February 2013  
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Positive Prayer for Love*   


The one God loves by means of me. I am its instrument of love right now. I am eternally immersed in the magnificent love of God.  


This love is the very breath of my life. It is at the center of my being and warms my heart. Let me always be loved and loving. I do not despair. I know the truth.  


I am receiving God's love right now. As it moves through me it goes out to light the way for the hearts it touches.  


This love is ever-present Source within me, and I open the door to let it in.  

I rejoice and celebrate the love that I share today.  

-- And so it is! 


*From How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love," by Barbara Gulbranson.Order yours today at:




You Can Have the Joy of True Love

  By Barbara Gulbranson

Valentine's Day elicits different feelings in people. Some are happy and in love but many do not have a romantic partner and are feeling depressed and lonely. This sadness is heightened by the ads on television for diamonds, flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. It's not surprising that so many people feel hurt and unloved if they are not part of a relationship.

Unfortunately, in today's society we have forgotten what true  love is. Love has been commercialized and romanticized in movies, books and television, that we have moved away from true love -- which is the one unchanging love. And the river of love is always flowing to us, through us and from us. This love is God's love. It heals all wounds, erases all darkness and is a never-ending supply from the Universe. There is plenty of love for everyone. Why? Because the Source, which is God, is an infinite reservoir of perfect love. As a result, you have the opportunity to give love to everyone you meet. Fortunately, love has a boomerang effect. When you give love, it must come back. This is the Law. It never fails.

If you are ever feeling that there is not enough love in your life; remember that God's love is present in everyone alike. There is not more love for one person and less for another. Rather, there is an eternal flow of love from God and this love is unconditional.


As Paramahansa Yogananda says, "Divine love is the only perfect love. It is God who is playing hide-and-seek in the corridors of hearts, that perchance behind lesser human loves you may find His all-satisfying love. Therefore love God, not for His gifts, but because He made you in His image; and you will find Him. If you meditate deeply, a love will come over you such as no human tongue can describe; you will know His divine love, and you will be able to give pure love to others." 


Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship, I invite you to think about Valentine's Day a little differently this year. Think about the never-ending love from God and turn away from the commercial aspect which is heavily promoted by the media. Focus on giving love to others beyond a romantic partner. Spend time with an elderly person, do a random act of kindness for a stranger, give love to an animal, touch a child's heart in some way, meditate long and deeply. In this way you connect with the love that is present in you right now. After all, you are a living outlet of God's love. Try this and you will find the intoxicating joy of true love not just on Valentine's Day but always. Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

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