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Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, step right up and see the great and invincible SLASH, as he slashes prices left & right, guaranteeing great deals for you to take advantage of!
By god, he's slashed $50 off the Jumbo Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kits! He's slashed up to 50% off TONS of individual releases!! And there's also some new TEST PRESSES in stock!!! Wowowowweowoeoewwwooooww!! So step right up, I say! Step right up and gaze upon all of the wondrous deals!! TODAY ONLY! Then Slash goes back to rippin' crazy guitar solos that we all air perform to! Read on below for details, or just go get nutty in the store HERE!    
Jumbo Mylene Sheath Vinyl Collection Starter Kit
Normally $299.99, we have SLASHED the price tag on this bad mamma jamma down to $249.99 TODAY ONLY. That's $50 OFF!!! This package includes 28 freakin' records and 20 CDs, a Sheath shirt, tons of posters, zines, center label coasters, other various band T-shirts, stickers, pins, and whatever else we end up tossing in while packing up your bundle of joy :) Check it out HERE! And here's some more slashin'...


We handmade some covers for a handful of our releases' test presses! Feast your eyes upon these goodies!! 

(Sheath023) Herra Terra Quiet Geist LP        
Hand numbered  /10   
 $50  $39.99

We put this slab of awesome out a few years ago, but have never done anything with the test presses until now! We kept with the 'space' theme of the original artwork and spray painted purple stars with red glitter on some silver foil cardstock. Get straight crunk! 

(Sheath028) Actors&Actresses We Love Our Enemy LP

Hand numbered /10   
 $50    $39.99

We reissued this debut EP from KC's Actors&Actresses back in 2011. This is one of the most revered albums in our catalog among the other bands on the label. We used the classic recurring air siren design that shows up on all of their releases and spray painted metallic gold paint onto marbled vinyl tiles. Came out great!

(Sheath034) Caspian Live At Old South Church LP

Hand numbered /10
 $150     $99.99
We have two copies of this one left, so we're keeping one for ourselves and selling this one :) Somebody give it a good home!

(Sheath035) Junius / Rosetta split 12"
 $100    $74.99
We only have two copies of this one :/ We found this really cool looking thick paper with rough edges around it, so we spray painted the Junius/Rosetta logo on it in metallic silver paint. Wish we had more of these ones!

(Sheath039) Constants Pasiflora LP

Hand numbered /10
 $60   $49.99

Here's one of our favorite records! We came across this glitter cardstock one day and it jumped right out to us :) We painted a flower on them in a matte black to stay consistent with the floral themed artwork from the originally packaging. These are really neat :)

(Sheath041) Gifts From Enola A Healthy Fear 2xLP

Hand numbered /10
 $100     $74.99

These are hand numbered out of 10, but only 5 actually exist. We just made a mistake when numbering them... DOH! We painted the 'handshake' from the inside of the gatefold onto white cardboard. The cardboard folds around the back as well. There's only two of these for sale!


So there's that stuff! And while you're thinking about that, think about this... 

- anyone who spends over $150 will get a free Sheath shirt tossed in with their order!
- orders over $250 will have a small grab bag tossed in for free!
- any orders over $400 will have a large grab bag and a Sheath shirt tossed in!
- ALL orders will include a free Mylene Sheath 45 adapter and triple Boris Bux!!
Head over to the Cyber Monday section of the webstore HERE to see everything!! Thanks for checking it out, you guys - it means very much to us <3
Hit us up with any questions and we'll talk soon!!

Lindsay & Joel