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April 2013

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Yardwork, busy hours at work, sports starting for the young ones; there is so much going on.  We hope you are keeping it all balanced and will be able to join us this month for this newsletter as well as the monthly meeting.
Many of your old and new faves are part of this month as well.  Certification Quiz, ADA Corner, and photos!
Please let us know if you have any ideas for future newsletters.


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 Indianapolis Chapter CSI Newsletter Editor

Upcoming Events
Programs Committee


Upcoming Events

Indianapolis Chapter CSI April Meeting: Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Thursday April 18, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

An opportunity to learn about future construction plans and innovative program offerings in the Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) School district, as presented by the Superintendent of HSE Schools, Dr. Brian F. Smith.

Riverwalk Banquet Center


2013 Standing Reservation List

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View from the Tower
Andy McIntyre, CSI, CCPR
new info   



Spring has sprung! Temperatures are rising and grass is growing again.

It's wonderful to see the reinvigoration that comes with this season. I am reminded that reinvigoration also means my term as President is winding down, and that we will begin anew in just three short months. Congratulations to our newest first time Board members, Christine Walter and Joel Young, and to returning members Kent Hughes and Drew Huehls. The Board will be reinvigorated by your presence.

Upcoming events are sure to be exciting. April's chapter meeting will feature an update on HSE schools capital plans from their superintendent Dr. Brian Smith. Our May program will be on reflective insulation technology, and of course June will be our annual Awards banquet. Tucked in there will be our annual Golf outing on May 2 at Golf Club of Indiana. Spots are already filling and it's coming in just a couple weeks! Please get your reservations in today!

I look forward to seeing you this week and please don't hesitate to call if you have questions about what CSI can do for you!

All the best,


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YouTube Channel  
Visual Education


The Indianapolis Chapter CSI has entered into a new phase of the digital communication era, and now has a dedicated YouTube Channel for the benefit of our membership.

Please look forward to upcoming updates.


2013 Bud Reed Memorial Golf Outing

Golf Committee


The 24th Annual Bud Reed Memorial Golf Outing / Scholarship Trust 

will be held on May 2, 2013 at the Golf Club of Indiana located in Zionsville.


Dinner will be provided by Ruth's Chris in "The Cardinal Room" -  a brand new 6500 sf  heated and air conditioned state of the art banquet facility. Located virtually in the same location the old pavilion.


The outing will also include: (but not limited to) 

  • Pre-tournament practice tee Instructional tips program with the course pro.
  • on-course Beverage carts
  • on-course Ruth's Chris sliders
  • Awards Banquet catered by Ruth's Chris
  • Door prizes and give-aways for participants
  • On course contests
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • 4 hole in one competitions

Prizes include:

  • Airfare for 2
  • Electronic equipment pkg.
  • $10,000 cash
  • Cruise for 2





For more information, please contact Chris Hughes. 

Table Tops

Jeremy Hoffman

Indianapolis Chapter CSI


The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is accepting reservations for Table Tops for upcoming Chapter meetings.  The list of programs for upcoming Chapter meetings is published in this newsletter, the web site, or contact Program chairman Andy McIntyre, so if you would like to target a particular meeting, make sure to get your reservation in early.  We do have a limit of four spaces available for Table Tops in a standard meeting room and 10 if we have a double room.


Table Tops are an opportunity to promote your company, products, or services to all attendees of our regular chapter meeting during the social hour.  There is a maximum of 20 minutes for Table Top presentation at a regular Chapter meeting.  You have the floor for maximum of five minutes during the dinner to communicate to the entire group if there are four presenters. If there is a greater demand, the 20 minutes will be divided by the number of presenters and rounded down to the nearest 30 seconds.


The Table Top presentations are FREE, one time, to new members, and cost current Indianapolis Chapter members only $75.  Non-members get the same opportunity for $125.  A 30 by 60 table with a cover and skit will be included.  All proceeds go to support the Chapter.


Another opportunity for a Table Top is during an Education Seminar.  The cost is if you combine it with the Chapter meeting and Education Seminar the cost would be $100 for current members and $150 for non-members.


If you would like to schedule a Table Top for a future meeting or seminar, contact:


Jeremy Hoffman - CREW Technical Services  or (317) 713-7777

Make sure to put 'Table Top Request' in the subject line  

Perfect Attendance Pins

What number are you? 


If you have received a Perfect Attendance Pin in the past and know what your last achieved number is, please contact Ken Schmidt, either at the chapter meeting or shoot him an email. 


In an effort to ensure we have accurate records, this would be greatly appreciated.

Job Opening



Lafayette Venetian Blind, a nationally recognized manufacturer of custom window fashions located in West Lafayette, IN, has an immediate need for an individual with contract sales and specification experience.


This individual will: 

  1. Be responsible for direct contact with architects and other contract building specifiers for purposes of specifying Lafayette products.
  2. Work with existing & perspective dealers to increase commercial sales of Lafayette products.
  3. Review and improve product specification documents.
  4. Assist customer service in serving the needs of our commercial dealers including but not limited to pricing, matching specifications, reviewing blueprints & takeoffs.
  5. Work with our product designers to insure that our product offering meets the needs of the commercial market place.

Requirements include:

  1. Background in commercial construction.
  2. Experience working with blueprints and specifications.
  3. Computer proficient including experience with MS Office Suite.
  4. Experience interacting with architects and contractors.
  5. Experience in "Division 12 Furnishings" preferred, but not required. 

For the right individual this is a unique chance to synergize our 60+ years of experience in the residential window treatment business with the immediate growth opportunities in the commercial marketplace.


This is a full time salaried position with good benefits and bonus potential.  Please send resume and salary history to:


Lafayette Venetian Blind

3000 Klondike Rd.

West Lafayette, IN 47906


An E.O.E. M/F/V

Pinch Hitters

To all Indianapolis CSI Chapter members:


The Education and Program committee is compiling a contingency list of members that could fill in as a Program speaker. Notice could be as little as several hours or maybe a day or two. The substitute speaker's presentation needs to be a prepared topic eligible for educational credit under industry guidelines. We will endeavor to choose from the list a topic not covered within the prescribed time limit, in order to issue credits, although this may not always be the case.

Those interested in submitting availability and topic(s), please do so soon and include the following:




Program name:

Contact (best ways: cell, email, text):

Minimum notice needed/desired:


Please forward information to both:                                                       Ed Brown:

Douglas Pearmain:

Certification Quiz
Jack Morgan - Quizmaster 


1. The Contract Forms include:


a. the Agreement

b. the Performance and Payment Bonds

c. the Certificates

d. all of the above.


2. In the Multiple Contract Project Delivery Method:


a. The Contractor has an Agreement with the Owner and the A/E.

b. The A/E will prepare a separate set of bidding documents for each Contract.

c. The contracts are usually negotiated.

d. Is where the Owner divides the Work between several Contractors.


3. In the Single Contract Project Delivery Method, the Owner has a contractural relationship with which of the following:


a. A/E

b. Contractor and subcontractors

c. Contractor and A/E

d. Contractor


4. Typically, a Construction Manager is hired by the Owner to:


a. Perform the construction

b. Oversee and administer the construction

c. Instruct the A/E during the Design Phaseof a Project.

d. Assist the Owner during the Bidding Phase of the Project and to perform the Construction.


5. All of the following statements are true regarding the A/E's substitution policy EXCEPT:


a. It should be desribed in every Specification Section.

b. It should be described only in Division 01, Section 01 25 00.

c. Specification Sections in Division 02 thru Division 49 should direct the reader to the appropriate Division 01.


Answers located at the end of this newsletter....
ADA Requirements for Dining Surfaces and Bars
ADA Question of the Month 

Steven J. Cain  -  President SJC Architecture, Inc.
ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner


As a new feature of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Newsletter, real life questions and answers to accessibility issues based on observations in my practice of architecture and accessibility consulting will be presented. With your submitted questions, this will be regular monthly feature in the Chapter Newsletter. Feel free to send your questions for possible inclusion in future articles to Steve Cain at


Question: I recently read in the Indianapolis Star about a couple of local restaurants being sued in federal court because the bar was too high for wheelchair users. Is this true? Do all bars need to have a section at wheelchair height?


Answer: The new 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010 ADA) Section 226 requires where dining surfaces are provided for the consumption of food or drink, at least 5% of the seating and standing spaces at the dining surfaces be no higher than 34" above the floor and be provided with front approach knee/toe space. The 2010 ADA goes on to require these accessible dining surfaces be dispersed throughout the space or facility containing the dining surfaces.

The typical bar height is 42" and is not provided with the 17" minimum knee/toe clearance. Under the old 1991 Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (1991 ADAAG), the paragraph addressing accessibility of counters and bars explicitly stated that having accessible table service within the same area as the bar is an acceptable option to providing an accessible height bar. The new 2010 ADA no longer explicitly exempts the bar when accessible table service is provided in the same area.

Although the 2010 ADA does not say that every bar must have an accessible height section, it does state that accessible dining spaces must be dispersed throughout all dining areas. Sitting at a bar is a different dining experience than sitting at a table. Therefore an accessible table in close proximity to a non-accessible bar does not necessarily meet the dispersion requirement. Therefore, I recommend that all newly constructed bars be provided with a lower, accessible section meeting the 2010 ADA requirements.

Restaurant clients may argue that a 34" high bar would not be utilized and limit their ability to make money. Designers and Architects can incorporate the lower bar as a universal design element. Doing so can provide an added feature to the bar and avoid potential lawsuits at the same time.
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Chapter Photos
March 2013


We hope you have enjoyed seeing these previews of the latest images from our events.  To view more, visit our online photo album.
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Board of Directors' Minutes

Online Archive 


Minutes of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Board of Directors can be read here.  Please contact the president with any comments or questions.
Standing Reservations 
Meeting Arrangements Committee
For those of you who know you will be attending each chapter meeting and don't want to mess with making sure they have a spot each month, the Chapter offers to its members in good standing the Standing Reservation List.
Please review the terms of this program at the following link.
Quiz ANSWERS:  1. - d; 2. - b; 3. - c; 4.  b; 5. - a
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Table Tops
Meeting Innformation

April 18, 2013

Riverwalk Banquet Center
Members: Free
Guests: $20
Student: $10
5:30 Social Hour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Program
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