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Hey guys!


Friends, family, affiliates and partners in crime - the time is here! We have been so excited about this record since we started receiving the demos from the band last year. It has turned out perfectly, and we are very proud to have a hand in its release :)


Of course, what I am reverently referring to is the debut full length from the San Francisco Bay Area's instrumental powerhouse, Minot!! Featuring current & former members of From Monuments To Masses & Tartufi, these guys have some serious crunk in the trunk, if you know what I mean! But instead of listening to us, the only people that you should listen to, check out a couple of the tunes for final & complete verification. Tharsis can be unleashed HERE. And Allostatic Load can be summoned HERE. Go listen, we'll all wait for you...


This badass mamma jamma was recorded and mixed with Robert Cheek (Tera Melos, RX Bandits, Giant Squid) at the Red Room in Seattle, WA. Then it was mastered by Eric Broyhill (Crosses, Far, Tera Melos) at Monster Lab Audio. Artwork direction, design and layout was handled by Oli Hummel for Hummel Grafik (Omega Massif, Planks, Mt. Logan). And it is our pure pleasure to present to you... Equal / Opposite by Minot :)


Check the deetz, peeps!


Release Details: 

Minot Equal/Opposite
CD Tracklisting: 

1. Allostatic Load

2. Tharsis

3. Left Hand of Darkness

4. The Horizon Problem

5. Unredacted

6. Millisievert

7. White Castle Doctrine



LP Tracklisting:

Side A

1. Allostatic Load

2. Tharsis

3. The Left hand of Darkness

Side B

4. The Horizon Problem

5. White Castle Doctrine

6. Millisievert

7. Unredacted



Recorded by Robert Cheek

Mixed by Robert Cheek

Mastered by Eric Broyhill

Art Direction & Layout by Oli Hummel / www.hummelgrafik.de



Pressing Info (1st press):

- 100 translucent orange w/black splatter

- 100 translucent yellow w/orange center

- 300 translucent orange



Ok, enough chit chat! Lets get jiggy wittit!






This package deal allows you to get a copy of the LP on all three first pressing colors, as well as the limited CD version!! Tailored to the obsessive compulsive collector, like us, this is going to itch that scratch, while saving some scratch - 'nah mean? Itch it, my friend. 

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You HATE CDs, but you want EVERYTHING else in the Ultimate Preorder Package Deal? Well, then this is for you. All three vinyl colors of Equal/Opposite. They are beautiful, they are sexy, but most importantly - they are intelligent. Look at them, talk to them, hold them in your arms and swoon - you respect them, and they respect you. Both your body and your mind. It's the way it should be, don't fight it.  






You are into the modern vinyl renaissance, but your nostalgia for those beautiful 90's (as well as your foresight seeing that CDs will eventually be the new, collectible format) leaves you wanting that glorious disc as well. Well, this package is for you. Get Equal/Opposite on CD and LP, and get them at a discount. You are a beacon for you friends & family. You see the future, while embracing the past. 

Equal/Opposite LP + 7"

In February 2013, we put out the first 7" for Minot. There isn't a ton of copies left, but with this package deal you can grab one of them with the new LP. Both items will be discounted and you will be considered quite the shrewd negotiator *thumbs up*.

Equal/Opposite LP:
BUT, you don't have to package them up if you don't want to! You can also just grab an LP on any color you want - check it out! Grab the jammy on the beloved vinyl format, on any one of the three color options. It sounds amazing, it looks amazing... so ya know what? It's amazing!!  

Equal/Opposite CD 
Grab the jammy on CD, slick. It's brilliant, that's why you're here... correct????? Only 300 copies pressed and most of those shipped to our distributor. Grab it before you CANNOT! You MINOT wanna miss it!!!! ;) 
Digital Download

And you can pre-order the digital version via Bandcamp. You can download it in MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. Ogg Vorbis? Isn't that considered a culinary delicacy in certain regions?  

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One thing I would like to mention, while the test presses have been approved for this and the records are currently being manufactured, they will never make the July 1st release date. So we're anticipating the vinyl pre-orders to ship around the end of July. Any stand-alone pre-orders for the CD should ship right around the July 1st street date. All digital pre-orders will be delivered to you on July 1st :)

Also remember that our friends in Europe at Golden Antenna Records will be putting out a European version of this release as well. As soon as pre-orders for that launch, we'll let everyone know!! 

I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that you think would be into it! 
Thanks as always, and please remember that we depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time!


Thanks, you guys <3


Lindsay & Joel