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'Lo Mates! 
What's the craic, how's she cuttin'??? Seems like it's been right donkey's years since we banged out a newsletter! But we haven't just been actin' the maggot, you know, it's actually been jammers 'round here! So stay easy and get a bag 'a taytos or roll up a bifter, we're gonna rabbit on for a bit about the rake of cool stuff coming up around here! 
You might have noticed that we've brushed up on our Irish slang in honor of this months Saint Patrick's Day? Don't worry, we won't go overboard with it like we do most everything else... we wouldn't wanna get you wankers all vexed and up to ninety now would we???
Well, March is upon us in all it's spring-bringin' glory, and I am pretty sure we're all more than ready for it this year! What a CRAP winter it's been... but as it begins to shrink in the rearview mirror, lets look forward to some of the cool stuff that happens in March! 
- Mardi Gras is now taking place in NOLA, so public urination will approach record setting levels once again. 
- March 8th is International Women's Day! Learn more about this HERE
- Daylight Savings Time begins! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on March 9th at 2:00am to 3:00am. Longer days are coming!! 
- Saint Patrick's Day! March 17th brings us St. Patty's Day - have a great DUI! 
- Spring officially begins on March 20th!!! 
So, lots of cool stuff going on in March on the calendar AND in Sheathland! We'll be launching pre-orders for the debut EP from Dust Moth this Thursday!! This has been a long time coming, and with the test presses now approved, we are ready to roll! More info on that one below :) 
Actually more info on everything below, but we have to crack on, there's lots to talk about! And remember, if you go on the piss for Saint Patrick's Day and drink lashings of the black stuff, keep your cacks on and call the Jo Maxi, right? 
Dust Moth
Dragon Mouth release update / 
Brooklyn Vegan premiers Casual Friends
Thursday night we'll be launching pre-orders for Dragon Mouth, the debut EP from Dust Moth! The retail release date for this one has been bumped from March 25th to April 22nd, but all pre-orders placed direct through us will still ship out well ahead of the retail street date :) We'll have three colors of vinyl to choose from, as well as a CD version and the digital version. If you haven't heard anything off the album yet, our friends at Brooklyn Vegan recently premiered the track Casual Friends, which is one of our favorites! Check it out RIGHT HERE! You can also check out the track from their split 7" with Aeges that we released last October HERE. And we'll be kicking it old school style on this one and having a pre-order party over on the message board, so be sure to stop by and partaaaaaay once the pre-order launches! 
And be forewarned ya blokes, we expect these to sell nineteen to the dozen! So pull up your socks and snag one as soon as the pre-order goes live, or else you'll feel as thick as a short plank for missing out! We ain't coddin' ya! Now lets keep leggin' it like a blue-arsed fly, cuz we've still got lashings of news to talk about! 


Days of the Fallen Sun 12"
Thanks again to everyone that pre-ordered the new Junius EP from us, everything has been shipped out and if you're waiting on anything you should have received tracking info by now :) If you have not received tracking information, feel free to email us at and we'll getcha sorted!! Here's a pic of the jamz:
If you have yet to procure a copy of this monster 12" you can still grab one of the limited, "bone" colored variants (/200) from our bros over at Prosthetic Records HERE. And Junius has their color available HERE. If you're just now crawling out from under that rock you've been living under, you can stream the EP HERE, then go buy it. Seriously. Go buy it. 



San Angelus
The new 7" from San Angelus has hit a few snags in production and been delayed for a little bit. Hopefully we can get back on track in the next couple weeks and have this one out as soon as possible! But in the meantime you can thump their beats over on their Bandcamp page to get warmed up :) They released their debut full length Soon We'll All Be Ghosts last year on their own Amber & Wool imprint, check it out RIGHT HERE. And grab a deluxe CD version that is limited to just 100 copies HERE!

Aeges @ SXSW!

The mystic stylings of our very own Aeges will be gracing the state of Texas next week for the annual SXSW bonanza!! Be sure to check them out at one of the dates if you plan on going down to the festivities or if you live in any of these TX cities!

3/12 - Austin, TX @ Metal and Lace (SXSW show) - details
*SXSW day parties TBA*
3/17 - Houston, TX @ The White Swan Live - details
3/19 - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves - details
3/21 - Dallas, TX @ Double Wide - details

Spring Cleaning Sale / 
 Bundle Deals /
Store Update
You knew this was coming, playa. Tis the time of year we clean house and offer up goods on the cheap to make some room on the shelves for upcoming projects. A mega sale, if you will. And given the fact that the weather is supposed to be springin' but most of us are still frozen, bundle up with some of our new bundle deals as well :) Check 'em out... 

The Instru"Mental" Bundle:

The Instru"Mental" bundle is just what it says! Six of our best instrumental releases for the unbelievable "we-must-be-mental" low price of $59.99. Here's what it contains:

* Beware of Safety It Is Curtains LP
* Giants They, The Undeserving LP
* Lungs Sinking Ships 7"
* Caspian Tertia 2xLP
* Beware of Safety Leaves/Scars 2xLP
* Minot The Ringing Silence 7"

The Me(n)tal Bundle:

The Me(n)tal Bundle packages up six of our best Metal releases for the mental low price of $54.99. This unholy box of evil contains the following:


* Beneath Oblivion Beneath Oblivion 10"
* Angel Eyes Midwestern LP
* Angel Eyes / Beneath Oblivion split 7"
* Beneath Oblivion From Man To Dust 2xLP
* Junius / Rosetta split 12"
* Chasma Declarations of the Grand Artificer LP

International Customer Appreciation Bundle:
This bundle combines both the Instru"mental" Bundle and the Me(n)tal Bundle, and is tailored to our international customers who always have to pay so much money in shipping to order from us! To show our appreciation, here's 12 releases for $145, all shipped directly to you for just $14.75. You can use your imagination and/or experience to conjure up the numbers of  the normal cost of 12 releases shipped overseas usually ;) Let us save you some money, okey dokey?

* Beware of Safety It Is Curtains LP
* Giants They, The Undeserving LP
* Lungs Sinking Ships 7"
* Caspian Tertia 2xLP
* Beware of Safety Leaves/Scars 2xLP
* Minot The Ringing Silence 7"
* Beneath Oblivion Beneath Oblivion 10"
* Angel Eyes Midwestern LP
* Angel Eyes / Beneath Oblivion split 7"
* Beneath Oblivion From Man To Dust 2xLP
* Junius / Rosetta split 12"
* Chasma Declarations of the Grand Artificer LP
And we've got a new section in the store for records and vinyl colors that are about to sell out, it's called Nearly Out Of Print and you can see it HERE. We've also slashed prices on many catalog items, you can find those in the Spring Cleaning Sale section RIGHT HERE! Thanks, you guys!!   



Saint Boris Lost His Pot Of Gold!
As you can see in the picture above, Boris had himself quite a fortune in gold coins! However, he took a break from guarding them at the end of the rainbow the other day to pack some records in the warehouse, and that's the last time he saw any of his riches!! He thinks he may have accidentally dropped some of the coins into the inventory he was shelving? So be on the lookout in your orders throughout the month of March, because each order placed this month could potentially contain one of the coins! If you're one of the lucky ones that gets a gold coin, you can tag us in a pic of your coinage on Instagram, post a pic on our message board, or tweet us a pic of it and Boris will gift you a copy of a limited variant from our next three preorders!!!! Place an order this month an see if ye has the luck of the Irish!! 
p.s. the coins have special leprechaun markings, so counterfeiting attempts will be easily caught ;) Boris knows his gold... 




Message Board Contest
We're having a bit of a raffle over on the message board and giving away a VERY sexy test press to one lucky winner that will be randomly drawn at the end of the month. One lucky bloke will be given this beauty...
... a very limited test press of the seminal Caspian debut EP, You Are The Conductor. There are 10 of these in existence and all are looooong gone, except for this one. 
How do you enter this raffle you might be asking? It's easy, just head over to the thread on the message board HERE and make a post about the album and discuss it's greatness with the other people that have posted. See? Easy! We'll randomly draw the winner from a hat, or bowl, or something, at the end of the month :) Good luck!!


Everybody's favorite puppy, our beloved pitbull Charlie, turns 11 on Saint Patrick's Day :) Look at this adorable sonuvabitch!!! Lots of you have met him, he sends his love, and said to come back and visit him again soon!! :)

Well, that's going to do it for the March Newsletter. Remember, Thursday night is pre-order party time! We have some very exciting news coming next month as well regarding a couple upcoming projects that people will be losing their shit over, so stay tuned <3 Until then, have a wonderful month fam!!

Talk to you in April :)

Lindsay & Joel