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Hey hey studs & babes!

For this edition of TNS, we fo sho gots some goodies! The third pressing of Jakob's instant classic Sines has completed production and this beast is now in-house for your ordering pleasure! We are so happy to have this available once again! This pressing is out of 1000, with a limited edition of 200 on a crazy gorgeous splatter variant pictured below, and the rest on black vinyl. The jackets this time around have a super heavy gloss on them and they're among the sexiest jackets we've ever had done. Firreal, mega-thick and mega-shiny. Just have a look-see:


Okey doke, without further hub-bub, you can check out everything beloooooow!! 




Sines 2xLP

3rd Pressing


Side A/B: Clear/Cream Swirl w/Red & Black Splatter
Side C/D: Clear/Cream Swirl w/Orange & Black Splatter
Limited to 200 copies | PURCHASE



Of course, Lil' Indy is a little sick of us spending all of our time packing and shipping all the recent represses and he totally let us know earlier today in a not-so-subtle manner:



But he cannot stop us!! MUAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!! So make us pack more stuff, you won't regret it, this pressing came out absolutely stunning. Probably the definitive edition of the vinyl version of this album so far :)


We're also having some sexy new Sheath shirts made. Are you trying to impress that special someone that barely seems to notice you at the pool? Well try rocking one of these magnificent SUMMER OF SHEATH shirts, which come in two super sexy citrus styled colors! Check 'em out, and get ready to attract more boys/girls than you ever thought humanly possible. No money back GUARANTEE! 


Green shirt w/Yellow print (Limited to 50)           Yellow shirt w/Green print (limited to 50)

                          PURCHASE                                                       PURCHASE

There's also a few different package deals available that allow you save some of that precious coin, check those out below:



    Sines 2xLP + Sines T-shirt | Package Deal | PURCHASE


Here you get a copy of this mega babe on the new splatter color, as well as a pimpin' T-shirt designed by Charlie Wagers using the original album artwork designed by Michael Hawksworth. It's a two color print on a venetian grey Next Level Apparel Tee. A perfect package deal for the Jakob die-hards! 



                           Sines 2xLP + The Summer of Sheath T-shirt | Package Deal



Here you can snag the new repress of Sines, as well as the one of our new shirts in yellow or green! Options abound! Choose your favorite color and geeeeet sexy!



The Jakospian Package Deal!

Jakob Sines 2xLP (splatty /200) + Caspian Tertia 2xLP (half gold/half black /300)


Here's a smackin' package deal for those that want both of these classic albums in one shot with a discount - you thrifty little bugger you! C'mon and get wit it!! 


So there you have it folks! Get in touch with any questions and we'll see you again next week for another TNS!! Thanks so much, as always, and much love <3


Lindsay & Joel