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Hey y'all!

Tonight we are super duper stoked to launch pre-orders for the newest full length from Seattle, WA's Heiress!! This thing is an straight-up beast, or as Decibel Magazine puts it in an upcoming feature in the next months issue, "absolutely enraged". Others are expressing similar sentiment, Svbterranean said in a review HERE, "It's simultaneously volcanic and reflective, bestial and tranquil. It's this Seattle band's crowning achievement". We couldn't agree more! It's an album that is impossible to classify in simple terms, there's no genre or sub-genre that sums it up easily. And that is one of the things that makes it so great, along with the suffocating, emotional intensity and killer production, this is certainly the new high-water mark in the Heiress catalog.

If you're not totally familiar with Heiress at this point, here's a couple great interviews that the bands vocalist did recently that can shed some light on the bands history, as well as the new album. A recent interview with No Clean Singing can be read HERE, and an interview with No Echo can be read HERE, respectively.

Tomorrow, Metal Sucks will be premiering a new track from the album, so stay tuned to our website and social media joints for links to that. The track is a bonafide crusher called Remains. It's the second track on the album, and really where the general tone of the record starts to reveal itself. So prepare thine self, for the day of reckoning cometh, shall ye be saved? SHALL YEEE????? Or something?

As far as LP packaging, you guys know how Heiress & Sheath do. On this sexy thang we opted for gatefold jackets with a matte lamination. Then spot gloss on the front and back covers, as well as inner panels. Here's a couple photos for reference:

So, as you can see, these are already in-house. So these will be shipping out as quickly as possible and you'll receive your copies WEEKS before it's official release :) Cool, huh?


Anyhow, now that you're all drooling and everything, you can scroll on down below to check out all the pre-order options, but for all you information-obsessed types (like us), you can read the bio here to memorize all the pertinent info! Lets get biographical!:

"Following their critically acclaimed full lengths Early Frost (2013, Deathwish Inc.) and Of Great Sorrow (2015, The Mylene Sheath), Seattle, WA's Heiress land the knockout blow with highly anticipated follow-up, Made Wrong. The album consists of 7 jarring tracks that are all at once their most explorative, experimental, and intense yet. Vocalist John Pettibone (former Himsa & Undertow frontman) sounds more maniacal than ever, offering up his trademark, madman intensity in fine form throughout the maelstrom. The bands sound has become even harder to classify, mixing elements of hardcore, metal, post-metal, post-rock and doom into a vehement cocktail of tension and release.

For those uninitiated, Heiress is an American rock band from Seattle, WA featuring former members of Himsa, Undertow, Jough Dawn Baker and Sharks Keep Moving. They formed in Seattle, WA in 2006 originally with vocalist Adam Paysse, the co-founder of Rome Plow Records. Then in December 2008 Pettibone took over Paysse's place as lead vocalist. With this lineup, Heiress recorded a five-song self-titled EP and self-released it in 2009. Soon after, in 2010, the band signed to Deathwish Inc., an independent hardcore record label that was co-founded by Jacob Bannon of Converge. The group's first release through the label was a split 7" with Narrows. In mid-2011, legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgraden) produced and engineered new Heiress tracks at Soundhouse Studios. Endino also remixed two previously recorded Heiress songs which were released as the Naysayer EP in 2012. The single featured artwork by Demian Johnston, who previously played with Pettibone in Undertow and Nineironspitfire, and was positively received by Alternative Press (4/5). Ten of the remaining tracks from this session became Heiress' full-length debut album titled Early Frost, released by Deathwish Inc. in early 2013 and received an 8/10 rating from Decibel Magazine.

The band then signed with The Mylene Sheath, and on February 10th, 2015, released their sophomore full length Of Great Sorrow, recorded with Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio (YOB, Lesbian, TAD). The album was mastered by Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, Melvins, Screaming Trees) with artwork once again handled by Demian Johnston. The vinyl quickly sold out during the pre-order for the album and the band went on to play a series of shows with XTRMST, a side project of AFI's Davey Havok & Jade Puget. The album was well received by press outlets such as Noisey and Decibel Magazine. Metal Sucks went on to say "Of Great Sorrow is the kind of record for which the use of the verb "crushing" as an adjective was invented". Even as the album was being released and promoted, the band was hard at work on its eventual follow-up, and their third full length, which brings us to the present.

Heiress now unleash "Made Wrong". Recorded with iconic producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, ISIS, Botch, Pearl Jam), and once again mastered by Chris Hanzsek, the album showcases a progression into darker, more experimental tendencies, while somehow managing to be heavier than anything the band has done to date. Artwork this time around was handled by Chet and Rachel Scott for Glass Throat Visions (who also did the artwork for Early Frost), and is scheduled for a March 18th, 2016 release date, once again through The Mylene Sheath."

Track List:
2. Remains
3. Lasts
4. Skinning
5. Made Wrong
6. Cruel Calm
7. Endure

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Matt Bayles 
@ Red Room Recording in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek
Artwork Direction, Design and Layout by Chet & Rachel Scott for Glass Throat Visions

Okey doke, without further hub-bub, you can check out all pre-order options beloooooow!! 


Made Wrong 
Ultimate Preorder Package Deal
Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter /103
- Clear Vinyl w/Red, Yellow, and Orange Splatter /108
Grey/Black Swirl /320
- CD /500

Made Wrong LP
Vinyl Package Deal
Don't need a CD version? Well, we disagree, but nonetheless, we also have a nifty 'lil package deal where you snag all three vinyl colors at a very handsome discount!
- Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter /103
- Clear Vinyl w/Red, Yellow, and Orange Splatter /108
- Grey/Black Swirl /320

Made Wrong LP
There are 25 hand-numbered test presses available for this title. We call them test presses because that is what they are. The plant asked us how many test presses we want, we said twenty-five, so that's how many they sent us. Then we hand-made special jackets for them. You can buy one if you want! This is the most limited version of the release. 
- Test Press, hand-numbered out of 25 copies w/special hand painted jackets

Made Wrong LP + CD
Package Deal
Here's a package deal for everyone that loves to get their hands on all physical formats! Both the LP and the CD in one slick grab! This package will include the most limited version of the LP available at the time of ordering. Or if you prefer a different color just let us know :) Wicked awesome!

Made Wrong LP
Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter
Limited to 103 copies

Clear Vinyl w/Red, Yellow, and Orange Splatter
Limited to 108 copies

Grey w/Black Center
Limited to 320 copies

Heiress LP Package Deal
We found some rogue copies of the first album Heiress recorded for The Mylene Sheath, Of Great Sorrow. Its been sold out since we took pre-orders for it last January! Now you can grab it with the new album, but we only have a few! This package will include the most limited version of Made Wrong at the time you place your pre-order, currently Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter. There's only a few copies of Of Great Sorrow, so please hurry up if you want this package!  
- "Made Wrong" LP Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter /103 
- "Of Great Sorrow" LP Translucent Pilsner Vinyl w/Gold Center /100

Heiress LP + 7" Package Deal
We tried to track down some copies of the bands debut full length Early Frost, but Deathwish sold out of the second pressing of it, so no luck there. We were, however, able to procure some of the last remaining copies of the bands 7" material. We have their debut, self-titled 7" that they self-released in 2009, then the 2010 split 7" with Narrows, and finally the Naysayer 7". With this package deal you can grab the new album, along with all three seven inches :) Limited quantities, you know the deal!

"Made Wrong" LP Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter /103
- "Heiress" 7" Black Vinyl /200
-  split 7" w/Narrows Pink Vinyl /115
- "Naysayer b/w Just Throats" 7" Clear Vinyl /330

Made Wrong CD
What? You don't buy vinyl? Well, that's really weird, but don't worry - we got you covered, too! Because we also did awesome CDs with gatefold wallets and spot varnish on the disc face! Check 'em and inspect 'em!

Made Wrong
Digital Download

And last, but certainly not least, you can pre-order the digital version via Bandcamp RIGHT HERE. You can download it in MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. And for all you loyal Ogg Vorbis format lovers... WTF is that???....

Oh yeah, and all digital pre-orders through Bandcamp will receive an immediate download of the track Clearing! And all of you folks out there that spend your days exclusively streaming music, just check back in on March 18th when the album is released worldwide. It will be up on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, etc, etc. for all of your streaming needs :)

So there you have it folks! Get in touch with any questions and please spread the word to all you think might be interested. Thanks so much, as always, and much, much love <3

Lindsay & Joel