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Heeeeeey Yooouuuuuu Guuuuuuuuys!!


First of all, sorry this pre-order email launch is a little behind schedule, we ran into some technical difficulties in the store! Always the best timing for these things :) But thanks to our hero and fearless developer Pete, we are back up and running and ready to get crazy! 

So welcome to the official 
pre-order launch for a record we are so excited to finally be releasing! It's no joke when I tell you we have been listening to this album EVERY DAY for the last three months. Seriously. Here's what's up - if you take a pinch of Antenna-era Cave In, a dash of 90's alt/space-rock heroes Failure & Hum, mix it with a cup of post-hardcore legends Quicksand, and blend it with some Deftones & Queens Of The Stone Age... then you are maybe getting an idea of just how hard this band crushes. That, or maybe you're just really confused by the ingredients :) To help it make sense, just check out the lead-off track Echoes HERE, and then bang Fault HERE.


OK, enough of the pleasantries, you're free to go pre-order now, thanks for allowing to yap for a sec!




 Release details: 


Aeges - Above & Down Below





      CD/Digital Tracklisting:

1. Echoes

2. The Hunter

3. Clouds

4. Parasite

5. Fault

6. My Last Words

7. Rats

8. Halos

9. Leech

10. The Line

11. Wasted Time

12. As I Grow Old


            Vinyl Tracklisting:

      Side A

 1. Echoes

 2. The Hunter

 3. Clouds

 4. Fault

 5. My Last Words

      Side B

 6. Rats

 7. Halos

 8. Leech

 9. Wasted Time

 10. As I Grow Old

*Vinyl copies ship with a download coupon that contains full album + bonus EP of acoustic versions of two songs & three cover songs


 Recorded by Kemble Walters 

Mixed & Mastered by Matt Hyde

Artwork Direction & Layout by Casey Howard


Pressing Info:

- 25 test presses w/stenciled jackets, hand-numbered

- 100 translucent pilsner w/mint green splatter

- 100 translucent green w/gold splatter

- 300 translucent pilsner & opaque gold swirl w/bronze splatter






Above & Down Below

Ultimate Preorder Package Deal

This package deal allows you to get a copy of the LP on all three colors, as well as the limited CD version and one of our brand new slipmats!! AND at a HEFTY discount!!! 

View Item Details/Purchase 






Above & Down Below LP



Behold, the holy grail of all Above & Down Below... the almighty test press. These are all hand numbered /25 and have the bands logo hand-stenciled in gold paint on green glitter card stock. Only 25 of them! Get you a copy! 







Above & Down Below LP

Vinyl Package Deal: All Three Colors!   


You can't decide on which of these fancy pants vinyl colors to choose from? Yeah, I can understand that... that's why we're offering this very sexy package deal where you can get all three colors at a straight up BANANAS discount! Go ahead and treat yourself, it's only fair!

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Aeges Vinyl Package Deal

With this package deal you'll get everything on vinyl that we currently have in print for Aeges! So if you've been sleeping on these guys for a while, this is the package to get you nearly caught up on their vinyl catalog (minus The Bridge LP and the Roaches 7"). This bundle will ship with Above & Down Below on translucent pilsner vinyl w/green splatter until that color runs out. Then whichever color is the most limited will be included. So, this bundle will include:

- Above & Down Below LP on translucent pilsner w/green splatter /100
- Southern Comfort 7" on translucent red vinyl /400
- Bad Blood split 7" w/Dust Moth on translucent red vinyl w/grey splatter /300




Above & Down Below
LP/CD Package Deal
You're at a loss for which format you want. You listen to CDs in your car (we still do, anyway), but you listen to vinyl in the crib. Stop torturing yourself over the pros/cons of each format... JUST GET THEM BOTH! This package deal will ship with Above & Down Below vinyl on translucent pilsner vinyl w/green splatter until that color runs out. Then whichever color is the most limited will be included.

Above & Down Below
LP/Slipmat Package Deal
Didn't want to pull the trigger on the Ultimate Preorder Package Deal, but you really want a copy of the LP and the slipmat? Step right this way, this package is the one for you. This package deal will ship with Above & Down Below vinyl on translucent pilsner vinyl w/green splatter until that color runs out. Then whichever color is the most limited will be included.
Above & Down Below LP
You don't want any of these stinking deals! You just want us to let you go buy a copy of the freakin' LP! OK, OK, OK... calm down, geez. We're SORRY! You can just snag the LP on whatever color you prefer then! ;)

Above & Down Below CD

Get yo jam on by picking up the album on CD. Limited edition pressing of 700 copies. 

Sheath Slipmat

Grab a slipmat here while you're at it!

Above & Down Below 

And you can pre-order the digital version via Bandcamp. You can download it in MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. Ogg Vorbis sounds like a Star Wars character? 



Or pre-order it from iTunes here:
I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you think would be into it! These will be shipping out right around September 23rd, along with the ITTCT 2xLP's :)  
Thanks as always, and please remember that we depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time!


Thanks, you guys <3


Lindsay & Joel