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Sup y'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!!


We're now taking preorders for the debut 7" from the Bay Area's Minot. The band is the new project featuring current and ex-members of From Monument To Masses, Tartufi, Turks, and more. This is what happens if you take a mad scientist playing guitar like there's more to the instrument than we thought, a freakish twenty five fingered octopus that plays bass like he's playing a smokin' guitar solo, and what can only be described as a six-armed robot with six drum sticks in each hand playing as if each piece of the kit just said something really mean about his mom. Check out a clip of the bands first San Francisco show in 2012, right here:



Yup. Rips. And you know this... MAN! And don't forget, Liza Minotelli knows this too:




Not sure yet? Check out their EP An Era of Institutional Failure on their Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE and get yo neck bucked back. Then come back over here and lets discuss this 7", shall we???


This two song 7" features the tracks "The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears" and "The Means Relativize The Ends". Here's some album details and the artwork, done courtesy N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries and the band: 



Side A:

The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears


Side B:

The Means Relativize The Ends  


Catalog Number: Sheath042

Format: 7"/Digital


Pressing Information:

- 55 black test presses w/hand screened covers (tour version)

- 100 white vinyl (retail version)

- 100 translucent sea blue vinyl (mailorder version)

- 300 baby blue vinyl



- Matthew W Solberg: guitars, synths

- Shannon Corr: drums, percussions

- Benjamin Thorne: bass, mellotron


- Engineered & Mixed at The Hangar in Sacramento, CA by Robert Cheek www.robertcheek.net


- Mastered at Monster Lab Audio in Stockholm, SE by Eric Broyhill www.monsterlabaudio.com



Previous Press: 

"Drummer Shannon Corr ghost notes his ass off leading the band through passages that mirror Jakob's emotional resonance before cascading into aggression. In between Matt Solberg's funkified Don Cab licks, Ben Thorne's throbbing bass snakes its way through the crowd..." - Invisible Oranges
"MINOT, whose energetic, at times playful, style proves post-rock doesn't have to be brooding or ear-splitting to evoke emotion...East Bay Express


"it is rare to see such definition carried by each band member...Pulse


Ok , now lets talk preorder optioooooooons!!!!



Minot 7" Ultimate Preorder Package Deal!


Snag all three colors of the 7" that are being pressed in this first pressing,  This is also the only way to obtain the white version through us, otherwise it will only be available through retail outlets. Limited quantities of this package deal are available!

Purchase/View Details



Minot 7" Both Blues Package Deal!


If the Ultimate Preorder Package Deal is a little too ambitious for ya, well we gotchu covered still :) Check this little deal here out where you can snag both blue variants in one shot, at a discount. Translucent Blue Moon (limited to 100) and Baby Blue Europa Ice (limited to 300).  You know most scientists believe that there is water under the icy surface of Europa, right? And that is the most likely place in our solar system to possibly be habitable to alien life? Well, buy these and find out!

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Translucent Blue Moon or Baby Blue Europa Ice


Package deals are not your thing? You just want one copy of the 7" and then you'll be on your way? Well here ya go homie, pick ya poison!

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 Digital Download


Here's a way to digitally preorder the tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it's released (02/05/12):

Purchase/View Details



And don't forget to connect with Minot online: 

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Over on the message board, the band members will be joining us off and on throughout the evening for some Q&A about bangin' them jams, the new 7", and other shenanigans, be sure to stop by and get ya chat on with 'em HERE!  


Also, our friends at Scene Point Blank will be hosting a contest to win a translucent sea blue copy of the 7" AND premiering the track The Means Relativize The Ends next week! So keep an eye on their website HERE for details :) 


And lastly, our pals at Modern Vinyl will also be hosting a contest over at their killer website on Monday, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled HERE for details on that one!


I think that should do it for now, please forward this info to anyone you know that likes good music ;) We appreciate it, and depend on word of mouth above all else! If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to hit us up at any time! Lets do this!!
All preorders will ship next week with tracking.


Thank you <3


Lindsay & Joel