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November 2014

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It's beginning to look a lot like winter!  Cuddle up by the fire and read this great issue of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI newsletter.
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Upcoming Events
Programs Committee


Indianapolis Chapter CSI November Meeting - Decorative Glass

Thursday November 20, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST

This presentation will inform attendees on how decorative glass can be utilized in almost any interior or exterior building application.

Willows on Westfield (formerly Riverwalk)


Indianapolis Chapter CSI Holiday Party

Thursday December 11, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST

Usher in the Holiday season with the Indianapolis Chapter CSI.

Columbia Club


2014 Standing Reservation List

Wednesday December 31, 2014 from 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM EST

Riverwalk Banquet Center

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David Young AIA, CSI
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November is a month for reflection and thankfulness.  Of course there is Thanksgiving which started with a 1621 celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts and which has been an annual tradition in the United States since presidential proclamation in 1863.  Most of us have memories of the big table with the turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie - and of eating too much.  But the real memories are the family gathering, perhaps one of the few times a year that everyone gets together across the generations.  

"Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise!  Psalms 95:2

CSI has a lot of those traditions and memories, and I have noted before that it is a delicate balance retain the past while embracing change for the future.

In addition to Thanksgiving, November brings Veterans Day where we all pause to remember the sacrifices those in the service have made for our freedom.  A number of our past presidents are veterans.  Let us remember the sacrifices they made for our country and our way of life.

After our super busy previous month which included CONSTRUCT 2014 in Baltimore, our 40th Annual Trade Show at The Crane Bay, and our fabulously well attended Duck Pin Bowling event at Atomic Bowling in Fountain Square it has been good to sit back a bit, enjoy the leaves taking on their brilliant splash of color, and shudder a bit as we anticipate the polar vortex that lies ahead.

Our October Chapter Meeting program on 16 October on "(Affordable Care Act) Forces Shaping Health Care Construction and Responsible Design" by Kathy Clark MHA, BSN, RN, Senior Director Healthcare Operations Planning, BSA LifeStructures was very informative for all Americans, even those of us not directly involved with health care.

Our November Chapter Meeting program on 16 October will again be at The Willows on Westfield.  The program will be on Decorative Glass.  Speaker Igor F. Beaufils is North American Sales Manager for Specialty Architectural Products, LLC (SAP) which specializes in providing value added products to the construction industry including decorative glass, glass flooring, suspension wall systems, glass balustrades, exterior cladding, sunscreens, fire-rated glass, and curtain wall infill.  More information at  Another informative program of a previously uncovered topic -Thank you Programs Committee!  And look for the member spotlight where one of our members describes what CSI has done for him professionally and personally.

December brings our annual CSI Indy Holiday Party on December 11, 2014 (Second Thursday!) once again at Columbia Club's 10th Floor Ballroom.  Christmas sounds provided by Dick Simon at the Piano, Buffet Dinner, and Holiday entertainment by the Indianapolis Children's Choir.  More information at  

November's President's Question:  Your president was quite the bike racer during his days at University of Illinois.  In his first year he raced in the National Championships Road Race, placing maybe 30th.  In the first weeks of freshman year his frat brothers gave him a nickname that stuck all the way through college, graduate school, and beyond.  Many people didn't even know his given name.  

That nickname was:    a. Flash    b. Spoke    c. Speed Racer    d. Wheels

Be the first to email the correct answer to with the subject heading "Colnago" and you will receive a $20 gift certificate from Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI).  The correct answer and winner will be revealed at the November chapter meeting.  You must be present to win.

I am here to serve you and to improve your chapter.  Please feel free to contact me via email at or call me at 317.777.0855 cell or just grab me personally to share any suggestions, complaints, or needs regarding our chapter - or especially if you wish to volunteer for any of our committees -  or start your own committee.  Dream BIG!


CSI Indianapolis Chapter . . .         UNITING, CONNECTING, BUILDING . . .





David Young AIA, CSI

2014-2015 Indianapolis Chapter CSI President 

YouTube Channel  
Visual Education


The Indianapolis Chapter CSI has entered into a new phase of the digital communication era, and now has a dedicated YouTube Channel for the benefit of our membership.

Be sure to check out this month's update. 

Certification Quiz
Jack Morgan - Quizmaster 


1. The responsibility of inspecting work already performed for proper condition to receive subsequent work lies with the:

a. Owner

b. A/E

c. Contractor

d. Subcontractor

2. The Contractor's first activity on the project site typically is:

a. Survey and lay out the new construction

b. Meet with the AHJ

c. Install temporary power

d. Begin mobilization

3. The direct acquisition of materials and equipment by an Owner is:

a. Procurement

b. Bidding

c. Purchasing

d. Solicitation

4. Drawings produced during this design stage include, sketches, renderings, and conceptual diagrams:

a. Design Development

b. Construction Documents

c. Schematic Design

d. Conceptual Design

5. The special procedures used to ensure cost compliance include which of the following?

a. Cash Allowances, Material Allowances, Quantity Allowances

b. Alternates, Unit Prices, Stipulated Sums

c. Alternates, Unit Prices, Allowances

d. Guaranteed maximum price, Unit Prices, Design Allowances


Anwers located at the end of this newsletter....


Table Tops

Kent Hughes

Indianapolis Chapter CSI


 The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is accepting reservations for Table Tops for upcoming Chapter meetings. The list of programs for upcoming Chapter meetings is published in this newsletter, the web site, or contact Program chairman Jeremy Hoffman - , if you would like to target a particular meeting, be sure to make your reservation early. We do have a limit of four spaces available for Table Tops in a standard meeting room and 10 if we have a double room.


Table Tops are an opportunity to promote your company, products, or services to all attendees of our regular chapter meeting during the social hour. There is a maximum of 20 minutes for Table Top presentation at a regular Chapter meeting. You have the floor for maximum of five minutes after dinner before the speaker to communicate to the entire group if there are four presenters. If there is a greater demand, the 20 minutes will be divided by the number of presenters and rounded down to the nearest 30 seconds.


The Table Top presentations are FREE, one time, to new members, and cost current Indianapolis Chapter members only $75. Non-members get the same opportunity for $125. A 30 by 60 table with a cover and skit will be included. All proceeds go to support the Chapter. Payment is due at the time of setup.

Another opportunity for a Table Top is during an Education Seminar. The cost is if you combine it with the Chapter meeting and Education Seminar the cost would be $100 for current members and $150 for non-members.

If you would like to schedule a Table Top for a future meeting or seminar, contact:


Kent A. Hughes RA CDT - American Structurepoint - 317.690.5820


Be sure to put 'Table Top Request in the subject line

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Celebrate the Fellows

Sheldon Wolfe


Conventions are like state or county fairs: it seems they're the same year after year, and yet, if you compare this year's to the one a few years ago, there will be small differences. But sometimes, significant changes take place between one fair and the next.

Until this year, the social highlight of the annual convention was the President's Gala. A black tie dinner, with all that entails - including formal dresses and tuxedos - along with meeting the new president and witnessing the investiture of Fellows, was the grand finale. This year we tried something different. The events of the Gala were separated, some being added to other events, some becoming new events. Instead of being among the last events, the investiture of Fellows was moved to Tuesday evening, and the introduction of Distinguished Members was moved to the opening general session Wednesday morning.

When the new format was presented to the College of Fellows board of directors last January, it sounded good. We knew a lot of members saw the Gala as the high point of the convention, but the cost made it difficult for many members to attend this great event. This year, part of the plan was to make the presentations of various awards more visible and more accessible to more members. The investiture of Fellows would be open to all, at no charge; the Celebration of Fellows, a social event following the investiture, would cost only $35; and many awards would be presented at the annual meeting.

As the months went by, I began to have some reservations. The convention schedule, which is so tight it always irritates someone, put the investiture up against the welcome reception, and I feared it would be hard to pry people away from the party. The location of the Celebration presented two potential problems: attendees had to submit their names ahead of time for a background check, and it was in a different building.

As it turned out, the new format was a great success. The scheduling of the investiture and the introduction of Distinguished Members made those events more accessible and more affordable than before. Even though the investiture began before the welcome reception was over, registered attendance was 227, and more than that attended. Attendance at the annual meeting was 291, and I suspect there were three hundred or more people at the opening session. Not only was the attendance good, but making these two of the first events gave members the rest of the week to congratulate the honorees.

The weather was good, so the short walk from the welcome reception to the Celebration of Fellows, at the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center, presented no problem. The walk itself became an event due to the surprise appearance of a piper who led the procession from the investiture to the Celebration of Fellows. The piper was Mike Young, former president of the Denver Chapter and part of the group that assembled Ann Baker's Fellowship submittal. On his own, he decided the new Fellows should be piped in, and he made it happen. I was reminded of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter's award night the year I was chapter president. I've always loved bagpipes, and our chapter awards committee arranged for one to lead us from the lobby to the theater. I'd like to see a piper as part of every Celebration!

Another break from tradition occurred during the investiture. In the past, endorsement letters remained confidential, so most Fellows did not know who wrote letters or what they said. This year, some of those who wrote letters were asked to say a few words about the Fellows they endorsed, making the investiture much more personal.

Thanks to the Institute board members and staff who proposed the new format (and invited the Blue Angels), the formal social activities were a great success. Attendance at the Celebration was 173 this year, and I'm sure that elimination of the security check will increase attendance in the future. I'll look for you there next year in St. Louis!


Sheldon Wolfe, FCSI
Chancellor, CSI College of Fellows


Board of Directors' Minutes

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Minutes of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Board of Directors can be read here.  Please contact the president with any comments or questions.
Standing Reservations 
Meeting Arrangements Committee
For those of you who know you will be attending each chapter meeting and don't want to mess with making sure they have a spot each month, the Chapter offers to its members in good standing the Standing Reservation List.
Please review the terms of this program at the following link.
ANSWERS:  1. c; 2. d; 3. c; 4. c; 5. c
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November 20, 2014

The Willows on Westfield

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