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Throwback Thursday

Did you know that Tom is the only County Council member to ever revoke a PUD?
     In May 2011, shortly after joining the Council, Tom revoked the Thistle Landing PUD because of environmental, traffic, and planning concerns that had been overlooked by his predecessor.
     Tom believes in smart development that helps create livable communities where families can live, work, play, and shop.  Tom advocates for development that makes sense and takes a stand against development that doesn't.

I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Before you get started, here's some news from the County Council and from my campaign.
Keeping our Kids Safe
     On Monday night, the Baltimore County Council passed legislation requiring that adult volunteers who work with children through Department of Parks and Recreation programming must complete a background check.
     Council Chair Cathy Blevins introduced this legislation when she realized that such a requirement did not already exist.  Councilman Tom Quirk strongly supported her effort.
     "Our Department of Parks and Recreation provides great programming for our kids to make new friends, try new sports, and develop healthy fitness habits," Quirk said.  "However, their safety must always come first."
New Regulations for Hookah Lounges
     After hearing concerns from many community members about the noise and crime generated from these previously unregulated lounges, the County Council passed a mandatory midnight closing time for hookah and vapor lounges.
      Because the lounges allow patrons to bring their own alcohol rather than selling it themselves, they had previously evaded the same regulations that bars and clubs face.  However, after balancing the interests of community members and the owners of the lounges, a midnight closing time was passed by the Council on Monday.
   The regulation will go into effect in July.

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