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Hey St. Patty peeps! 
When we think St. Pats day, we think Shamrocks, the luck of the Irish, and well, of course, Leprechauns. Leprechauns are the official mascots of March 17th, and we've all been after their pots of gold year round for centuries :) But there's another iconic charm, of course; the Shamrock. The Shamrock happens to be the ultimate symbol for the luck of the Irish and also encapsulates the image of St. Patricks Day for the rest of the world. Did you know that some believe that the shamrock was used by Celtics as a metaphor to represent "trust in your soul", "belief in your heart", and "faith in your mind"? Sounds lucky to us!

Many people and cultures view "luck" in different ways and most consider luck to be a result that occurs casually, by chance, and with no involvement of someone's own actions. But others think luck has more to do with one's own readiness, their ability to notice or even create opportunities, as well as to listen to their own intuition. So when all these factors align, "luck" happens. It's a thought... Maybe thinking positively can act as a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe being able to embrace certain misfortune as a chance to learn and grow, rather than become defeated, can influence the type of luck you experience? 

Who knows!? But regardless, being prepared, open to opportunities, thinking positively, and taking advantage of "failures" has got to be a stepping stone in our own personal evolutions. It would have to help create some sort of better odds in the future. So, in the spirit of St. Patricks Day, let's all try to be more ready, open, positive, and resilient! We can do this shit!!

We hope all of you find/notice some good luck throughout the rest of the month and far into the future <3 

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." - Thomas Jefferson 

Annnnd, speaking of a lucky few... lets goooooo!!!
Sines 2xLP
Due to the high demand (sweet!) for wholesale/retail copies of Sines, we already had to go ahead and repress the mamma jamma! And it just seemed too weird for us to put in an order for all straight black/retail copies, just ain't our style... so we decided to add a very limited, colored variant of just 100 to the ordered repress. So, behold, we now introduce you to the Sines 2xLP repress :) See those pretty little numbers in the upper left hand spot within the vinyl galaxy of the solar system pictured above? That is the limited edition version of the 2nd pressing, side A/B on clear vinyl with red swirl and side C/D on clear vinyl with orange swirl. As stated, it's limited to just 100 copies and will be available exclusively in our store RIGHT HERE during Thursday Night Specials this Thursday night. Some of you are already aware of this variant as we've been having a little fun randomly tossing some copies in stock during the past few Thursday nights ;) So a lucky few of you have already acquired this beautiful alien life form. But the last of the available copies will go in stock this Thursday at 10pm EST. We also re-pressed another 400 on black vinyl. In this 2nd pressing, the LPs come housed in reverse-board gatefold jackets, as opposed to the glossy finish of the 1st press jackets. But again, with the high retail demand most of black vinyl is gonzo to retailers... so we only have a small box lot here at HQ, but those will also be available to anyone who is interested. So bookmark THIS LOCATION and be there this Thursday night at 10pm!!

Now lets keep scootin' on through this here newsletter!

Jakob Announces UK & EU Tour Dates
Keeping on with some more Jakob news... our European brothers & sisters are in for the jammy jams next month when Jakob comes over! They've announced tour dates, and here they are!!

24 Apr 2015
Brighton, UK @ Bleach

25 Apr 2015
London, UK @ Hoxton Square

26 Apr 2015
Leeds, UK @ Belgrave Music Hall

27 Apr 2015
Glasgow, UK @ Audio

30 Apr 2015
Karlsruhe, Germany @ Jubez

01 May 2015
Freiberg, Germany @ Haus Der Jugend

02 May 2015
Bulle, SUI @ Ebullution

04 May 2015
Zagreb, Croatia @ Mocvara

05 May 2015
Ljubljana, SLO @ Channel Zero

06 May 2015
Austria @ Innsbruck

08 May 2015
UT Connewitz, Germany @ Leipgez

09 May 2015
Warsaw, Poland @ Hydrozagadka

10 May 2015
Berlin, Germany @ Tiefgrund

12 May 2015
Jena, Germany @ Café Wagner

13 May 2015
Oberhausen, Germany @ Drucklufthaus

14 May 2015
Zottegem, Belgium @ Dunk Festival

Full details can be found on the Jakob website RIGHT HERE!

All pre-orders for the 44 minute piledriver, also known as Of Great Sorrow, the new LP from Seattle, WA's Heiress, were mailed out last month. If you haven't received your copies, hit us up, but I'm assuming we would have heard from you by now if any of you hadn't :) We wanted to thank everyone for the orders, the LP sold out like hotcakes. Hotcakes? Anyways, if you missed out on snagging one, the band is now selling a few copies of theirs on their personal Bandcamp page HERE. You can also find a list of record stores that did have it in stock at one time, and may or may not have a copy for you, HERE. As we try to sort out plans for a repress, we'll give you a quick update on the upcoming NEW album that is currently being tracked with producer extraordinaire and Dust Moth band member, Matt Bayles! The album will be coming out a little later this year, and everything is pretty much wrapped up as far as tracking, just a few more things to do there. Then it's on to mixing, then mastering, etc - you know the deal. More on this as things unfold, but it's 'gon be a hammer, y'all. Believe that. Alright gang, lets keep cruisin' through this newsletter...

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress
In case you missed it, you can now pre-order the upcoming, brand spankin' new joint from the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor over in our store on vinyl HERE or CD HERE. We teamed up with Constellation Records and SC Distribution to offer pre-orders here in the US of A. These are shipping out to us this week, so pre-order a copy and we will get it out to you as soon as they land here :) You can preview a track (do you really need to????) and pre-order HERE. Thanks to everyone that has already pre-ordered, we'll have all these out lickity-split!! 

Saint Boris presents...
The TNS Shamrock Hunt!
Our eternal nemesis and partner in insanity, Boris, will be randomly stashing a couple of shamrocks into the orders that come in during the upcoming Thursday Night's Specials! If your package contains a shamrock when you open it, you can receive a free Sheath pub glass!! All you'll have to do is tweet us @Mylene_Sheath with a picture of the shamrock or tag us in a picture of the shamrock on Instagram @themylenesheath - we'll then mail you one of our pub glasses!! Then you can pour your drinks into a glass with class, and avoid being this guy...



Everybody's favorite lucky pup, our beloved pitbull Charlie, unbelievably turns 12 TODAY! Look into those eyes, he understands you. And you understand him. Love is instant, and many of you have experienced this firsthand... perhaps none more-so than Tom of If These Trees Could Talk, when a young 5-year old Charlie got a little humpin' action in on him back in the day ;) Love ya, Tom! Anyhow, lots of you have met this cutie-pie and some have even gotten a slice ;) He once again sends his love, and told us to tell you to come back and visit him again soon!! :) Bring your sweet-tooth!

Well, that's going to do it for the March Newsletter, familia. Keepin' it short and sweet for ya this time around :) Remember, Thursday Night Specials are killer this week, with the limited edition Sines repress and some other lucky goodies to be provided courtesy of the Sheath Sheriff, so drop by around 10pm, won't ye? Either way, have a wonderful month y'all!!

Talk to you in April :)

Lindsay & Joel