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January 2013 Newsletter
Hey guys!
Happy New Year! Hopefully everybody had a splendid holiday season with loved ones :) Now it's time to put the boots back on and kick another years ass! Things are lining up nicely in Sheathland for this newest of years and we'll have a series of exciting announcements to make over the coming weeks/months regarding upcoming releases and much needed represses :) A lot of super cool records coming out this year and we can't wait to share it all with you guys <3
Also, I don't know if it's just us and we're just paying closer attention than we used to, but hasn't it been a abnormally exciting start to the new year in the science world? Have you been staying up to date with these highlights? 
- The first ever recorded film footage of a real life Giant Squid swimming in its natural habitat 2,000 feet below the surface of the ocean was captured. The footage premieres on Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. ET Jan. 27, and will serve as the season finale for Discovery's "Curiosity" series.  
- The freaking biggest structure in the known Universe was discovered, it's a Large Quasar Group that would take 4 BILLION light years to cross and is now rewriting the book on cosmology!
- We can breathe a sigh of relief that Asteroid Apophis will not end life on Earth by colliding with us in 2036, sweet!
- Functionally deaf patients can now regain their hearing with a simple implant operation, I assume this will come in very handy for many of us that were too stupid to wear earplugs during shows over the past 20 years. 
Scientists have been able to reconstruct, for the first time, the intricate three-dimensional structure of the backbone of early Tetrapods, the earliest four-legged animals. WHAT????
And that's just the tip of the iceberg! It's a really exciting time as technology is catching up with imagination quicker than ever! Who knows what kinds of discoveries we'll see this year and beyond, we're just glad to be here in the moment and sharing it with people we care about. What more could you ask for? More tunes? Good point! Lets talk about music :) Hope you all enjoy the first newsletter of 2013, lets dig in!! 
Minot 7" Preorder
We'll be launching preorders for this bad mamma jamma next Thursday, January 24th! The band will join us on the message board for some Q&A and we'll be getting all nutty with all kinds of preorder madness!! Giveaways, contests, exclusive tunes, you know how we party :) Inaugural preorder party 2013 commence! And remember in the meantime, you can check out a couple of thier other tunes on Bandcamp HERE! And of course, follow them on Facebook and Twitter :)


And this was certainly unexpected, but as some of you may remember we've been receiving supportive emails from celebrities such as Nicolas CaegesMel GibsFromEnolaBill Paxtants and others. But the other day we received a doozy from the Hollywood and Broadway legend, Liza Minotelli! Check it out...
"Darlings, these new tracks by Minot are a true inspiration. Please send the boys my love and tell them to perform their HEARTS out, it's theater daaaarling!!"  


So nice to hear positive feedback from someone legendary, thanks Liza!! It makes it all worth it :) Liza & Minot world tour in 2013? Perhaps a stint in Vegas? Only time will tell...



Vinyl Updates 


Here are some updates on our vinyl inventory, upcoming represses, nearly sold out stuff, etc. 
- We're repressing the seminal Caspian 2xLP Tertia again, this time on 3 new colors of vinyl. It is currently in production and will be available soon. 
- The Live Caspian LP is sold out, no immediate plans for a repress are in the pipeline. 
- Caspian's The Four Trees 2xLP will be getting a repress in the coming months, with brand new artwork & layout.
 - If These Trees Could Talk s/t & Above The Earth... LP's are getting low, probably won't be available much longer. 
- The s/t Giants 7" is now sold out. 
- Chasma's Declarations of the Grand Artificer LP is nearly sold out on red vinyl, still have some black vinyl. 
- Eksi Ekso's I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP is nearly sold out on orange/black swirl vinyl, then it's all white vinyl.
- There are less than 100 copies of Junius' The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP remaining before it is OOP. 
We'll have some more vinyl updates next month to announce, until then, remember - vinyl is final!
Fun & Wacky Warehouse Finds
During our end of the year inventory reporting we came across a few little gems that may be of interest to some of you guys. First up is the mislabeled version of the Beware of Safety/Giants split 7". When the plant shipped these to us back in early 2011, and we started assembling them with the jackets, we realized there were 20 copies that had been accidentally labeled with Beware of Safety center labels on both sides. So we took a few of the leftover unnumbered jackets that Charlie had screenprinted for us and packaged them randomly with these mislabeled seven inches. Here's the breakdown:


- 1 copy with blue vinyl / red jacket 


- 3 copies with green vinyl / blue jackets 


- 4 copies with green vinyl / red jackets


- 13 copies with green vinyl / green jackets


Check it out HERE!


And here's some other cool, random things we found... 


- a couple more copies of Gifts From Enola's self titled LP on orange vinyl


- Giants 7" on maroon vinyl (long sold out, limited to 100 copies)


- Eksi Ekso Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP with side A/B on orange vinyl and side C/D on yellow vinyl, the only copy in existence 


- Junius The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP cream w/bronze haze (2009 tour copy) 


- Gifts From Enola From Fathoms 2xLP Side A/B - translucent swamp green/translucent ice blue swirl, Side C/D - translucent orange/brown (2009 tour copy)


- Actors&Actresses Arrows LP gold vinyl (limited to 100)


- Topshelf Records' exclusive colors of the Gifts From Enola/Caravels split 12"
Well Worn that we co-released together last year. We have a few on gold vinyl (limited to 100) and coke bottle clear (limited to 300). 


- Aeges The Bridge LP on hot pink vinyl (limited to 100)


And there's a bunch of other cool stuff too, just head over to the Rare & OOP section of the webstore HERE to check it all out :)



Caspian You Are The Conductor

Test Press Artwork Contest 


As some of you may remember, when we repressed the classic debut Caspian 12" last September, we launched a new contest for y'all to submit artwork for the original test presses from 2008. We only received one submission during the contest, so we wanted to restart/extend the contest and strongly encourage everyone to submit some work! Head over HERE to read all about the details, but basically you just come up with some cool artwork for the test presses, email it to us, and have a chance at winning a test press! 
Boris Bucks Merch Update
Happy New Year my lovley hellions! I'm here to start another year of reigning terror on the Sheath. As many of you who have ordered over the past couple months already know, I now have my own currency that I will be dispersing amoungst you martyred patrons; slowly but surely buying your soul with my Boris Bucks. Muawhahahaha!
For every $10.00 spent in the Mylene Sheath webstore will earn you 1 Boris Buck. The Boris Bucks you accumulate can then be used to get exclusive items only purchasable with Boris Buck currency.
I'm keeping a record of how many Boris Bucks each of you have earned and will continue to earn, so I will be able to know if you have enough "bucks" to buy the items I will have available.
We took a survey and asked the fine fiends on the Sheath Message Board which first three items they would most like to see me have up for grabs. Check out the post HERE.
Here is the first three sinful souvenirs we all came up with and their Boris Buck Prices:
  • Sheath exclusive Keychain Bottle Opener (15 Boris Bucks)
  • Sheath exclusive Koozie (20 Boris Bucks)
  • Sheath exclusive Pilsner Glass (40 Boris Bucks)
Once you've accumulated enough of my loot to redeem for one of these items, head over to my section of the webstore HERE and submit the order form! Doooope!
Good luck getting my bucks ghoulies! Make sure to follow me on Twitter HERE for various random contests to win extra Boris Bucks!
All my love!  
RIP Ricky
It is with super heavy hearts that we tell you one of our prized Sheath pack tragically and unexpectedly passed away over the holiday break. If you're in a band and have stayed at our house, then you have probably slept with Ricky. Or if you've ever even just set foot in our house, you were greeted by him immediately, forced into a petting situation, and probably licked a bunch :) He was a one-of-a-kind personality and the most social cat man has ever known. Not a moment has gone by over the past few weeks where we haven't been completely saddened by his absence. But, we are so deeply grateful to have had the pleasure to know his soul in this life and we're both most certain we are destined to meet up again in another life (whether he be a cat or something else). Rest in peace, Ricky, until we snug again <3 





And let us not forget the role Ricky played in cleaning up the BP oil spill in the gulf coast back in 2010:



Wrap Up
Well friends, that will do it for the first newsletter of 2013. It's going to be a magnificent year of releases around here, and one of our most active years in recent memory. Even though we put out some of our best releases ever in 2012, we're still more than happy to see the year gone and off the calendar. Personally speaking, it was one hell of a challenging little bitch :) And now that we made it through, we're feeling more optimistic than we have in a long time about the year ahead, and getting some lucky '13 up in here. So buckle up, get your turntable prepped and lets get together with some tunes <3
See you in February! 

Lindsay & Joel