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July 2016

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"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves."  

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- Thomas Jefferson

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Thanks to Joel Young for serving as our Chapter President for the last year - you will be missed!  A hearty congratulations to our new President Ralph Pitman, our outgoing Board of Directors Kent Hughes, David Young and Andrew Huehls, and our incoming Board of Directors Ken Schmidt, David Fryman and Angie Julian.  These people have all made a commitment to CSI Indy - why haven't you?  We always need new committee members and committee chairs so step up to the bar, get out your wallet and ante up!

Our program this month is Ventilated Wall Systems and Porcelain Stoneware Cladding Solutions for Energy Efficient Buildings.  Thanks to Christine Walter, CSI Indy Board Member, for bringing in our guest speaker Jerry Joyce of Daltile

The CSI Indy Trade Show is sold out!  Thanks to our exhibitors & sponsors for their continued support of our chapter and the Trade Show Committee for their hard work.  Now we can focus on attendance - if you are an architect, contractor, spec writer or anyone in the construction industry we need you at the show.  Don't make me send Guido (aka Ken Schmidt) to your office and take out your knee caps.
CONSTRUCT 2016 will be held in Austin, Texas, from September 7 until the 9th.  We need for you to represent - a strong chapter like ours needs a strong presence at the national convention.  Besides - Austin is a beautiful city, they have country and western.      

Hope you all had a great July 4th Independence Day celebration.  Nothing like a summer BBQ and fireworks.  Even The Hat made his way to Lake Wawasee for the fireworks.  Dude knows how to party.  He's an American - not an American't.  

- Your Humble Narrator 

Upcoming Events
Programs Committee


Indianapolis Chapter CSI July Meeting: Ventilated Wall Systems / Porcelain Stoneware Cladding

Thursday July 21, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

This presentation will discuss the key components of ventilated wall systems. It will also cover the qualities of porcelain tile and how it relates to sustainable design.

Willows on Westfield


Indianapolis Chapter CSI Trade Show - Early Bird Booth Registration

Wednesday September 28, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM EDT

This is a chance to sign up for early bird booth registration to the 42nd Annual CSI Indianapolis Trade Show on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis.

JW Marriott


Indianapolis Chapter CSI Trade Show - Exhibitor Registration

Wednesday September 28, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM EDT

This is a chance for exhibitors to sign up for booths to the 42nd Annual CSI Indianapolis Trade Show, #DESIGNINDY2016. It will be held at the JW Marriott Indianapolis on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 3-7pm.

JW Marriott



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The Indianapolis Chapter CSI has entered into a new phase of the digital communication era, and now has a dedicated YouTube Channel for the benefit of our membership.
View from the Tower

"Leadership means that a group, large or small, is willing to entrust authority to a person who has shown judgement, wisdom, personal appeal, and proven competence" -Walt Disney-

Allow me to enthusiastically introduce myself. My name is Ralph Pitman, and I am your 2016-17 Indianapolis Chapter President. I have been a member for 15 years and have spent most of that time behind the camera or archiving our Chapter history. This article will be the first of 12 in a long-standing tradition to update and address the membership on what is happening in the Chapter, Region and Institute.

I was honored to attend the Past Presidents' Forum in May, and when I looked around the room, I realized that the presidency is like a relay race. One president passes on his wisdom, well-established Board and strong committees to the next president. He also has goals that he will continue working to achieve as Past-President, and I will dovetail these into mine, just like the President-Elect's goals will dovetail into his.
As President I have three goals in mind for the Chapter:


1.       Students:  Increase student involvement in the Chapter by adding a student member to each of the existing committees. This will allow the students to see how the committee structure works, to have a voice in future happenings and to understand that each is a valuable component of the future of the organization. There is a benefit to the Chapter by giving "ownership" of results to the student members. They become vested and more likely to continue with our chapter or another chapter as they grow their talent and experience. This year we have added a seat to the Board for a student member.

2.       Membership: Grow the membership that is nearing 200 strong. I also believe that retention is key in the Chapter. With strong and engaging programs, education seminars, and a vibrant trade show, the Chapter will hold the interest of the members and potential members alike.  We hope that more contractors and owners see the value in what we have to offer in the way of continued Construction Industry education and certification.

3.       Alliances: Have more joint activities with other organizations in the Construction Industry. We currently have a marketing partnership for our trade show in September with NAWIC, AIA, SCC, and ISA. There are many other construction-related groups in Central Indiana, and we would like to invite each to one of our monthly meetings, held on the third Thursday, and discuss having a joint program or activity.

In June, we had our annual Awards Banquet at the Skyline Club. Thank you to Pete Baker and his committee for making arrangements at this wonderful venue. Congratulations to our three scholarship winners this year. The highlight of the evening was the awarding of our big three awards to very deserving members. The J. Warren Hoy Memorial Award presented to an outstanding Chapter Product Representative went to Christine Walter, CSI. The Fran E. Schroeder Memorial Award presented to an outstanding Chapter Design Professional went to Edmund Brown, CSI, CCCA, Assoc. AIA. And the Member of the Year Award presented to the Industry or Professional member who has rendered outstanding and selfless contributions and service to the Chapter went to Brian Detty, CSI.  We also had installation of the new Board of Directors that I would like to introduce:


President:  Ralph Pitman (17) - SEBREE Architects, Inc., (317) 748-0670 
President Elect:  Gene King (17) - Merlin King, Inc., (317) 267-0740 
Vice-President:  Randy Vogt (18) - Aspinall Associates, Inc., (317) 845-7967 
Secretary:  Christine Walter (16) - Daltile Corporation, (317) 727-0230 
Treasurer:  Jeremy Hoffman (17) - Gaylor, Inc., (317) 287-4461 
Chapter Directors

Director: Janie Farmer (18) - PPG Paints, (502) 241-0468 
Director: Mike Halstead (18) - HALSTEAD architects, (317) 684-1433 
Director: David Fryman (19) - Advanced Cabinet Systems, (765) 667-1226 
Director: Angela Julian (19) - The Sherwin-Williams Company, (317) 714-5610 
Director: Henry Stellema (18) - CHA Companies, (317) 493-3744 
Director:  Ken Schmidt (19) - Seward Associates, (317) 979-1700 
Director:  Vacant
Student Director:  Vacant 
Ex-Officio: Joel Young (17) - DELV Design, (317) 879-6052

These officers and directors will be working to achieving these goals and working closely with the Chapter committees to make them better. Please contact any of us if you have any comments or concerns because we are here for you. I would like to thank Joel Young and the outgoing Board members for their incredible work over the past year and for creating a smooth transition for the current Board.

This month's program meeting, "Ventilated wall systems/ porcelain stoneware cladding solutions for energy efficient buildings", presented by Jerry Joyce, should be a topic that will make you think more about how you design your building's cladding. Jerry has over 25 years of commercial sales experience in the ceramic tile industry, building close working relationships with architects, contractors and designers, assisting them by solving their performance and installation requirements on the most complex projects.  Jerry is the exterior porcelain specialist for Daltile in the U.S. I look forward to see what the Programs and Education Committees have in store for us in the coming months.

In September, we have two big events. The first is CONSTRUCT in Austin, TX September 7-9, 2016. Find hundreds of exhibitors with the newest trends and practices on the show floor and, with non-conflicting hours, attend your choice of over 50 accredited courses. The education program sessions, taught by experts, offer AIA LUs and HSWs and GBCI CE. Unparalleled networking opportunities include the Welcome Reception, the CSI Night Out event and other social events. CONSTRUCT is the only national trade show and educational conference for the commercial building teams that spec and source building products. CONSTRUCT is our national convention, and I strongly encourage you to attend. The Chapter does have a reimbursement policy for those that choose to go and participate. The second event is The Indianapolis Chapter's 42nd Annual Trade Show held September 28, 2016, at the JW Marriott. This FREE trade show will include 91 booths, 3 education seminars, and networking with both local and national participants. The show is open to everyone in the construction industry including architects, spec writers, interior designers, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, owners, facility managers and students. If you attend, bring a friend. If you can't attend, tell a friend. We need to reward our sponsors and exhibitors with increased attendance at this event. Thank you to Brian Detty and his committee for putting together this SOLD OUT show! Please check out the website for future events and mark your calendars,

I want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my family. A lot of you know that I am a Disney fanatic, specifically a Haunted Mansion fan. The photo at the end was taken on our family trip to Disneyland for the 60th celebration this year. Each month I will giving away a Disney book from my private collection.

Ralph R. Pitman, Jr. CSI, CDT
Indianapolis Chapter CSI - President 2016-17 
DSV Acting as Chapter Counsel for FY 16-17

Hello, everyone! I would like to (re-)introduce myself.  My name is Chris Drewry and I am a partner at the law firm of Drewry Simmons Vornehm, LLP ("DSV") where I focus my particular practice on construction law as well as labor and employment law.  For those of you who may not know me, I am also a former board member and past treasurer of the Chapter and have been a member of CSI since several years prior to that.  I have very much enjoyed my time being a part of the Chapter and also serving the Chapter in various capacities.
I am very pleased to announce that DSV has been retained as Chapter Counsel for the upcoming fiscal term, effective July 1, 2016.  While there are a number of tasks and duties (i.e., accounting and other business services) that DSV has already performed or which we will continue to perform directly on behalf of the Board, there are a number of other services which are available to the entire membership as a whole.  As such, I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of some of the additional benefits available to all of you, not just the Board or overall Chapter.
To start, as part of the Chapter Counsel relationship, DSV will present an annual seminar at a future chapter meeting.  We are also very excited to announce that we will be presenting on a legal topic at the upcoming CSI Trade Show (more details to follow).  Additionally, I will also be submitting various articles for publishing in future newsletters. On a side note, if anyone has a particular topic or issue that they would like to see addressed - either in an article or for a presentation - please do not hesitate to contact me. 
In addition to providing the Chapter with information about relevant legal issues, there are a couple of other features of the Chapter Counsel relationship that I am very excited to inform you about.  For one, DSV will provide a "first call free" to any and all Chapter members (be it the individual member or any member's respective company).  All you need to do is simply contact our firm, ask for me, and state that you are calling from CSI, and you can get initial advice about a particular issue...for free!  In addition to the initial call, if the matter is something that needs further attention and specific representation, DSV is also pleased to offer a 10% fee discount for members on any separate engagement.  So, be sure to take advantage of these unique opportunities and be sure to let your companies know!
Since when do law firms and attorneys offer free calls and discounted rates?!?! Why is DSV doing this?  The answer is simple. I have been a part of CSI in various capacities for several years.  I have cherished my time being a part of the organization and I value the relationships that I have built over that same time period.  In short, it has been a great pleasure serving the Board and the Chapter as a whole in the past, and it is my sincere hope that my continued commitment (and that of DSV's) to the Chapter will remain strong moving forward.  I truly believe that DSV's status as Chapter Counsel can provide a great benefit to the Chapter as a whole and to each and every member.   
I look forward to seeing all of you soon.  If you have any questions, comments, ideas for topics, or any other feedback, please feel free to contact me. 
Chris Drewry
Drewry Simmons Vornehm, LLP

736 Hanover Place, Suite 200

Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 580-4848

2016 Education Foundation Scholarship Winners
Angelia Wimbley          IUPUI Interior Design              $1,200
Zachary Bradby           BSU   CAP                            $1,000
Caylon Beville             BSU   CAP                               $800
Certification Quiz

Jack Morgan - Quizmaster

1.  A/E's record of site visits are for the benefit of whom?

a.  Contractor

b.  Owner

c.  A/E

d.  Suppliers

e.  Subcontractors


2.  Examples of addenda modification include:

a.  Change the location of receipt of bids
b.  Adding to procurement documents

c.  Including approved substitutions

d.  All of the above

e.  None of the above


3.  Who is responsible for the cost of correction of non-conforming work, including inspections and testing?

a.  Owner

b.  A/E

c.  Contractor

d.  Sub-Contractor

e.  All of the above


4.  In the Specifications, the stated requirements address the:

a.  Owner's responsibilities.

b.  Contractor's responsibilities.

c.  Sub-contractor's responsibilities.

d.  Architect's responsibilities.


5.  Which bond protects the Owner from losing the benefit of an accepted bid?:

a.  Maintenance bond

b.  Payment bond

c.  Bid bond

d.  Performance bond

Table Tops

Kent Hughes

Indianapolis Chapter CSI


 The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is accepting reservations for Table Tops for upcoming Chapter meetings. The list of programs for upcoming Chapter meetings is published in this newsletter, the web site, or contact Program chairman Jeremy Hoffman - , if you would like to target a particular meeting, be sure to make your reservation early. We do have a limit of four spaces available for Table Tops in a standard meeting room and 10 if we have a double room.


Table Tops are an opportunity to promote your company, products, or services to all attendees of our regular chapter meeting during the social hour. There is a maximum of 20 minutes for Table Top presentation at a regular Chapter meeting. You have the floor for maximum of five minutes after dinner before the speaker to communicate to the entire group if there are four presenters. If there is a greater demand, the 20 minutes will be divided by the number of presenters and rounded down to the nearest 30 seconds.


The Table Top presentations are FREE, one time, to new members, and cost current Indianapolis Chapter members only $75. Non-members get the same opportunity for $125. A 30 by 60 table with a cover and skit will be included. All proceeds go to support the Chapter. Payment is due at the time of setup.

Another opportunity for a Table Top is during an Education Seminar. The cost is if you combine it with the Chapter meeting and Education Seminar the cost would be $100 for current members and $150 for non-members.

If you would like to schedule a Table Top for a future meeting or seminar, contact:


Kent A. Hughes RA CDT - American Structurepoint - 317.690.5820


Be sure to put 'Table Top Request in the subject line

How did we get here?  Effects of the economy on membership, MythBusters edition
Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CSC
Among the things that have been blamed for declining membership is the economy. By the time I was elected to the Institute board, membership had already fallen about fifteen percent from its peak in the late '90s, and it continued to decline. As we'll see in a moment, my term of service on the board happened to coincide roughly with the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Membership did decline during that recession, though not as much as you might think. It's more significant that in the years leading up to that recession, the economy was good, yet membership was declining.

When I was on the board, and many times since, I have heard members attribute the loss of members to the economy. While I accept that as a possibility, it seems to me that if the economy does have an impact on membership, we should regain lost members when the economy improves. I didn't think that was happening, so I decided to do look at the numbers. Please note that I am not an economic or financial analyst of any sort, but what I found does seem reasonable. And what did I find? That the economy has had little impact on CSI membership.

When writing previous articles about the history of CSI, I gleaned information about the number of members and the number of chapters from a variety of sources, which I used to produce a number of graphs. Some of those graphs were published along with articles, and though there were acknowledged problems some of the numbers, no one has objected to the overall picture I presented, so I will accept the information as reasonably accurate.

For information about the economy, I went to FRED Economic Data as published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. On the FRED website, I found a graph of "Civilian Unemployment Rate" the range of which conveniently coincides with CSI's lifespan, 1948 through 2016. I thought the economic information made more sense if it showed employment, rather than unemployment, so I inverted the graph, then superimposed on it a graph showing our membership and the number of CSI chapters. (I am not certain that is entirely valid, but I think it's reasonably good for my purposes.) Finally, to make the image easier to read, I removed gridlines, scales, and labels.

As noted, the graph begins in 1948 and extends to the present. The health of the economy, as represented by the number of employed, is shown by a dark gray line. Recessions are indicated by light gray vertical bars. CSI's membership is shown by a blue line, and the number of chapters is shown by a red line.

With all that information in one place, what can we deduce about the effect of the economy on membership?

CSI's first year ended in the beginning of the Recession of 1949, which lasted a year. As a new organization, with little but some great ideas to offer, I doubt the economy had any effect on membership, which rose a bit and then remained stable through a strong economy and the Recession of 1953.

That was followed by a period of strong, uninterrupted growth of membership, beginning in 1955. During the first part of that period, we had the Recessions of 1958 and 1960-61, neither of which had any apparent effect on membership.

As you can see, growth slowed down in the late '60s - during a good economy - but was relatively steady through 1979. During this period, we experienced the Recessions of 1969-70 and 1973-75, as well as a recovering economy between those recessions. Again, membership continued to grow at about the same pace regardless of what the economy was doing.

An interesting period began about 1979. Membership grew at a remarkable rate for the next four years, at about 1,000 per year. And yet, during those years, we had the Recession of 1980 followed immediately by the Recession of the Early 1980s (no, I don't understand why those are separate recessions), a total of two years. At the end of those two years, we saw unemployment peak at 10.2 percent, the highest level between 1948 and today.

Since then, we have had the recession of the early 1990s, the recession of the early 2000s, and, most recently, the Great Recession of 2007-09. Other than a slightly steeper decline during the Great Recession, there is no apparent correlation between membership and the economy.

And so, for all of the MythBusters fans, I'd say the idea that the economy affects membership is effectively

Now for some homework. Go back to last month's article, and see if you can determine what CSI did that might have affected membership, and we'll compare notes next month. 

2016, Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CSC

Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments at

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