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January 2014

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Happy New Year!

We hope you made it through the festivities of the new year, as well as Snow-mageddon 2014.  The chapter has many great things in store for this year.  The Great Lakes Region conference will be held in our very own city this coming summer...we will need you all to make this one of the most successful ones ever!  More info to come on that.

For those of you that utilize the Standing Reservation system, we will be clearing out last year's list after this coming meeting.  Look for a special invite to re-enlist in that program for this coming year.
Please let us know if you have any ideas for future newsletters.
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 Indianapolis Chapter CSI Newsletter Editor

Upcoming Events
Programs Committee

The Indianapolis Chapter CSI January Meeting - Deep Rock Tunnel Project

Thursday January 16, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST

A discussion on the progress of the ongoing Deep Rock Tunnel Project

The Marten House Hotel and Lilly Conference Center


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Ed Brown CSI, CCCA
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Happy New Year 2014!! The new year is finally here and the kids are back to school (yay!!) I hope all of you had a great holiday season. Now that we have dug ourselves out from all of the snow, it is time to get back to work. For this month's photo, I thought that I would feature my 3-year old daughter, Olivia. She is enjoying a ride on the merry-go-round while on vacation.

            Last month we had our holiday party at the Skyline Club. I would like to take a moment to thank Pete Baker and Terri Truitt for all of their hard work in planning the party. I would also like to thank the North Central High School "Counterpoints" for providing such wonderful entertainment. I'm sure that a great time was had by all.

            This month's chapter meeting will be held at the Martin House Hotel and Conference Center, at 1801 W. 86th St. This month's meeting will feature a presentation on the Deep Rock Tunnel Project, that is currently under construction. Tim Shutters, construction supervisor for Citizens Energy Group, will be presenting.

            Now that we have begun the new year, there are a couple of upcoming events to put on your calendar. CSI Academies will be held here in Indianapolis, March 27-29. There will be educational opportunities that will follow three tracks: specifications, construction administration, and product representation. The early-bird registration is approaching fast and you can register on the institute's website, Also, discounts are being offered for Indianapolis members. Planning is underway for the 2014 CSI Great Lakes Region Conference that is also being held here in Indianapolis, July 31-August 2. Check the region website for updates. Also, CSI regions elections are coming up in February. It will be online this year. Look for instructions from Institute at the end of January on how to cast your vote.

            That is all that I have for this month. I would like to conclude by asking the president's question of the month. For those who have not read past president's letters, each month I ask readers a question about myself as a way of getting to know their president. The first person to email the correct answer to gets a door prize at the chapter meeting. It is multiple choice and it's one guess per email address. Also, you must be present at the meeting to win.

This month's question:

My very first architectural job was with what firm?

  • DLZ Architects
  • CSO Architects
  • Blackburn Architects
  • Rowland Design


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at the chapter meeting.               


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Edmund Brown, CSI, CCCA, Assoc AIA

2013-2014 Indianapolis Chapter CSI President  
New Member Orientation   
Growing the Chapter


Preceding the fun filled mock bid program at the November 2013 Chapter Meeting, six new members enjoyed a look into the advantageous world of CSI and the Indianapolis Chapter by attending the Indianapolis Chapter's semi-annual New Member Orientation.


New Member Orientation explains the history and purpose of the organization, and introduces Orientees to the leaders of the Chapter who enumerate the advantages of membership and how individuals can enhance those advantages by becoming involved in Chapter activities.  

Orientations are held twice a year, prior to the March and October or November Chapter meetings.  New members must attend orientation in order to receive their CSI lapel pins, which have historically been ceremonially presented at the close of the Orientation.


Your Fall 2013 Orientation class:

Tony Bryan - Bryan Architectural Products LLC

David Fryman - Advanced Cabinet Systems

Joanne Holman - Natural Stone & Tile

Kenny Meyer - Meyer & Associates, Inc.

John Powers - Dryvit Systems, Inc.

Karl Stout - Reading Rock


Those who assisted with the Orientation:

Great Lakes Region Vice President Ivette Bruns, CSO Architects

Indianapolis Chapter President Ed Brown, Sebree Architects

Indianapolis Chapter Past President Pete Kerfoot, Architectural Brick and Tile

Indianapolis Chapter Certification Chair Chuck Thompson, Schmidt Associates

Indianapolis Chapter Education Chair Jeremy Hoffman, Crew Technical Services

Indianapolis Chapter Photographer Ralph Pitman, Sebree Architects


Thanks all those who participated.  As always, we would like to suggest that any members who have not taken part in an Orientation should consider doing so.

YouTube Channel  
Visual Education


The Indianapolis Chapter CSI has entered into a new phase of the digital communication era, and now has a dedicated YouTube Channel for the benefit of our membership.

Please look forward to upcoming updates.

Certification Quiz
Jack Morgan - Quizmaster 



1. Under the AIA A201 and EJCDC C-700, who provides property insurance covering the Work?


a. Contractor's surety

b. Owner

c. Contractor

d. Financing agency

e. None of the above


2. The document named "Available Information" is part of the:


a. Instructions to Bidders

b. Contract Documents

c. Specifications

d. Procurement Requirements

e. All of the above


3. Lump sum, unit price, or cost-plus-fee constitutes the basis of:


a. Selection

b. Payment

c. Award

d. Contract


4. Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:


a. Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources

b. Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity.

c. Reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation during construction

d. a and b only

e. a and c only


5. True or False: AIA Design Phases including schematic design, design development, and construction documents.


a. True

b. False


Anwers located at the end of this newsletter....

Table Tops

Jeremy Hoffman

Indianapolis Chapter CSI


The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is accepting reservations for Table Tops for upcoming Chapter meetings.  The list of programs for upcoming Chapter meetings is published in this newsletter, the web site, or contact Program chairman Andy McIntyre, so if you would like to target a particular meeting, make sure to get your reservation in early.  We do have a limit of four spaces available for Table Tops in a standard meeting room and 10 if we have a double room.


Table Tops are an opportunity to promote your company, products, or services to all attendees of our regular chapter meeting during the social hour.  There is a maximum of 20 minutes for Table Top presentation at a regular Chapter meeting.  You have the floor for maximum of five minutes during the dinner to communicate to the entire group if there are four presenters. If there is a greater demand, the 20 minutes will be divided by the number of presenters and rounded down to the nearest 30 seconds.


The Table Top presentations are FREE, one time, to new members, and cost current Indianapolis Chapter members only $75.  Non-members get the same opportunity for $125.  A 30 by 60 table with a cover and skit will be included.  All proceeds go to support the Chapter.


Another opportunity for a Table Top is during an Education Seminar.  The cost is if you combine it with the Chapter meeting and Education Seminar the cost would be $100 for current members and $150 for non-members.


If you would like to schedule a Table Top for a future meeting or seminar, contact:


Jeremy Hoffman - CREW Technical Services  or (317) 713-7777

Make sure to put 'Table Top Request' in the subject line  

Great Lakes Region President Report



With the new calendar year, many GLR activities are happening in 2014:

  • On line CSI Elections are in February - Remember, the Great Lakes Region has a very strong list of candidates  for Region  offices - Philip Babinec - Cincinnati (President-Elect), Donald Bauman - Detroit and Jeffery Clark - Louisville (Vice President),and Henry Hondorp - Grand Rapidsand Bob Schrock - Cincinnati (Treasurer).  When the Ballots are made available after the first of February, review the biography of each candidate for each position and make your decisions.  Additionally, Great Lakes Region Leaders - Lane Beougher   (President-Elect) and Gary Beimers (Vice President) are running for Institute offices.  Every Great Lakes Region member has many reasons to vote this year. The ballots are all electronic, no paper ballots.  Look for instructions from Institute at the end of January to help make your decisions on the future of CSI and the region.  

  • CSI Academies - The Academies will be held in Indianapolis, March 27-29, 2014.  The highly acclaimed Academies will be held in the Midwest for the first time.  In depth educational opportunities are organized in three tracks, Specifications, Construction Management, and Product Representation by experts across the country - some of which are local.  The Early-Bird Registration deadline is rapidly approaching and will mean a lower registration cost.  Go to the Institute Website to register.

  • 2014 Region Conference - Save the date for the Region Conference in Indianapolis  occurring July 31, August 1, and August 2, 2014.  Planning is well underway with many educational, social, and networking opportunities.   Attending a Regional Conference is beneficial for leadership training as well as good fun.  Check the Region Website for updates.

  • Bylaws update - The Bylaw update to incorporate the Emerging Professional - At Large Director Position into the Region Bylaws was sent to the Institute Secretary, Kevin Corkren, for his review.

  • Award Nominations - With the New Year, it is time to start thinking of those in the Chapter and Region that you feel are deserving to be recognized with awards.  Many of the awards need recommendations which take time to collect.  The due date is May 2, 2014.  You can receive more information at Involved/Honors-Awards/2014- Honors Awards Guide. (PDF)

  • Certification Exams - Registration is now open on the Institute Website for the Spring Certification Exams.  The Construction Document Technologist (CDT)is the first step leading to a Certificate showing your competency of handling construction documents.  Other Certification Exams follow in three areas of expertise (CCS, CCCA, and CCPR).  Early bird Registration ends January 31, 2014 with final Registration ending February 28, 2014..

  • Chapter Visits - Your Region Officers are coming to many Region Events in the next months.  They will be coming to your Trade Shows in Louisville, Cincinnati, and other events.  To schedule a visit for your Chapter, contact President-Elect, Ivette Bruns at

With the Fiscal Year half over, I am looking forward to the many opportunities that CSI and The Great Lakes Region offer. Many thanks for all of your efforts to better the Great Lakes Region, CSI. 




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Chapter Photos
Holiday Party
We hope you have enjoyed seeing these previews of the latest images from our events.  To view more, visit our online photo album.
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Board of Directors' Minutes

Online Archive 


Minutes of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Board of Directors can be read here.  Please contact the president with any comments or questions.
Standing Reservations 
Meeting Arrangements Committee
For those of you who know you will be attending each chapter meeting and don't want to mess with making sure they have a spot each month, the Chapter offers to its members in good standing the Standing Reservation List.
Please review the terms of this program at the following link.


Check back next time for a link to sign up for 2014


ANSWERS:  1. - b; 2. - d; 3. - b; 4.  d; 5. - b
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January 16, 2014

The Marten House Hotel and Lilly Conference Center
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