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Special Advent Bulletin


December 24th 2013


Season's Greetings!

GTG Advent Bulletin
Dec 24th
It's time!
Golden Vision
It's Christmas Eve and the GTG Advent Tree is full!

Every day in the run-up to Christmas the  GTG Advent Tree has featured an exciting morsel - a beer,  a video, or an 'inspirational' article to help brighten your day and put you in the mood for partying 

And today the tree is complete, topped by a uplifting golden vision, full of festive promise!

So visit visit the GTG Live Advent Tree by clicking on the image above (or the tree on the right) then click on treats on the tree!

Merry Christmas to all our readers!


Beer, Chips & Rock n Roll 

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Season's Greetings!
Click tree to view!


GTG Advent Tree 2013

Two special Seasonal Features:

Be sure to play the GTG's Christmas Theme Tune - a jaunty and festive number from SweetnSour Swing:


Rudolph Rag


Turn up the volume and enjoy! 





And don't forget our heart warming and uplifting poem, especially suited to the festive season: 'twas the night before beerfest  



Have a good one!   






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