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Hey guys!


Welcome, come on in :) This a very special evening, and we're honored to share it with you :) This is a bit of a sentimental release for us, as it marks our 50th as a label. When considering ideas about how we could commemorate the occasion, there was really no doubt about what to do. Bring it full circle, to where it started. So that's what we did. Grab a drink, it's story time...


Back in 2006 & 2007, when we started getting things together to launch the record label, we searched for months and months to decide on what our first release would be. We were listening to everything we could get into our ears, always excited that the next thing we listened to might move us enough to actually approach the band. Unfortunately, most of the music and bands we were connecting with already had a label home, and not much else was making sense to us to make our very first release. Then on one February night in 2007, Cincinnati (where we lived at the time) was hit with a major ice storm. The morning after the storm everything was completely covered in ice. Then the sun came out. We took a drive once the roads were safe and everywhere you looked the trees were covered in melting ice and the sun was reflecting off them like crazy. Everything was bright and shimmering. The constant sound of water drops from melting ice dripping off the trees and splashing to the ground was everywhere. During this experience, as we drove around exploring, we happened to pop in a CD for the first time by a band called If These Trees Could Talk. Sometimes things just hit you in the face. It was unforgettable. 


So we reached out to the band with our ideas via... you guessed it... Myspace :) And after several exchanges on there, followed by several phone calls, a few months later we had a bunch of records in our living room. We were actually able to recently dig up the first Myspace blog post we ever made, announcing the album RIGHT HERE :) And another blog post when the albums had been delivered HERE. Seeing that thing spin around the turntable for the first time was a feeling that can never be fully recaptured. We had put out a record, and holy shit, it was a fucking great one. We went on to hang out with the dudes several times over the years between the first and second LPs, and a special bond was forged in those early days of the band and the label. These are records we still listen to, with memories still attached to each song, and there's not one god damn thing we would change.


Without further adieu, it is our honor to present to you our 50th release...  



 Release details: 


If These Trees Could Talk

Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP



Pressing Info:

- 50 Test Presses w/Hand-Numbered, Screen-Printed Jackets

- 100 Translucent Orange / Translucent Sea Blue 

- 150 Clear Vinyl

- 250 Side A/B: Clear Vinyl w/Black Center and Grey & White Splatter | Side C/D: Clear Vinyl w/White Center and Grey & Black Splatter


Artwork design & layout: Charlie Wagers



Ok, enough chit chat! Lets lose our shiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!




Ultimate Preorder Package Deal  



This is the Sheath050 motherload! Due to the low quantities available of the test presses and the orange/blue 2xLP, we can't offer those in this deal. But this includes everything else, and you can add a test press or orange/blue 2xLP to your order before checking out, if they're still in stock. So in one little click of the mouse this package deal will get you:


- Sheath050 shirt

- 19" x 25" screen-printed poster, designed, printed and hand-numbered out of 110 by the magnificent Charlie Wagers

- 2xLP on clear vinyl (/150)

- 2xLP on the crazy splatter color (/250)






Sheath050 Poster + 2xLP

Package Deal



This combo offers up the limited edition poster with whichever the most limited color of vinyl is available when your order is placed.   






Sheath050 Shirt + 2xLP

Package Deal

This combo offers up the limited edition Sheath050 shirt with whichever the most limited color of vinyl is available when your order is placed.







Sheath050 Test Press

Limited to... 50, duh. 


This is the test press edition of this release. Housed in special screen-printed jackets by Charlie Wagers. Since this is our 50th release, we made 50 of these.




Orange/Blue Vinyl

Limited to 100

Side A/B (the self-titled 12") is on translucent orange vinyl and side C/D (Above The Earth, Below The Sky LP) is on translucent sea blue vinyl.





Clear Vinyl

Limited to 150


Gorgeous crystal clear vinyl, limited to only 150 copies. 





Side A/B on Clear Vinyl w/Black Center and Grey & White Splatter | Side C/D on Clear Vinyl w/White Center and Grey & Black Splatter

Limited to 250

These ones should end up looking absolutely bananas! Side A/B is on clear vinyl with a black center and grey & white splatter. Side C/D is on clear vinyl with a white center and grey & black splatter!

Sheath050 Screen-Printed Poster
Limited to 110
This is for framing and treasuring forever. 19" x 25" poster hand screen-printed by the incomparable Charlie Wagers. Each poster is hand-numbered /110.

Sheath050 Shirt 
The third shirt we've done for the label. This one to commemorate the 50th release. Black T's with white print, to match up with the 2xLP color theme.

Thanks everyone, for showing the bands, the label, and the music so much support over the years. We're obviously happy to have made it to 50 releases, but we're even more excited to knock out the next 50 :) 
Also, a quick update on the Minot Equal/Opposite LP pre-orders. The pressing plant will be shipping those to us next week, so we should have those out to everyone soon!  
I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you think would be into it! 
Thanks as always, and please remember that we depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time!


Thanks, you guys <3


Lindsay & Joel