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June 2015 Newsletter

Hey ya knuckleheads!

Welcome to the June newsletter! Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? It is seriously such a head-scratcher to think that summer has already arrived this year - what the HECK??? Well, don't be a grouch! Get your arse outside to soak up some rayz for an extra dose of Vitamin D...


BUT, lets not get all paranoid about our solar systems lone life-giver! Do not underestimate them golden rays, and all the amazing health benefits they come with as well!

For example, did you know that Vitamin D affects how you operate biologically?! Nearly 3,000 (!) of your genes are influenced by the Vitamin D receptors found throughout your body... 

"which should come as no surprise, given we humans evolved in the sun." ~ Dr. Mercola  

Here's some straight-up direct benefits Vitamin D and our celestial star, the Sun, attribute to:
- Lowers blood pressure and benefits the entire cardiovascular system
- Has pain-killing (analgesic) properties
- Burns Fat
- May prolong lifespan
- Daytime sun exposure improves nightime alertness
- Improves mood and energy levels
- Helps regulate melatonin

Now, we know that too much time in the sun can have negative affects as well, and with an increase in UV passing through the ozone, let's all be sure to remember that moderation is the key :)

Also, that burning star that gives our hearts and souls life is just that, a steamy orb of fire...and it'll get you hot! So drink lots of water and feel free to indulge further by getting soaked and stoked! 

Lets slip 'n slide right into it then, huh!!

Dust Moth
Tour w/Kayo Dot &
Upcoming New Album!
Dust Moth will be hitting up the west coast with Kayo Dot this month! Check out the dates:

6/25 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
6/26 Los Osos, CA @ Sweet Spring Saloon
6/28 Los Angeles, CA @ Complex
6/30 Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse
7/01 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
7/02 Boise, ID @ Crazy Horse
7/03 Vancouver, BC @ The Hindenburg
7/04 Seattle, WA @ The Highline w/ Dama/Libra
7/05 Portland, OR @ Panic Room

The band will have the last available copies of Dragon Mouth on vinyl with them during this run, and we've been sold out for a while now. So if you want to snag a copy, be sure to hit up one of these shows :) We released Dragon Mouth last year and the band got noticed pretty quickly, with Metal Sucks calling the band "something truly special" and Wondering Sound proclaiming the album "an art-rock dream come true". We agree, but just wait until these new tunes get out there ;) After the band returns from tour, they'll begin tracking their upcoming full length debut! We'll be releasing it later this year, so be prepared to endure multiple eargasm after multiple eargasm very soon.

If you have unfortunately been stranded on a deserted island following a horrific plane crash that took place sometime before 2013, and you still haven't had the opportunity to check out this band, you can join the rest of us now and listen to them HERE. Welcome back to civilization, good music has been waiting for you. 

So get stoked society, because when this band makes new music, it goes something like this...


Tour w/Local H
Above & Down Below
Vinyl Repress!
The Aeges dudes will be rippin' up the road hard with Local H this month, check out the dates below:

6/12 Ferndale, MI @ The Loving Truth
6/13 Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop
6/14 Lancaster, PA @ The Chameleon Club
6/16 Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
6/17 Allston, MA @ The Great Scott
6/18 Pawtucket, RI @ The Met
6/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
6/20 Washington, DC @ Rock n' Roll Hotel
6/22 Carrboro, NC @ The Cat's Cradle
6/23 Asheville, NC @ The Mothlite
6/24 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
6/25 Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
6/26 Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
6/27 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlie's
6/30 Green Bay, WI @ The Lyric Room
7/1 Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest

Sooooooo we repressed Above & Down Below on vinyl, you can pre-order a copy HERE! They'll be shipping out within the next couple weeks. The band will also have some copies on tour :) We pressed another 500 copies, here's how the pressing info breaks down:

- 100 Gold & Black Swirl

- 100 Half Translucent Pilsner & Half Opaque Mint Green

- 300 Translucent Coke Bottle Green w/Black Splatter

So go pre-order the goods RIGHT HERE! If you have not seen these guys tear it up live, you are really doing yourself a disservice. They're like a fine-honed riff machine. A sharp knife cannot cut as deep as the jams they belt out in tandem. This isn't hyperbole crap, seriously. But instead of listening to us gush about, just check this video from there recent stint opening for Thrice HERE. And now, be sure to catch the band on the road!!

Upcoming New Album
Just a quick update on this mega-monster that is shaping up to crush your earholes with pile-driver after pile-driver of monolithic mayhem. Production on the upcoming new Heiress LP is wrapping up and is now tentatively scheduled for a 11/13 release! Look for pre-orders later this summer and get ready to get a sonic buzz like no other!

Following a full-length and a couple EP's on Deathwish, we released their latest offering, and Sheath debut, Of Great Sorrow, last February to much acclaim. As Decibel Magazine said, the band "smolder and crush like a crusty heavy metal motherfucker on sure-to-be-short-lived parole" (read the full feature HERE). You can listen to this colossus of an album RIGHT HERE. The vinyl sold out quickly during pre-orders and we haven't repressed it yet, but the band has a few of their remaining copies available on their personal Bandcamp site HERE

We've also had a sneak peak at the artwork... WOW. This one is going to up the ante, ladies and gentlemen - more info coming soon!!! We are THIS pumped about it...

Live at Old South Church
Vinyl Represses
Awesome news alert! Awesome news alert! We have the 4th pressing of Tertia wrapping up at the plant, as well as the 2nd pressing of Live at Old South Church!

On this pressing of Tertia, we have gatefold jackets again, as well as a couple groovy vinyl colors, and some black vinyl. Look for pre-orders to launch around the end of the month for these :)  

Live at Old South Church features brand new artwork designed by longtime collaborator N.Shumaker of Northern Lights Industries. It has also been remastered for vinyl using all new plates for this pressing, so it's essentially a new, different version actually. But for the sake of continuity, we'll consider it a 2nd pressing. We'll start taking pre-orders for these ones around the end of July :)

OK, no time to slow down, lets keep sliding on through the newsletter...

Subsets of SetsCale:Drew
First Ever Vinyl Pressings!

Rejoice Jakob fans, the time is drawing nearer! Production has begun on the LONG-overdue vinyl pressings of these two legendary full lengths. Pre-orders & pressing info will be announced soon - get ready!!

We have also finally done a 3rd pressing of Sines. You can pre-order that monster in mid-July.

Needless to say, this is all pretty epic. Can we still say that?

Sheath Sheriff / Daddy Distro
Summer Vacation Sale
Our local Sheath Sheriff - the Wax Warden, Patriarch Papa, Mylene Marshall - a.k.a. Lindsay's dad, has been selling some of his rare & OOP Sheath records during Thursday Night Specials. He's hooked countless people up with mega rare /100 variants, test presses, and everything in between. Well, him and his stax of wax are taking a bit of a summer sun vacation so he can bronze in the sun while the Daddy Distro gets a chance to season through the season. So next Thursday Night he's making a shindig of it, loading it up heavily before saying bye-bye for a while. But then again, who knows... it could get too hot from time to time and there just might be one or two Thursday nights where a few D.D. records slip or slide in to kick it, make a quick splash, and cool down again until later...

p.s. don't forget to check out what all he has in there tonight RIGHT HERE!

Boris' Slammin' Summer 
Slip 'N Slidin' Celebration
Well, what do you know... looks like Boris has crawled out of the closet and decided to join in on some summer sunsations! Them ultra-violet rays must of really gone to his head, cause he seems to be in a great mood for a change and is once again giving shit away.

 "Surfs up chummies! Let's get wet, wild, and crazy! Join the fun and splash into enter my mailorder/preorder pool and you could slip away with some free tunes and summer toys. Details below!" 

- Anyone that pre-orders the 2nd pressing of Aeges Above & Down Below LP will be entered in a raffle to win a left over test press from the 1st pressing. They were hand numbered and limited to just 25 copies!

- Also, in a couple weeks, when we launch pre-orders for the new pressing of Caspian's Tertia, anyone that pre-orders that will be entered in a raffle for a coveted test press of that album as well! 

-Each winner will also receive either the legendary slip & slide featured above or the frog inner-tube :)

Thanks Boris!

"I will announce more raffles as the other pre-orders draw closer. But for now, check me out..."


2005 - 2015
Our longtime brothers in Actors&Actresses have decided to end the band while at the peak of their creative energy. It is both sad and admirable. They've made their swan song Pyre, available directly through the band on Bandcamp RIGHT HERE. Please give it a listen and purchase it, because it's stunning. Thanks for all the great tunes guys, they'll live on. 

(Sheath + A&A hang sesh circa 2009.)


Sir Charles
2003 - 2015
It is with massive sadness that we report to you that our beloved bubby Charlie has passed on into the next realm. We're crushed, but so fortunate to have spent the time with him that we did. We made a slideshow of him in memoriam, to honor his mega-spirit. You can click the image above to watch it, or you can click HERE. Music is Celestial by ISIS, as it was his jam. Enjoy.

Love you more than the sun and moon, bubby.


Well, hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter! Here's some last fun in the sun reminders:

- Catch both Dust Moth & Aeges on their upcoming tours! Dates are HERE!
- You can pre-order the repress of Aeges Above & Down Below now HERE!
- We're repressing both Tertia & Live at Old South Church by Caspian, pre-orders soon!
- Several Jakob vinyl pressings are imminent - stay tuned for details!
- TNS jammies will be awesome next Thursday! 
- Definitely buy the new Actors&Actresses LP HERE <3

Every day has it's sun just as every night has it's moon. So, yeah, let's wrap this up with some of the cool summer's night lunar effects...

- The moon's pull on Earth effects tides; tides in oceans, in lakes, the amosphere, even in the Earth's crust...and possibly tides with in ourselves too as some of us seem to feel the effects of a full moon. But this pull the moon has also slows down the Earths rotation and actually gives us longer days in the sun. In fact, this lunar gravitational pull moderates the degree of wobble in Earth's axial tilt and it helped provide a stable climate over the billions of years that allowed life to flourish. 
- The energy we lose as we're being slowed down and moderated is picked up by the moon and causes it to push further away from Earth 3.8 centimeters per year. 

So, yeah, embrace the sun this season and let the moon lure you each night... except Thursday nights, as you should come inside and join us for some evening festivities ;) 

Good day and goodnight! 'Til next time lovelies!

Lindsay & Joel