September 2013 
Peace Sunday      

As this newsletter goes out, the U.S. is considering military action against Syria because of its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians in late August. Once again, violence is being touted as the answer to violence.   


In this context, MCC encourages congregations across Canada to observe Peace Sunday in November, around the time of Remembrance Day. 


MCC has prepared  a  Peace Sunday Packet of stories, reflections, and prayers, as well as an accompanying video, to assist in your Peace Sunday preparations.The theme for this year is "Ambassadors of Reconciliation."   


At a time of year when our country focuses attention on Canada's participation in war, Anabaptist churches remind each other that God calls us to be people of peace -- people who seek to live by the reconciling and nonviolent way of Jesus.


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NOTE:  If you are confused by different organizations promoting different dates for Peace Sunday, read this blog post.   

Parliamentary business:    
Prorogation looming

By now, it will come as no surprise that MPs and Senators are set to enjoy a longer than anticipated summer recess. Putting an end to much speculation, on August 19 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his intention to formally prorogue Parliament sometime before the regularly scheduled start of the fall session.

This procedural move will postpone the formal restart of Parliament until sometime after Thanksgiving. While prorogation will not impact the status of Private Members' Business, it will enable the government to wipe the legislative slate clean and kick off the new parliamentary session with a Speech from the Throne.

Given that it was first introduced in the Senate, the fate of Bill S-10 -- the Act to Implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions -- remains unclear.

The Governor General will deliver the Throne Speech in the Senate, with the traditional display of pomp and ceremony. The speech will chart out the new agenda of the Conservative Government for the second half of its mandate.

New Resources:
for World Food Day  

World Food Day takes place on October 16. Established in 1945 by the United Nations, this day is observed by some 150 countries as a way of raising awareness on hunger.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an MCC partner, invites you and your church community to pray, give, and advocate for an end to global hunger. Once again it has provided special resources to support this.


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"We condemn in the strongest terms all forms of violence and war, including missile strikes, use of chemical weapons, targeted acts of violence against civilians, conventional warfare and suicide bombings."  


-- MCC statement, "A Call to end the Violence in Syria," August 28, 2913. 


See also Paul Heidebrecht's blog, which provides context for the statement.  



Elements of Justice
is a 3-day intergenerational training for social justice activists -- both experienced ones and "newbies."

Planned by KAIROS especially for western Canadians, it will be held at the North Vancouver Outdoor School, October 24-27. 

MCC is providing financial subsidies to a limited number of individuals planning to attend. For more info, contact Esther Epp-Tiessen.

Learn more about Elements of Justice here.

Staff Update


Mark Tymm  

Research Advocacy Intern 




Mark Tymm has joined the Ottawa Office team for the next four months as a research advocacy intern.

Mark is from Chilliwack, BC and recently completed a BA in Worship Arts from Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford. He is a critical thinker, a musician, and a humanitarian. By the age of 20, he had already visited four continents. Welcome, Mark!     
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