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Indianapolis Chapter CSI Newsletter

January 2012

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Welcome to 2013.  If you're like me you're still writing 2012 on all of your shop drawings. Ha!

This month, be sure to pay special attention to all the great events we have going on.

Also, in relation to the Education Foundation, the scholarship applications are available.  More info can be found below.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for future newsletters.


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 Indianapolis Chapter CSI Newsletter Editor

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Upcoming Events
Programs Committee

Indianapolis Chapter CSI Education Seminar: Exterior Design Options

Thursday January 17, 2013 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST

Riverwalk Banquet Center


Indianapolis Chapter CSI January Chapter Meeting: NFPA 285

Thursday January 17, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST

Riverwalk Banquet Center


What is on TAP

Wednesday January 23, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST

Indiana Landmarks Center


2013 Standing Reservation List

Tuesday December 31, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST

Riverwalk Banquet Center

View from the Tower
Andy McIntyre, CSI, CCPR
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 Greetings fellow CSIers! Happy New Year! I hope that you and yours had a restful and happy holiday, and are now back in full gear! I hope you are as excited as I am to start 2013!

January kicks off with 2 events. On January 17, we'll kick off with presentation by our own Scott Perez on History and Application of NFPA 285. Recent code changes require that it's not just business as usually with exterior fire rated assemblies. Get up to date and make sure you know the code. This program will be preceded by an afternoon seminar focused on exterior metal panels and exterior glass. On January 23rd, come see "What's On Tap 2013" as the TAP (Trade Association Professionals) Coalition hosts their 3rd Annual event. You can go to our website to register now for either event!

Being up to date on codes leads me to the 5th in a series of why you should be proud to be a member of the Indianapolis Chapter of CSI: Being in the know! Codes change, products are updated, new technologies and systems are constantly evolving. Where does a professional have time to learn about all these changes and be " in the know?" CSI: The Indy Chapter!

January of course brings about resolutions. So, if you are in the mood to vie for a prize, send me 1 resolution (of the many we make!). No prize for being the first to answer, I'm just going to pick the one I like best! My biggest resolution is eat more vegetables!

It's hard to believe the year is half over already, but indeed FY 12-13 is half over! There's no time like the present to get involved for this FY and next! We are in need of several leadership positions moving in to next year, and several committees could use additional support. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering!

Thanks and as always my door is open to talk about our Chapter, Region, Institute, and our Industry!

Happy New Year!


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What's on TAP? tap logo  
Forecasting what's next...


On Wednesday January 23rd this half day event & networking will take place at the Indiana Landmarks Cook Theater. Come hear author John Stahl-Wert speak on Leadership. Do not miss the all-star panels on professional development and economic forecast for the coming year. This cooperative and innovative educational opportunity is being made available for $65 per person. Food and Beverages will be available at the Networking Reception at 5:30pm. We are expecting 150 attendees for this year's event! 

Come hear international bestselling author John Stahl-Wert speak on leadership and management. His bestselling books "The Serving Leader" and "Ten Thousand Horses" will be made available at this event. 

This year's economic session will feature guest speaker and moderator Gerry Dick, with Inside Indiana Business. The Industry Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Delta Faucet will be given during our final panel session.
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YouTube Channel  
Visual Education


The Indianapolis Chapter CSI has entered into a new phase of the digital communication era, and now has a dedicated YouTube Channel for the benefit of our membership.

Please look forward to upcoming updates.

Table Tops

Jeremy Hoffman

Indianapolis Chapter CSI


The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is accepting reservations for Table Tops for upcoming Chapter meetings.  The list of programs for upcoming Chapter meetings is published in this newsletter, the web site, or contact Program chairman Andy McIntyre, so if you would like to target a particular meeting, make sure to get your reservation in early.  We do have a limit of four spaces available for Table Tops in a standard meeting room and 10 if we have a double room.


Table Tops are an opportunity to promote your company, products, or services to all attendees of our regular chapter meeting during the social hour.  There is a maximum of 20 minutes for Table Top presentation at a regular Chapter meeting.  You have the floor for maximum of five minutes during the dinner to communicate to the entire group if there are four presenters. If there is a greater demand, the 20 minutes will be divided by the number of presenters and rounded down to the nearest 30 seconds.


The Table Top presentations are FREE, one time, to new members, and cost current Indianapolis Chapter members only $75.  Non-members get the same opportunity for $125.  A 30 by 60 table with a cover and skit will be included.  All proceeds go to support the Chapter.


Another opportunity for a Table Top is during an Education Seminar.  The cost is if you combine it with the Chapter meeting and Education Seminar the cost would be $100 for current members and $150 for non-members.


If you would like to schedule a Table Top for a future meeting or seminar, contact:


Jeremy Hoffman - CREW Technical Services

jhoffman@crewtech.com  or (317) 713-7777

Make sure to put 'Table Top Request' in the subject line  

Perfect Attendance Pins

What number are you? 


If you have received a Perfect Attendance Pin in the past and know what your last achieved number is, please contact Ken Schmidt, either at the chapter meeting or shoot him an email. 


In an effort to ensure we have accurate records, this would be greatly appreciated.

Pinch Hitters

To all Indianapolis CSI Chapter members:


The Education and Program committee is compiling a contingency list of members that could fill in as a Program speaker. Notice could be as little as several hours or maybe a day or two. The substitute speaker's presentation needs to be a prepared topic eligible for educational credit under industry guidelines. We will endeavor to choose from the list a topic not covered within the prescribed time limit, in order to issue credits, although this may not always be the case.

Those interested in submitting availability and topic(s), please do so soon and include the following:




Program name:

Contact (best ways: cell, email, text):

Minimum notice needed/desired:


Please forward information to both:                                                       Ed Brown: brown_edmund@yahoo.com

Douglas Pearmain: douglas.pearmain@sbcglobal.net

Certification Quiz
Jack Morgan - Quizmaster

1. All of the following should be included in "Project/Site Conditions" EXCEPT:


a. Existing conditions that affect the application of other materials

b. Protection of materials delivered to the site

c. Limitations such as temperature or weather that affect proper installation

d. References to documents about existing structures or utilities


2. The Procurement Documents include all of the following EXCEPT:


a. Bidding Requirements

b. Contract Modifications

c. Project Manual

d. Drawings

e. Addenda


3. In Competitive Bidding:


a. The Owner is required to select the lowest price for the project.

b. The Owner may select someone other than the lowest bidder on publicly funded projects.

c. The Owner negotiates the prices with the Contractors.

d. Bidding is open to any bidder demonstrating the financial ability to perform the work.


4. The Single Contract


a. is the most common form of construction contract.

b. is the most complex type of contract to administer.

c. is one in which the Owner contracts directly with the subcontractors.

d. is where the Owner divides the work between several contractors.


5. An essential qualification of the A/E in product evaluation is:


a. knowledge of materials and their characteristics.

b. knowledge of system characteristics.

c. knowledge of methods for alleviating or eliminating potential problems.

d. all of the above.


Answers located at the end of this newsletter....
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Chapter Photos
October 2012


We hope you have enjoyed seeing these previews of the latest images from our events.  To view more, visit our online photo album.
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Scholarships Applications
Education Foundation 


It's that time again.  Time for those that are furthering their education to gain additional funds to do so.


The Education Foundation's call for scholarship applications has begun and can be found on our website.


The scholarship is open to any Indiana resident, or anyone attending an Indiana school studying a construction related field.



Board of Directors' Minutes

Online Archive 


Minutes of the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Board of Directors can be read here.  Please contact the president with any comments or questions.
Standing Reservations 
Meeting Arrangements Committee
For those of you who know you will be attending each chapter meeting and don't want to mess with making sure they have a spot each month, the Chapter offers to its members in good standing the Standing Reservation List.
Please review the terms of this program at the following link.
Quiz ANSWERS:  1. - b; 2. - b; 3. - d; 4. -a; 5. - d 
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Table Tops
Meeting Innformation

January 17, 2012

Riverwalk Banquet Center
Members: Free
Guests: $25
Student: $10
5:30 Social Hour
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Program
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