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Welcome, welcome! We bring to you the official June/July (Junly?) Newsletter! :) It's been heatin' up down hur in the dirty south, and we're making the most out of the sub-tropical weather :) Lakes, creeks, pools, and all the best things about summer... if we could only add the beeeeeeach to the list! But as usual, despite the occasional and all-to-brief respite into the glorious H20, we're busy gettin' straight sweaty lining up an incredible fall release schedule that is sure to soothe those sun burnt "summer's gone" blues. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, there is still a full summer to live in! And we've got some kick ass stuff coming up over the next couple months to make the soundtrack to your memories of summer 2014 :) More about all this stuff below!


But first, the month of June has brought us all many special things to celebrate. For example, June was LGBT Pride Month, so we hope all of our LGBT friends did some celebrating!! It was also African American Music Appreciation Month! Check out a few quick clips of two of our favorites.
So you think Gorgoroth and Watain are evil? Well this motherfucker straight up traded his soul to the devil himself to obtain his shredding ability. This is the trve black metal! Check out some Robert Johnson y'all...
Robert Johnson - Me and the Devil Blues


Next we have a little Lady Day for ya, the most gorgeous voice ever. She went from a childhood of abuse to selling out Carnegie Hall. Though she would continue to struggle with abuse throughout her life before dying too soon at 44, she revolutionized vocals in music forever <3  


So much to celebrate! Oh, and let us not forget that June also brought us Father's day, and we hope that all of you Dads out there enjoyed your day :) Thanks for all the dad stuff you do!! FUN FACT: the first Father's Day was celebrated June 19th, 1910, it was created to complement Mother's Day :)  
So while June has offered us much to celebrate, July offers up some great stuff too! Check it out!

July 1st
Canada Day


On July 1, 1867, the British North America Act united the British colonies of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia into "one dominion under the name of Canada." These four colonies became Canada's first four provinces; Lower Canada was renamed Quebec, and Upper Canada was renamed Ontario.


2014 marks the 147th celebration of Canada Day! 
July 4th
Independence Day


During the American Revolutionary War the 13 American colonies rebelled against colonial
rule by the British government and fought to end "Taxation without Representation". 
On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted, declaring the independence of America's thirteen colonies from Great Britain. Though it was just 7 years later that the Revolutionary War came to an end and Britain officially recognized the 13 colonies to be free with the signing of the Treaty of Paris on September 3rd, 1783, American have always considered July 4th as our Independence Day. 
July 14th
Bastille Day 
Bastille Day, the French national holiday, commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which 
took place on 14 July 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution. The Bastille was a prison and a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of Louis the 16th's Ancient Regime. By capturing this symbol, the people signaled that the king's power was no longer absolute: power should be based on the Nation and be limited by a separation of powers.

Talk about a month full of important anniversaries!! And last but certainly not least...
July 19th
National Flitch Day 
A 15th century relic, a "flitch" referred to an amount of bacon offered to married couples by 
local monks who could prove a year's worth of matrimonial bliss to a jury of their single peers. Thought to have originated in Dunmore, England, the modern-day flitch ceremony now takes place once every four years, but is still very much all about the bacon.


OK, OK, OK, you know how we tend to get carried away with these intros, just setting the mood for the prolific newsletter ahead. Dig into all the music news and we'll catch up with you at the end to wrap it up :) 




You MINOT believe it, but the time has arrived! We are now taking pre-orders for this monster :) You can pre-order it HERE. The orange with black splatter version and the yellow with orange center are both sold out - but orange vinyl is available. We also have some nice package deals where you can grab the LP with the CD, or with bands' debut 7". Give it a gander, and listen to Tharsis HERE and Allostatic Load HERE. Our friends at Golden Antenna are selling an EU version of the LP as well, check them out HERE. Tour dates will be announced soon, get ready for the Minot onslaught!! 'Murica!!


San Angelus & 
Pre-order Updates


All pre-orders for the San Angelus uuUuu 7" and the 3rd pressing Caspian's You Are The Conductor 12" have been shipped and should have been received by now. This is old news, but since we didn't do a newsletter in May, we didn't get to show off these kick ass photos we took ;) Check 'UMMMM...


San Angelus
uuUuu 7" 
Stream it HERE and snag a copy HERE. Baby blue vinyl w/grey & white splatter /100 is ALMOST GOOOONE!!!
You Are The Conductor 12"  
Stream this one HERE (have you really not heard this by now???) and pick it up on vinyl HERE. Clear vinyl w/green swirl (pictured above, on the bottom) is limited to 200 copies and there's not many left. 
OK, so here we are talking about what we've already shipped out so we can show off of our mad pictura skills - thanks for the ego boost - NOW LETS TALK ABOUT WHAT'S COMING UP, YOU GUYS!!! "Murica!

If These Trees Could Talk
Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP
We know you guys are waiting patiently (or impatiently in some cases) for this one to launch. Well, we've got good news, it is now..... almost here :) Our good friend Charlie Wagers screen-printed 110 special 19" x 25" hand-numbered posters. They turned out absolutely gorgeous. The man is a special talent! We're also going to do a new Sheath shirt to commemorate the big 5-0, as well as some other special goodies! The vinyl is in production now and we're going to start taking pre-orders as soon as we have a ship-date for the records.

Did we tell you that we're doing three colors of vinyl? That they will be housed in thick 20pt stock, reverse-board jackets? That the jackets will be embossed? Did we mention they will be very limited

Prepare thyself, save some monies, for the time to unsheath this deluxe 2xLP is nearly upon us. Wait. Technically I guess we won't be "unsheathing" it, we'll actually be "Sheathing" it? Right? Oh well... you know what I mean - get ready to be Sheathed by the unsheathing!!!



New Live Videos!

New Album Coming Soon! 

Aeges - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
A lot of big news coming up for the Aeges crew! First, check out the killer live cover they did at their space in LA of the Gnarls Barkley jam Crazy. They're going to be making some more of these awesome videos, Sweatbox Sessions, so make sure you subscribe to their Youtube channel HERE so you don't miss anything!

And we'll be putting out their new full length this September! It's an absolute monster and peeps are going to lose their shit over it! Formal announcement with album details coming soon, along with a brand spankin' new tune, but for now... you've been warned!!! Get ready for some more of those BIG ASS RIFFZ!!!






 Joins The Mylene Sheath Roster!

New Album Out This Fall!


We are pleased to let y'all know that this fall we'll be releasing the new album by the almighty Jakob! That's about the extent of what we can disclose right now, but album details and a formal announcement will follow soon. If you're not familiar with Jakob then you need to immediately stop reading this email and head over HERE and get familiarized/obsessed. They've been creating the crème de la crème of instrumental music since their formation in New Zealand in 1998. They've toured the world playing shows with bands like Tool, ISIS, Thrice, Pelican, etc. We're thrilled to welcome them to the fam, and we cannot wait for everyone to hear this record. Please give Jakob a warm welcome, and stay up to date with them via Facebook HERE. More soon!! 





Daddy Distro &
Thursday Night Specials
On Father's Day most fathers receive gifts, but the Sheath Sheriff gives gifts, not only to you but to us... because he is unloading some of his old OOP records so that some of you can add them to your collections - and the best part for us? Well, all proceeds will go directly to funding the new releases we have lined up for this fall :)  He's not releasing the entire vault to the public, but here's a peak at a potential list of OOP wax for your 'stache:
Sheath001 - If These Trees Could Talk- S/T LP - half orange/half black vinyl (2nd pressing /300)
Sheath012 - Gifts From Enola - From Fathoms 2xLP- tour vinyl (/100)
Sheath009 - Caspian - You Are The Conductor LP- translucent green vinyl (2nd pressing /100)
Sheath021-Caspian- You Are The Conductor&The Four Trees 3xLP- silver vinyl #5/190 
Sheath029- Giants- S/T 7"- maroon vinyl (/100)
Sheath035- Junius/Rosetta split 12"- translucent blue vinyl (/100)
Sheath038- ÆGES- The Bridge LP- pink/black swirl vinyl (/300)
So keep an eye out for those Thursday Night Specials from now to the end of July for a few gems to casually pop in there for purchase. Oh, and if you're not familiar with our Thursday Night Specials, it's pretty simple! Every Thursday Night at 10pm we throw some heavily discounted records into the store, or else we'll toss in some rare & OOP goodies we find throughout the week, or maybe we toss some test presses in there, but there's always something cool going in there on Thursday night at 10pm :) And it sounds like tonight and next few Thursday nights are going to be extra special!! Check out tonights num yummies HERE


Well, that's going to do it for the June/July Newsletter :) Thanks again to everyone for giving it a read. Please help spread the word! Just to recap things real quick, the new Minot record Equal / Opposite is now available to pre-order in the store HERE. Everyone should have received their pre-orders for San Angelus & Caspian now, if you haven't seen yours and are concerned about it, hit us up at and we'll figure it out! The pre-order for the deluxe If These Trees Could Talk 2xLP commemorating Sheath050, our fiftieth release (!), is looming near - stay close to a device you can use to order :) Aeges has a new record coming soon that just absolutely KILLS shit! Jakob has joined the label and we'll be releasing their upcoming full length this fall (more details soon)!! Stay tuned peeps, we have some more killer announcements involving killer bands with killer new albums coming as well!!  


Lindsay & Joel