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Hello Hello!


It's time for the first Sheath pre-order of 2015! And it's pretty certain we couldn't have rang in the new year with more of a BANG! We proudly present... Of Great Sorrow, the sophomore LP from Seattle, WA's Heiress. The band is made of current & former members of such influential acts as Himsa, Undertow and Jough Dawn Baker, as well as current Sheath label-mates Dust Moth & Aeges. The band formed in 2006 and eventually self-released their self-titled debut EP in 2009. In 2010 they signed to Deathwish, Inc and released a split 7" with the almighty Narrows. They followed that up with the Naysayer 7", and then their monster full length debut Early Frost came out in early 2013.


Which brings us to the present tense, and their greatest achievement to date, Of Great Sorrow. A crushing, mammoth album of the most epic proportions, these 10 tracks spend just over 44 minutes pile-driving your face into oblivion... and you love it. Combining elements of post-metal & post-rock, with a dose of hardcore, the output is captivating. BUT, as you know, we're going to tell you all this because we obviously love the band and want you to buy the record, so go check them out for yourself! Our buds at Noisey premiered Hover from the album HERE.


And tonight, we're letting you guys have the first listen to another new track. This one is called Silent Hooves, and you can bang this badass mamma jamma RIGHT HERE!! 

Tomorrow, our friends at No Clean Singing.com will be premiering yet another new track! That one will be Dismalist. So be sure to check it out tomorrow at No Clean Singing.com!!

So yeah! TWO new tunes!!


As far as packaging, this one came out absolutely killer! Heavy 20pt stock 5-color jackets with a metallic, brassy pantone that must be seen to be believed! The vinyl colors all came out pimpin' as well. Full pressing information can be found below...


OH, and did we mention that these are IN-HOUSE and shipping out immediately? Well, THEY ARE! So you'll receive your pre-order weeks before they're in stores. 


Check out the release deetz... 



 Release details: 


Heiress - Of Great Sorrow






1. Of Great Sorrow

2. Dehumaned

3. Held

4. Blading

5. Dismalist

6. Old Haunts

7. Hover

8. Lashings

9. Silent Hooves

10. Just Two Figures


Pressing Info:

               - 25 test presses w/spray-painted jackets (hand-numbered)

               - 100 Clear Vinyl w/Grey Center & Gold Splatter

- 100 Translucent Pilsner Vinyl w/Gold Center

- 300 Gold/Grey Swirl


Recorded by Tad Doyle

Mastered by Chris Hanzsek

Artwork by Demian Johnston





Of Great Sorrow

Ultimate Preorder Package Deal

This is the motherload of all pre-order package deals for Heiress fans! This haul includes the new album Of Great Sorrow on all three color configurations of the LP, as well as the CD version. Plus you get the limited edition, pre-order exclusive Of Great Sorrow T-shirt. So in a nutshell you'll receive the following at a hefty discount:


- Of Great Sorrow LP on Clear Vinyl w/Grey Center & Gold Splatter, limited to 100

- Of Great Sorrow LP on Translucent Pilsner Vinyl w/Gold Center, limited to 100

- Of Great Sorrow LP on Gold/Silver Swirl, limited to 300

- Of Great Sorrow CD

- Of Great Sorrow pre-order exclusive T-shirt


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Of Great Sorrow LP



This is the most limited vinyl version of Of Great Sorrow. Gold covers, with the band logo spray-painted across the front. Limited to just 25 hand-numbered copies. 

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Of Great Sorrow LP



I don't know if anything could have been done to make these three different colors any better? They are all completely sick... COMPLETELY. So we understand that this is a tough decision. We really do. So listen, just grab all of 'em, k? We'll even knock a few bucks off for ya!! <3

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Of Great Sorrow LP + T-shirt

Package Deal

Here we have a package deal that gets you the most limited version of the Of Great Sorrow LP at the time of ordering (currently the splatter LP), packaged together with this pre-order exclusive T-shirt designed by Demian Johnston using the original album artwork he did. It's a two color print on a light grey Tultex 0202 Tee. Get yourself some new threads to floss while you're banging the new Heiress album! 


Of Great Sorrow LP + CD
Package Deal
Here's a package deal for those of us that still love to have CDs handy, but are vinyl fanatics at heart. CDs for the 'ol portable Disc Man™, vinyl for the turntable. This multi-format package will ship with the most limited version of the Of Great Sorrow LP at the time of ordering (currently the splatter LP). Getcha hands on both of these gnarly formats, which as you can see, have slightly alternate artwork! 

Of Great Sorrow LP
So you simply DEMAND that we stop trying to find the best package deal for you? You only want a single, solitary copy of the god damned record, AND you want to choose which color? By all means, go right ahead... but you're missing out on some great deals above! ;)

Of Great Sorrow CD

Get the jam-jams by picking up the album on CD.  

Of Great Sorrow

Pre-order exclusive t-shirt, designed by Demian Johnston using the original album artwork. It's a two color print on a light grey Tultex 0202 Tee. BAM! GETALLUPINDAT!

Of Great Sorrow

And you can pre-order the digital version via Bandcamp. You can download it in MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. Yes, you heard me, I said Ogg Vorbis. Ogg Vorbis is pig latin for "He who walks among the rows", Quesion me not, Malachi!!


All digital pre-orders through Bandcamp will receive immediate downloads of the tracks Hover & Silent Hooves!

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I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you think would be into it!! We depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time!


Thanks, you guys <3


Lindsay & Joel