that should make shopping more enjoyable!     


These are some of the highlighted changes you will be greeted with this gardening season. Let us know what you think of our NEW LOOK! 



  April 5th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in our Garden Center




Anniversaries are always special, but this year is a very special anniversary for Lanoha Nurseries.  It's our 40th anniversary, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the year than to invite everyone out the first Saturday of April---the 5th-- to help us kick off a year- long celebration. The vision of the nursery has always been that people come here for a unique nursery experience---what better way than to spend the day with our staff enjoying refreshments---including anniversary cake-on the 5th of April.

 There will be two very timely free workshops. The first one is at 10 A.M. It will address suburban gardening with unique ideas on container planting of flowers, veggies, and herbs. Muffins and coffee will be served from 9-12. Bring friends and family and join in some new ideas on gardening in small areas with big results.


The second workshop is at 2 P.M.  Bring your turf questions and learn new ideas in lawn care including organic and quality Ferti.lome products. You can enjoy coffee and anniversary cake at this time. 

There will be two $50 gift cards and one $100 gift card given away at the end of the day.  Register to win at the guest book. You do not need to be present to win. 


There will be some great savings including 20% off bulk mulch. Bring your pick-up or trailer and save on this Cash and Carry sale. Perennials are homegrown and in husky one gallon containers. You get the fourth one free when you buy three. You can mix and match with equal value plants.


Flowering crabs are spring favorites in the metro area. Directly from our own homegrown inventories of these gems, we have selected a compact variety called Pink Spires. This narrowly upright shaped crab will mature to about 15' tall and 12' wide. It produces a single pink very fragrant bloom that matures to a persistent deep tiny maroon fruit. It is a perfect choice for one of the area's hardiest small crabs. The foliage is a beautiful brick red in early spring and matures to a coppery-bronze-dipped dark green in the summer. It is very durable and can be expected to live for 50 years or more.  It prefers a full sun location. This tree is really at home here in Nebraska. It needs a long period of cold in the winter to flower fully in spring. This little gem performs as a specimen in a landscape or forms a narrow hedge look for a quick screen where space is limited. The best part of this tree is its special price on the 5th of April. The homegrown 2 ˝" trunk tree regularly sells for $279.99 installed and is guaranteed for two full years.  On the 5th of April you will save 40% off the regular price. This gem will be planted in your yard for only $164.99. That's quite a "Ruby" for our 40th anniversary event.


During the day we will have representatives from the residential landscape staff in the garden center to answer questions and help with "quick" landscape suggestions for small areas.  Bring pictures and measurements to get some assistance from the pros.


We had great response from our "instant drop-in" planters for entry or patio decorative containers that we introduced at the holidays. For our spring event, we have designed some unique "instant drop in" fiber pots with all of your favorite early spring annuals including pansies, osteospermum, snaps, kale, cabbage, and other hardy annuals accented with local colorful twigs to add some real "pop" to your early spring containers. They will be offered at the blow-out price of $24.99!


We would be amiss to not include the youngsters. From 1-4 PM bring the kids in to show their creativity and paint their own clay flower pot. It's FREE, so bring the kids, grandkids, and the neighborhood crew to show off their talents.   


We hope to see you on the 5th of April for a day of fun, learning, and sharing!


Download the full flyer HERE!


  • Anxious to get working the soil in early spring? One of the biggest mistakes in gardening is to work wet soils. To test for soil moisture, form a ball with the soil-if it crumbles in your hand, it is ready.  If it forms a ball that does not crumble-don't work it!
  • Amending heavy clay soils always results in healthier plants. The best soil conditions for our area are perlite, cotton-burr compost, and in some cases sphagnum peat moss. Unless you have already added liberal amounts of the above additives, do not add sand to the equation. Remember clay, water and sand makes a brick!
  • Lawn services typically apply fertilizer to turf as soon as mid- March.  Don't do it!  Mid April is the very earliest any turf in the Omaha area should be fertilized. The University of Nebraska has found a direct connection between fertilizing too early in the season with fungus later in the season caused by stressing the turf and forcing it out of dormancy too soon. 
  • Now is the perfect time to prune large deciduous shrubs. A large shrub such as  viburnum or ninebark is a great addition to any landscape, and the beauty of such a plant is dependent on proper pruning. Before leaves emerge, you have a clear view of the stems. Begin by removing to the soil level any broken, diseased, or crossing branches. Many large shrubs develop so many stems they crowd out the light and air resulting in a shrub that has little or no foliage on the lower portion of the plant. A sharp folding saw or lopping shear can be used to remove the branches. After removing these stems, stand back and evaluate the branching structure. Controlling side growth is best done with a sharp by-pass pruner. By careful hand thinning, remove side shoots until the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved.  Varying the length of the stems avoids creating a "bowl hair cut" appearance. Sun and air will be able to enter the plant, and new growth will develop on the pruned branches.  Height control can be achieved by a "feathering" approach with the pruner. Unless you plan to turn a large shrub into a formally trimmed hedge---avoid using a hedge trimmer!
  • Horticultural Oil Spray can be applied to most deciduous trees and shrubs, roses, fruit trees, and many evergreens to control over-wintering insect eggs from hatching in the spring. Night temperatures need to remain above 32 degrees for the 24 hour period following spraying.
  • TREES, TREES, TREES! This is a great time to get a jump on spring color. Select a tree now, we will plant it soon, and you can enjoy the beauty all year long.  Flowering pears, ornamental crabs, and serviceberry are among the early blooming offerings from our homegrown B&B trees.
  • Our staff of experienced nurserymen are always available to help with problem solving in any phase of your landscape. Samples and photos with good measurements help with this problem-solving service of Lanoha Nurseries.
  • The greenhouses are overflowing with spring color. Patio containers of all sizes and colors will be available for instant color once the weather warms.  We have available all the annuals that will make your patio pots and landscape beds the envy of the neighborhood. Custom orders are always welcome. 


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