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October, 2014

Moving Forward by Sharing Our Research
See Us at This Month's CPTA and Symposium on Gait and Balance in MS

Presentations of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting: BBTW research is bountiful! The BBTW NIH study as well as translational research performed by clinicians in the field will be presented with patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebellar ataxia due to a CVA. Please review our posters and see our podium presentation at CPTA for the latest BBTW Research. Motion Therapeutics will be at the conference in Booth #311, Oct 24-25, Oakland Convention Center. Stop by and say Hi! 

See highlights below:

Scheduled Presentations at CAPTA
Researchers' Findings on BBTW Effectiveness for Patients with MS and Ataxia

Dr. Gail Widener PT, PhD 
Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Results In Fall Reduction During Sensory Organization Test For People With Multiple Sclerosis 
This same information was presented via a poster at Symposium for Gait and Balance In MS in Cleveland Oct 10/11. Thanks for getting the information out there Gail and Diane Allen! 

Ann Vivian PT NCS 
Impact Of The Balanced-Based Torso-Weighting System On Falls, Gait Speed And Gait Quality In An Individual With Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report 
Immediate and long term outcomes including fall reduction in a patient with MS over a year with BBTW. 

Jaclyn Fridolfsson, DPT 
Balance-Based Torso-Weighting For Enhancing Functional Mobility In A Child With Ataxia From Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Report 
This report focuses on observed improvement over a 13-week period in a patient 18 months post TBI. 

Andrea Ecsedy PT, NCS, DPT 
Immediate Clinical Improvement Seen After Balance-Based Torso-Weighting In A Patient With Severe, Chronic Cerebellar Ataxia 
This research documents session interaction with a patient who was discharged from PT due to lack of progress and his outcomes same session with BBTW. 

Moving the Research Forward with 2 New Projects
Studies Include Post Stroke and Elderly Patients with Balance Disabilities

Jennifer Vincenzo PT, PhD applicant from University of Arkansas will be starting research with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting with 60 subjects to see if BBTW decreases falls and fall risk factors associated with the elderly in assistive living facilities.. Study begins in November 3rd, 2014. 

Curry Duburow DPT has been teaching Balance-Based Torso-Weighting for eight months. She will be starting a new study at Bryn Mawr Rehab with 50 subjects with Post Circulation Stroke. 

Thanks to Everyone We Can Move Our Profession Forward and Support the Evidence Behind BBTW. 
Trainer Spotlight
Curry Durborow PT, DPT

A graduate of the Drexel University Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences Physical Therapy Program, Curry received her BS in Kinesiology from Penn State University and has worked for 9 years as a full time physical therapist, first in inpatient rehab, and now in the outpatient department at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, in Malvern, PA.

Curry taught her first Balance-Based Torso-Weighting class April 11 and 12th at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation in Malvern, PA. We are so happy to have her as an instructor. In February she presented a research poster at the Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas, titled "Impact of the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting System on Balance, Gait, Vestibular-ocular function and Symptom Self-Report in an Individual with Vestibular Dysfunction.
Learn the Static and Dynamic Assessment Tests and Weighting Strategies to Immediately Improve a Patient's Balance

Motion Therapeutics now incorporates 2 additional live, on-line Webinar sessions to reinforce the Hands On Lab seminar component of its certification process. See below for our schedule of upcoming seminars.

Oct. 17, Oct. 18 
Multiple Sclerosis Center 
1600 East Jefferson St., A level Seattle, WA 98122 
Click here to download registration flyer. 
Click here to register on-line. 

Oct. 17, Oct. 18 
UVA-HealthSouth Rehab Hospital 
Fontaine Research Park, 515 Ray C. Hunt Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22903 
Click here to download registration flyer. 
Click here to register on-line. 

Nov. 8, Nov. 9 
Helen Hayes Hospital 
51 N Rte 9w West Haverstraw, NY 10993 

Nov. 14, Nov. 15 
Swan Rehab 
1190 E Missouri Ave. Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85014 
Click here to download registration flyer. 
Click here to register on-line. 

Nov. 14, Nov. 15 
Penn Therapy & Fitness 
250 King of Prussia Road , Room 203, Radnor, PA 19087-5286 
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Dec. 6, Dec. 7 
Complete Balance Solutions 
Institute for Rehab 
24422 Avenida De La Carlota, #190 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 
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Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 2015 
Sports Medicine 
1200 North Westmoreland Road Suite 200, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 

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