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October 2013 Newsletter 


Hey guys & ghouls!


Happy freakin' Halloweeeeeeen!!! Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful month and is getting ready to stuff their faces with candy and get a SUGAR BUZZZ!! Parties, costumes, candy, candles, spider webs, tombstones, and BATS! Witches, werewolves, pumpkins, full moons, goosebumps, lightning, and CATS! Ghosts, vampires, hayrides, skulls, screams, and scary tree BRANCHES! Stories, flashlights, bugs, darkness, all of the spirits last CHANCES!! What a wonderful time of the year to embrace your youthful imagination!! If you can't have some fun scaring yourself, well then... you're just scared. 


Not sure what kind of horrific evening awaits us here at Sheath HQ, but it is certain that Boris will be up to plenty of tricking AND treating ;) You can follow him on Twitter HERE to see if he has any surprises for us on Halloween night! 


Plenty to talk about in this months newsletter, so lets get all the gory details going, what say you? Get ready for some serious .GIF'n, and remember... 


"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown" - H. P. Lovecraft 


OH MY GOD!!! Is that an evil giant attacking?!?!?!?!?!

...shweew, nope, it's just Giants They, The Undeserving finally getting the repress treatment...

They, The Undeserving 12"

We have finally pulled the trigger on a long-overdue repress of this freakin' classic banger. Three vinyl colors and all new artwork! Charlie Wagers designed this gorgeous 'lil number: 

This is up for preorder NOW over in the webstore HERE, we expect them to be shipping in about 4-6 weeks :) James from the band will be stopping by the message board this evening at 9PM EST to do some chitty chattin' with y'all. You can jump in that thread HERE, be sure to ask him lots of questions about when the upcoming material will be ready to be released ;) 


Now go grab your record fast before they're ghosts once again... or they're... 



Speaking of apparitions...

Living Phantoms

We'll be keeping things spooky well into November by launching preorders for the physical cassette of the Living Phantoms debut EP on Thursday, 11.12.13. That is also the day that the digital will be released, so everyone will be able to bang the joint as they preorder the tape :) The cassettes will be limited to just 100 copies and we'll ship them out as soon as they wrap up production at the plant a little later in November. You can listen to Finding Someone, which will be appearing on the upcoming fall label sampler, over on Soundcloud HERE. This banger is coming up quick, be sure to keep an eye out... 

I guess we've been scaring the pants off you so far in this newsletter... here's some new Sheath shirts, sorry we can't do anything about your pants though!

New Sheath shirts!

We recently held a quick poll over on the MESSAGE BOARD where people could vote for their favorite of several new shirt designs for the label, and the people have spoken! In the recent poll, this design won in a landslide against the other four designs, collecting 57% of the total votes. The runner up only had 17%! So without further adieu, you can preorder the shirt HERE, and we'll get them shipped out as soon as they're printed up! 

Don't miss it!

Aeges/Dust Moth  
Bad Blood 
split 7"
All the preorders for the split have been shipped out...
...and the record is in stores NOW! If you haven't already done so, you can check out the Aeges track Parasite over at Guitar World HERE, and you can stream the Dust Moth track Toto on Soundcloud HERE!

All preorders shipped with a Crime Scene Investigation Kit that contained evidence gathered from the Bad Blood crime scene. Here's a picture of one of them:


Using these kits, you can attempt to solve the gory crime and win a test press of the 7"! We will post the results in next months newsletter - good luck gumshoes!!

If you didn't preorder this jammy jammer, then you can grab a copy HERE for immediate shipping. There's only a few more copies left of the half red/half black limited to just 100 copies! Snag 'em up grabby grabberson!


New Minot Material
The boys just got done playing some dates on the west coast on their way up to Seattle to record some new material at The Red Room with Robert Cheek (Tera Melos, RX Bandits). We were treated to some roughs of the freshly recorded output yesterday... DEAR GAWWWWWWWD!! We had been hearing demos occasionally leading up to this, but I cannot say that we were fully prepared for the multiple eargasms we received upon these boner jams being unleashed and the audio waves relentlessly exploding forth out of our speakers - consider yourself warned... 
Here's a few pics from the session...

Needless to say, we're all...
If you have not familiarized yourself with these guys, you can rectify that massive folly by clicking HERE. And after you fall in love with them, grab the debut 7" we put out HERE

San Angelus 7"

Well, here's the first mention of this! We'll be putting out a blazin' new 7" for San Angelus early next year :) San Angelus is comprised of Larry Herweg from Pelican (and formerly of Aeges), Kim Kinakin (Sparkmaker), and Jahmeel Russell (Red Vienna). They play a style of 90's post-hardcore alternative rock that fans of Far and Quicksand will find MUCH to love about :) The 7" contains three brand new songs exclusive to this jam. They released their full length debut Soon We'll All Be Ghosts on their own Amber & Wool imprint earlier this year. You can stream the whole thing, as well as pick up a copy of the CD in the webstore HERE. More to come on this one, just wanted to give everyone an early heads up!! Don't sleep on this one... or else you-know-who will be saying hello...

Boris Helloween!
"Hello you gorgeous goons! It's your favorite Boogie Man, Boris, here to scar your innocence and spook your dreams! It's my night tonight and I plan to reign some terror on your grim souls this devil's night...this Hallow's Eve."
"I've got my creature clan gathered together, I'm costumed and dressed to arrest, and ready to give you all my Halloween treats! Speaking of arrests, my hand must of had some extra sin running through his veins this sinister season, as he was busted sticky-fingering the Daddy Distro.
Luckily I decided to go as the Hottie Police for Halloween, and I promptly arrested the idle hand. He made a Giant mistake. But the system has corrupted me, so rather than returning the goods to the Sheath Sheriff, I'll instead be offering a Hot Box of his hot goods to you in the form of my Giant Package..." 

"I'm just a deputy, so I have to at least book an arm & a leg on this deal, or else the Sheriff is going to put these treacherous treasures (and me!) back in the vault, under lock & key. There's only one shot for someone to grapple this goliath and seize the swag. So, shake a leg and head to my section of the webstore HERE to be the first one to get their hands on my Giant package!

And my rampage doesn't end there...
Tomorrow night on Halloween, at 9:00PM EST join me on the message board for some tricky trivia and win a free Sheath Shirt treat...and some other ghoulish goodies.
...and before I leave you here to finish up on your readings, be sure to peek at my tricky twitter tweets for more frighteningly fun follies.
All my blood curdling love! 

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!" 


Wrap Up!

Well ghoulies, that is going to do it for the Halloween edition of the newsletter. Just a quick recap: you can preorder Giants The, The Undeserving 12" repress now on three different colors of vinyl HERE, Living Phantoms debut EP drops digitally on 11.12.13 and preorders for the cassette version launch the same day (check out a new song HERE), we have new shirts being printed and they're available for purchase HERE, and be sure to check out Boris' stuff HERE. Whew! Talk about a run-on sentence! 

We hope everyone has a wonderfully terrifying Halloween! 

Lindsay & Joel