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September 2014 
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Business Mixer
Olive Street Parking Garage
PECO Phone Scam
Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
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Business Mixer
Bryn Mawr Trust invites you to a Business Mixer on Wednesday, August 27th from 5:30-8pm for food, drinks and networking. Come out to learn more about the new event unveiling in September: Friday Nights in Media.
Olive Street Parking Garage
The Olive Street parking garage maintenance project is proceeding as planned. The top floor of the garage is currently open, and the anticipated date to open all floors is September 2nd.
PECO Phone Scam
The Media Police and surrounding departments are investigating an ongoing phone scam directed at both homes and local businesses. A person claiming to be a PECO representative calls with claims of an overdue bill, and threatens to shut off all power within the hour should payment not be made immediately. Credit card payment by phone will not be accepted, and the business or homeowner is directed to a local store to purchase Greendot prepaid VISA/debit cards in the amount owed. The card numbers are then given to the fraudulent PECO representative by phone as payment. Individual losses have reached as high as $3000 and the cards are not traceable.

Phone scams such as this are on the rise, and also include claims of lottery winnings or a relative in desperate need of bail money or other cash. Everyone is urged to contact their local department should they receive calls demanding or requesting money, prior to making any payments.

Please remember that dialing 911 is not for emergencies only. Any questions, concerns or suspicions, urgent or otherwise, are first met by dialing 911.
12th Annual CAC Fine Arts & Crafts Festival
The 12th Annual CAC Fine Arts & Crafts Festival is coming to State Street on Saturday, September 27th. This event draws people from all over Southeastern Pennsylvania. Visit for more information!
34th Annual Media Food & Crafts Festival
The 34th Annual Media Food & Crafts Festival is coming soon on Sunday, October 5th. Like the CAC art show, this will be a great opportunity to take advantage of the thousands of strolling attendees. Please call the MBA office at 610-566-5039 to reserve your space. Click here for more event info.
We would like to hear what topics interest you, and we are also always looking for fresh participation, so please feel free to attend a board meeting, drop-in on a committee meeting or contact us ( / 610.566.5039). 


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