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Wut up!?

How's 'erbody dooin???? The month of September is inexplicably upon us, y'all! After what was quite possibly the fastest summer to ever fly by??? Seriously, this summer felt like it went faster than any before it. Time is weird, right? Sometimes it seems as if a day passes quicker than lightning, while other times it feels as if you're running on fumes. A month is sputtering along on lithium at 30 mph and you wonder if you'll even make it through to recharge your batteries. But then again, a year, at a glance, seems to go by faster than the speed of light, catching wormholes all the way to xmas or whenever. I guess that's because it's all in your perspective / mindset, and everything is what you make of it. And at least time keeps moving, at least each new day, new month, new year that carries you on to your destiny is ever expanding. For, as fast as a year goes by, take a closer look and you'll see that actually it feels more like you've been riding through the desert on a horse with no name for ages... speaking of ĂGES... ;) SEGUE! They'll be dominating this month because their new album comes out! And after one listen to Above & Down Below, you'll likely forget the concept of time all together due to the multiple eargasms you're experiencing at each juncture of this timeless record ;) But I digress, more on this beast below :)

Sooooo hopefully everyone enjoyed the past couple months of sun, because now everything you eat or drink is going to be pumpkin flavored :) But, we've heard as little as a one cup serving of pumpkin can be a good source of fiber for digestion, and account for 43% of the iron that a male needs each day, as well as 20% for females :) It's also a great source of vitamin A... which is good for the immune system, eyeballs, bones, and teeth. YUM!

Enough of this chitty chatty! We have a ton of stuff coming up, this autumn is going to be very busy around here with releases from Aeges & Jakob coming up, as well as another new one we will be announcing below :) So read on, playa, we gotz all the juicy, pumpkin flavored details about upcoming pre-orders and outgoing rekkidz. Lets hit it!

Above & Down Below
Arm your alarm clock, you crazy fool! You musn't be late, and you must be on time! Why? Because we'll be launching pre-orders for this megaton monster motherflucker this Friday, September 12th!! Of course if you're on our email list, you'll be getting an email the night before and you can get in there and place your pre-order before everyone else :) We'll have three different vinyl colors, and they are all super sexy. Without giving too much away, we'll just say that if you like your vinyl to be of the "splatter" variety, you will be quite pleased with the color choices ;)

We put out the bands debut album The Bridge back in 2012 to much critical acclaim, including Ghettoblaster Magazine proclaiming it "one of the most promising debuts in recent memory". But I don't think anyone could have possibly been prepared for this follow-up. To quote Metal Sucks: "it's so goddamned hooky you could hang your coat on it" :) But don't just take our word for it, go listen to Fault, the first single from the album RIGHT HERE for proof. And if you kept good time with that then go check out the albums lead-off track Echoes via LA Weekly RIGHT HERE and set your clocks by it.
We'll have a video for Fault premiering very soon, as well as another new track. So get ready for Aeges, they're about to unleash a maelstrom of awesomeness and "Squash" your ears. The album will be in stores worldwide on September 23rd


After all this talking of "time" we're doing, another truly momentous occasion is near. It is time for a new era. The era of the brand spankin' new full length Sines from New Zealand's pride & joy, Jakob. Pre-orders will launch in early October and you better be ready for this unleashing (or rather, un-sheathing) because once they're gone, they're gone. There will be no options to travel back in time and re-decide your choices... at least not until we are all able to travel at the speed of sound & light... to travel the sine. But, if you are willing to live in the here and now and ride the spiral, then the hour will soon arrive :) And if you're subscribed to our email list, you will get an email the night before and be able to order them and hopefully get your preferred vinyl color before it spirals out of existence. 

Sines will mark the bands first new album since 2006's highly-regarded Solace, and it sees the band creating their most mesmerizing material to date. In order to perfectly capture the low end frequencies on vinyl, we had this pressed as an audiophile-quality 45rpm 2xLP. There will be three different colors to choose from, and they will be packaged in a heavyweight gatefold jacket with heavy gloss finish.
To achieve a sound as huge and unique as the sound Jakob has created, it requires the perfect combination of many different elements. Tone, depth, warmth, space, time, etc. But from the writing process through the recording, and on through the mastering, we're happy to report that the band did align all of these elements into a circling, disambiguated sound that we most truly can't wait for you all to hear in its entirety. For now, go check out Blind Them With Science, the lead-off track from the album HERE. That should hold you over until the record comes out ;) More on this one soon! 

If These Trees Could Talk
Deluxe 2xLP
Preorder Update
Remember earlier in the newsletter when we discussed how sometimes time can just drag on and on and on, seemingly forever? Well, here's a prime example of that. Pressing plants are backed. the. feck. up. And I mean across the board, not just the plant pressing these jams. We've never seen anything like this, there's a whole entry in this newsletter about the current state of the vinyl manufacturing industry below, but in a nutshell - we are being driven bonkers by this mainstream vinyl resurgence!! Don't get me wrong, we LOVE that people are buying records. But we need more pressing plants! 

Anyhow, these ITTCT records first got bumped back a couple weeks in early August, and there have been several more delays since then as well. Anyways, it's been quite a trip, and we apologize for the extended wait on getting them out to everyone. But the good news is that they should be shipping to us next week. As soon as they land here we'll get them all packed up and shipped out to everyone :) In the meantime, all of the orders for posters will begin shipping out this week. Thanks for your patience everyone! We'll keep everyone posted as this wraps up, more updates to follow :)

Of Great Sorrow
Ah, finally, the moment has arrived where we can finally announce the newest band we'll be working with this Autumn! We are infinitely over the moon about this upcoming release! In November we'll be putting out the new full length by Seattle, WA metal monsters Heiress! Of Great Sorrow is the anticipated follow up to Early Frost (Deathwish, Inc.) and we'll be dropping it November 18th, with pre-orders in Octoooooober. You can stream the gargantuan new track "Hover" RIGHT NOW over at HERE!

This is a record capable of bending the fabric of space & time. Shifting the universe and moving mountains with its desperate urgency. If you aren't already keen on Heiress, then you have to get with it, kiddo. Go check out their page immediately over on our website HERE where you can read all about them, stream the new song "Hover", and find links to their Facebook & Bandcamp sites. ATTN: everyone that likes their metal to be equal parts apocalyptic & aggressive - you have a new favorite band here.
More details to come as this thing gets ready to explode like a pumpkin on the concrete!  

Vinyl Pressing Plants

As I am sure everyone knows at this point, vinyl pressing plants are running at full capacity across the globe. There is simply not enough presses to keep up with current demand for vinyl. This means that turnaround times for projects have become increasingly more erratic and unpredictable. Quantum Chaos???

So please bear (it is definitely "bear", not "bare", we checked - Editor) with us as we navigate through the current turbulent trajectory of pressing vinyl. There are many articles out there currently detailing the chaos that is vinyl manufacturing in 2014. You can read a piece Pitchfork wrote about it HERE and another one by The Independent HERE. And I am sure you can google that shit to find a hundred more. It's a thing. And it is frustrating for everyone. Especially when you're doing a small pressing of 500 records and it gets bumped to the back of the line because there's yet another Beatles remaster that needs 150,000 copies pressed on vinyl :) We just want everyone to be aware of it, and know that we are going to try to stay on pace as much as possible. We'll be trying to find different ways of operating internally when rolling out a new release, to make this headache as avoidable as possible for y'all, and obviously to find the chaotic harmony within the vinyl universe. Just try to hang in there with us in the meantime - thanks, you guys!

P.S. Can someone please come up with some modern technology for having vinyl pressed? Seriously, lets figure something out, most of these presses were built over 50 years ago! And the NY Times ran an article saying that the last new press was actually built in 1982... that's 32 years ago!!! WTF??? Surely there must be some way for some genius to update this technology???? Save us, genius, SAVE UUUUSSSSS!!!

Thursday Night Specials

Just wanted to let everyone know that each Thursday night at 10pm we put some cool stuff in the webstore and call it Thursday Night Specials. These include a limited number of copies of random releases on sale at wicked awesome discounts, various distro items, rare & OOP jammies collected over the years by the Sheath Sheriff for the Daddy Distro, and various other tidbits we throw in to make it fun. So stop by each Thursday night at 10pm and see what kind of surprises we have in store for ye! See you then... or before :)

Speaking of the Sheath Sheriff, he recently participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge :) If you're somehow unaware of this jam, it's the activity of having ice water dumped over your head in an act to promote awareness for the disease ALS. Here's a shot from the event, courtesy of Whistle Stop Cafe:
As it is stated in the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the nominated participant who has ice water dumped on their heads and follows through must then nominate others to do the same. Well, guess what? Yep, you've been nominated! But here's how we'll do it. This Thursday Night at 10 PM, the Sheriff will be offering up a gem from the Daddy Distro in the 'Thurdsay Night Special' section of our webstore: A TEST PRESS of Aeges debut LP The Bridge for $60. The TP is number #10/10, and ready to rock! All proceeds from the sale of this record will be donated to the ALS Association

The Sheath Sheriff also nominated his arch nemesis Boris to take the challenge!!

Minot Heading to Europe!

Our boys in the Minot rock n roll rampage machine are about to launch themselves on a flight path to ye old world, as they head over to Europe for a tour of the land! You can check out the event page on Facebook HERE. Dates are below:

10.10. DE-Berlin, Scherer 8
11.10. DE-Dresden, AZ Conni
12.10. AT-Wien, Rhiz
13.10. DE-Esslingen, Komma
15.10. CH-Winterthur, Gaswerk
16.10. F-Blois, Chato'Do
17.10. F-Strasbourg, No Smoking
18.10. F-Metz, Festival Zikametz
19.10. DE-Karlsruhe, Jubez
20.10. BE-Liege, La Zone
21.10. LUX-Luxembourg, Rocas
22.10. DE-Bielefeld, Potemkin
23.10. DE-Leipzig, IFZ
24.10. DE-Braunschweig, Nexus

Minot's mathy, spacey take on instrumental rock and roll should keep your jets fired up as the autumn temps cool down - one session of air instrumentation while listening to them rip is sure to have the sweat drippin'! But if you need more to help you adjust into the new season, then the harvest of butternut colored wax from their newest full length, Equal/Opposite should squash those summer blues. If you haven't picked up a copy of the new LP Equal/Opposite, you can order it from us HERE as well as stream it :) If you live in Europe, you can also order it from Golden Antenna HERE. Be sure to get out and see the band shred it up in da EU! Was our butternut squash reference a stretch? Nah...

Dust Moth
Live Videos
Dust Moth has started posting some sweet videos of them performing live throughout the PNW. Check 'em out, and subscribe to the bands Youtube channel RIGHT HERE! Also make sure you like these crazy cats on Facebook RIGHT HERE. A lot more to come from these guys, so keep your eyes & ears peeled in the near future! Oh, and while you're at it, you might want to grab a copy of their debut LP Dragon Mouth while it's still in stock HERE.

 Very close to selling out of this one, y'all. Don't say we didn't warn yo ass! Get 'em!

San Angelus
Soon We'll All Be Ghosts LP

In case you haven't seen this before now, our friends overseas at Arctic Rodeo Recordings are reissuing the debut full length on vinyl that San Angelus released via their own Amber & Wool imprint last year. There are several vinyl color choices and some screen-printed goodies. Have a gander and ponder a purchase, eh? A killer album. And Larry from Pelican and Mark from Dust Moth & Heiress (both formerly of Aeges, as well) perform on it. Check out the pre-order HERE. We'll also let you know if some of these end up in our distro. 
And don't forget to pick up a copy of the brand new 7" we put out for them earlier this summer! You can grab a copy of uu*▄*uu 7" RIGHT HERE! BAM!

Wrap Up! 
And there you have it guys! We're so excited about the rest of the year, so many killer releases!! Things are going to be bonkers around here for many months to come, so keep your eyes peeled to our website for updates, as well as our Facebook and Twitter joints :) Oh, and we also have Instagram and Soundcloud accounts now too, and we're trying to use them more often ;) So give us a "like", "follow", or whatever! And don't forget - the preorder for the new Aeges LP Above & Down Below is Thursday night/Friday morning, so swing by and grab an LP before they sell out! Have a wonderful month gang, and we'll have these ITTCT 2xLP's heading out to you ASAP!!

Alright, gotta get back into the wormhole, see you on the other side in October!! <3

Lindsay & Joel

A very special congratulations to Ricky & Sarah on their marriage!