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February 2015 
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Happy February!

Depending on where you live, you may have battled (or are still battling) a bitter, cold winter or you may have experienced a Southern California "winter" complete with shorts, flip-flops and brisk 60 degree mornings. However, no matter where your practice is located, you're bound to have a common goal in mind: increasing patient satisfaction scores! 
In this issue we introduce a new CME-accredited physician-patient communication tool, answer a common survey misconception and reveal an interesting online rating fact. 
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New Solution to Provider Frustration! 


"I can't believe my patients don't score me higher on these blankety blank surveys!"


Is this a refrain you've heard a time or two?  With greater emphasis on (and dollars tied to) patient satisfaction than ever, providers are frustrated that their efforts to connect effectively with patients sometimes miss the mark.


Some doctors have actually paid to attend workshops and seminars that teach proven strategies for improving patient communication skills.  And while these programs can be helpful, they are generally delivered offsite and cost significant dollars.


There's a simple solution that you'll want to know more about.  

Astute Doctor Education  

"Astute Doctor Education" is a new, CME-accredited, web-based provider-patient communication series offered by SullivanLuallin Group.  It's delivered in 15-minute interactive segments addressing the most common challenges facing providers.  The series teaches easy-to-use, practical strategies for "Building Strong Patient Relationships," "Handling Difficult Patients," "Managing Cross Cultural Communication," "Maximizing Patient Understanding and Recall," "Motivating Reluctant Patients," and other themes.


Even top-scoring providers find value in viewing effective, patient-pleasing techniques demonstrated in the videos.  Physicians and other providers choose which brief segments to watch at their convenience, and then complete a brief post-video test. 


The entire series of eight courses qualifies for more than 12 CME credits which can be earned over the course of a full year.  The most attractive feature of this new offering is the astoundingly affordable price - less than $195 per provider!  There are no minimums but there are volume discounts.


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Q. We conduct patient surveys regularly, but several of our physicians are thoroughly convinced that only disgruntled and unhappy patients fill them out. Is that true?
A. We've heard the same thing over and over again.  Yet the evidence doesn't support that "conventional wisdom."  Since the SullivanLuallin-MGMA survey uses a five-point Likert rating scale which includes Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor, we find that the majority of respondents select Very Good and Excellent.  
patient satisfaction survey
If only dissatisfied patients completed the surveys, we'd see the bulk of mean scores in the 1.0-2.0 range, but we don't.  For example, the mean score for the entire SullivanLuallin Group database for the question, "Overall satisfaction" is 4.61.  Further, the mean score for "Willingness to recommend the provider" is 4.78.  Typically, really unhappy patients leave the practice and consequently, never get a survey!
Did You Know?

According to a study by Vanguard Communications reported in a July issue of Medical Economics, most patients who rate their physicians online, rate them with four stars or more.  The study scoured the web and evaluated 46,300 physicians using their Google+ and Yelp ratings.  The study showed that 57% of the doctors received four star ratings (out of a possible five stars), while nearly 17% received 2.5 stars or fewer.  On an interesting side note, the city with the lowest satisfaction scores was Bakersfield, California followed by Modesto, California with the second lowest scores.  Highest rated city was San Francisco with 4.15 stars followed by Honolulu, Hawaii with 4.14 stars.

SullivanLuallin Group is a leading provider of patient experience solutions for medical groups, provider networks and health systems. Our "Transforming the Patient Experience" engagement model solves critical patient, provider and employee engagement challenges faced by healthcare organizations. We offer a wide range of services including satisfaction surveys, customer service training, physician shadow coaching and mystery patient shopping. 


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