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Hello beautiful peeps!

For this edition of TNS, we have the new pressing of Caspian's classic Live at Old South Church up for pre-order! People have been hollering at us for years to get this thing back in print - so here you go!! 

But rather than just repress the album, we decided to completely overhaul the artwork and the audio. The first pressing was done at Rainbo Records, and this new pressing is being handled by Pirates Press, they use a different vinyl mastering technique called DMM, or Direct Metal Mastering. You can learn more about that HERE. So while this is technically not a repress using the original plates from the 1st pressing, it is still officially the 2nd pressing of this recording. Artwork was once again handled by long-time collaborator and stud muffin, N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries

So these are still being pressed, with a completion date scheduled for 9/27. Hopefully  they will arrive here at HQ a week or two after that, so we plan to have these shipped out to everyone by mid-October. Sorry for the wait, but we're definitely still managing crazy ass turnaround times at plants with vinyl these days.

For those unaware, Live at Old South Church was recorded at Boston's Old South Church, where Caspian helped organize and perform a benefit show in support of the organization, Amirah House. Amirah, Inc is a non-profit charity based in Boston that offers support and refuge for those trying to escape the agony of Human Trafficking. It was a very special evening and Caspian provided a symbiotic performance that filled the cedar and limestone Cathedral with passion. If you have not yet heard this mind-blowing LP, or as Rock Sound called it, "A master class in the art of the perfect post-rock performance...stunning...", you can hit up the bands Bandcamp page HERE and give it a spin.

Okey doke, without further hub-bub, you can check out everything beloooooow!! 


Live at Old South Church LP
Translucent Yellow Vinyl
Limited to 100 copies | PURCHASE

Translucent Green Vinyl
Limited to 100 copies | PURCHASE

Translucent Red Vinyl
Limited to 300 copies | PURCHASE

Live at Old South Church LP
Three Pack
We also have a nifty 'lil package deal where you can snag all three colors!
All Three Colors

Caspian Package Deal
And another wicked awesome package deal that includes a couple other Caspian titles!
"Live at Old South Church" LP yellow vinyl /100 *until sold out*
"Tertia" 2xLP half gold/half black vinyl /300
"You Are The Conductor" LP clear w/olive swirl /200

And another shameless plug for our new T-shirts! We recently had some sexy new Sheath shirts made. Are you trying to impress that special someone that barely seems to notice you at the pool? Well try rocking one of these magnificent SUMMER OF SHEATH shirts, which come in two super sexy citrus styled colors! Check 'em out, and get ready to attract more boys/girls than you ever thought humanly possible. No money back GUARANTEE!
Green shirt w/Yellow print                                 Yellow shirt w/Green print
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And you can grab a SUMMER OF SHEATH shirt in a package deal with the new pressing of Caspian's Live at Old South Church here!

Translucent Green Vinyl /100 + Green shirt    Translucent Yellow Vinyl /100 + Yellow shirt
PURCHASE                                                   PURCHASE


And lastly, here's a package deal that includes each of the titles we've repressed this year!
2015 Sheath Repress Bundle
With this bundle you can pick up a copy of each of our recent represses we've done this year, at a nice discount, of course :) It includes a copy of the most limited color of each album at the time of your order. The package currently contains:

- Jakob "Sines" 2xLP Clear/Cream Swirl w/Red & Black Splatter | Side C/D: Clear/Cream Swirl w/Orange & Black Splatter /200
- Aeges "Above & Down Below" LP Half Translucent Pilsner & Half Opaque Mint Green /100
- Caspian "Tertia" 2xLP Half Gold/Half Black /323
- Caspian "Live at Old South Church" LP Translucent Yellow /100

So there you have it folks! Get in touch with any questions and we'll see you again next week for another TNS!! Thanks so much, as always, and much love <3

Lindsay & Joel