February 2013
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User's Corner: PCMH Certification
Q&A: CG-CAHPS Benchmarking
Transform the Patient Experience: DIY Shadow Coaching
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Hello again, we're off to another great year, hopefully filled with joy, opportunity and success. In this edition, we roll out our TransformPx model; announce our recent NCQA certification; answer a commonly asked CG-CAHPS question; and highlight a shadow coaching success story.


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TransformPx: Transforming the Patient Experience

TransformPX is your blueprint for creating and sustaining a service culture that puts the patient experience at the heart of your practice.  It includes satisfaction surveys to assess your service strengths and limitations, proven techniques for improving patient satisfaction, and strategies for maintaining long-term momentum. Transforming the patient experience - it's what we do.


Transform the Patient Experience

Click here to learn more about how we can help you transform the patient experience at your practice!

User's Corner: PCMH Certification 


SullivanLuallinGroup is proud to be NCQA-Certified to conduct CAHPS PCMH 2013 surveys! NCQA is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to

improving health care quality. NCQA's Survey Vendor program was developed to promote standardization of data collection; thus, results from consumer experiences are comparable across practices. To become an NCQA-Certified CAHPS Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Survey Vendor, we had to demonstrate that we have the capabilities, experience, and expert personnel to accurately administer the CAHPS survey.


Do you have a question about the CAHPS PCMH survey? Contact us today!


Q: Do I have to switch to the CG-CAHPS Benchmarking tool?


A: Good question! Currently there are several pilot survey projects underway with very large multi-specialty medical groups participating to learn the feasibility of using the CAHPS Clinician Group survey (CG-CAHPS) instrument and distribution methodology. While there is no current Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement to use the CG-CAHPS survey instrument for reporting purposes (as there is with the H-CAHPS for hospital patient surveying), we wouldn't rule out the possibility of a future mandate. 


MGMA-SullivanLuallinGroup Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Tool


Switching your survey instrument can be costly and significantly affect your current process for improving the patient experience. To assist you with assessing how your top box survey scores compare with other medical groups, and the CG-CAHPS survey, we've partnered with MGMA-ACMPE to provide the Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Tool. Whether you use our MGMA-SullivanLuallinGroup survey, or a different survey form, you can now cross-walk your survey's top box scores by question with the corresponding CG-CAHPS survey question. Feel free to contact us to see how you stack up to the CG-CAHPS survey!


Transform the Patient Experience: DIY Shadow Coaching

Mindful of the changes in healthcare reform including a renewed focus on patient satisfaction, Crystal Run Healthcare, Middletown, NY, decided to ensure that all providers had the skills necessary to max their scores on patient satisfaction surveys. 

Last November, under the guidance of Kathleen Ferris, Director of Service Excellence, and with the help of SullivanLuallinGroup, the 300+ provider practice trained a cadre of internal Shadow Coaches. The role of the newly-minted coaches will be to observe providers who are motivated to raise their patient satisfaction ratings, and give specific feedback including techniques for enhancing physician-patient communication. 
For more information on the effectiveness of shadow coaching click here.


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