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Welp, 12/21/12, it's almost here folks! Certainly there's bound to be some interesting things going on with at least some of the extreme thinkers in this world :) It should be a nice bit of entertainment watching how we react as a society to this long awaited coming event...dun dun dunnnnn!

It seems just a bit too easy and cliche to us for this calender day to be our "end of days" or anything, so we're not sweatin' it - just looking forward to watching the day unfold in front of us and being glad we're alive to experience it. Maybe it'll be something cool to tell our grand kids about some day or something :) Maybe the "big day" prophesised by the great Mayans, many other ancient cultures, and the notorious Nostradamus, merely represents a mark in time where we gain a new level of awareness, or consciousness? A new understanding of spirituality and what it means to be human? Maybe not, but with us all living in a day where we can connect with one another at the speed of light through satellites hovering in our atmosphere, and with new technology advancing everyday making that ability even greater, it almost seems impossible for us not to be able to gain a new understanding of ourselves; as a society and as a species!

So with that thought in mind, we're putting our major focus back where it belongs and devoting much more of our time connecting with you all and sharing our love for music with one another; like we have always intended. So look forward to a special year in 2013, because you're all that matters when the day is through and we're beyond grateful to be able to be in a position where we get to connect with people all around the world who share the same love of music!! So just to reiterate - we simply cannot wait to slay 2013 with you all and make it something so awesome it's practically Sci-fi! Secure your ray guns and engage your gravity stabilizer, because we're blasting off! In 3...2.........1!


It's the holidays!!!!! And that means it's time for loving, sharing, giving, and jingle belling to some serious ROCK! So, no matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate, please accept this holiday gift from us of a free download every day from our catalog leading up to xmas, to ensure you have the proper jammage to get you rocking around the Christmas tree, Menorah, festivus pole, or what ever else you might want to rock around this season =) So, to sum it up, each day leading up to the 25th of December, we will be offering everyone a chance to download an album a day for free, as well as purchase the physical format for up to 50% off. To start things off, we've posted up a label sampler for free download RIGHT HERE (no physical format available). Go check it out and let anyone that you think might like it know as well! Tomorrow we'll start going through the releases we've put out in 2012, so check back as we'll announce them on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other obligatory social media outlets! Hope you enjoy the jams, and the deepest of Happy Holiday wishes to all!

Gifts From Enola - A Healthy Fear 2xLP

The records just arrived and we already packed and shipped them all out as fast as we could! They came out amazing!! Check out some pics of the records, us packing them, and other pics HERE at our new Instagram page, which we'll be adding pics to steadily from here on out. Cooool! And, if you haven't checked this record out yet, don't be shy! Go stream it on Bandcamp HERE and grab you some slabs 'o sexy wax HERE! If you have any order-specific questions, hit us up homie! Everyone should have received their tracking email by now, so if you did not - holler!!  



Next preorder will be the Minot 7", which we'll be launching in very early January, after everyone has a little time to recuperate from the Holiday frenzy! The 7" will be officially released in physical retail-land and digitally on 2/5 :)      
In the meantime, you can preview some of the bands tunes over on their Bandcamp page HERE! The upcoming 7" features two different tracks that are not on their Bandcamp page, with artwork duties handled by N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries. This 7" is a precursor to the full length coming out next year, so get ready rage often with some Minot as they continue their 12 point program for world domination! 

As some of you are aware, we've started giving away "Boris Bucks" with all mailorder that ships out (on orders that were placed November 1st or later). This money can be used to purchase exclusive items that only Boris Bucks can be used to purchase. You get one "Boris Buck" for every $10 spent in the webstore, etc. We are currently trying to decide on what the first few items will be that you can redeem this unholy currency on over on our message board, so feel free to chime in and vote for what you want RIGHT HERE! Or if you don't see anything listed that you're into, simply make a post recommending another cool promotional item you'd like to see us make instead! And while you're visiting the board, be sure to look around at some of the other shenanigans we've got going on over there :) Thanks guys, I think we'll come up with some really cool, unique stuff if we put our skulls together!!

And be sure to follow Boris on Twitter HERE, as he's got some bone chillin' winter deals up his sleeve from now until the new year... and beyond :)

You didn't think we would let the chance to exploit the apocalypse slip by us, did you? If shit really does hit the fan, we'd like to have a little less inventory on our shelves. So in honor of the 21st, many vinyl titles in the webstore are 21% off from now until the 22nd, and most CDs are $5.99 :) And to ensure that you're properly being "doomed" we'll throw in a copy of Beneath Oblivion's doom metal masterpiece "From Man To Dust" 2xLP with all orders over $80, and a copy of it on CD with all orders over $30 :) Get some goodz on the cheap, doomsday prep for your musical needs!! Check it all out RIGHT HERE! And spread the word to any other doomsday preppers you might know :)

That's gonna do it friends! May your holidays be merry as a mutha :) When we talk next time, it will be 2013... hard to believe!! We've got a lot of amazing stuff to share with you as next year unfolds, get freakin' stoked!! So in closing, we'd just like to say thanks again for another year of humbling support and love. It means the world to us, truly. The supportive and encouraging emails, our friends on the message board, the passionate and dedicated Sheath Crew, and everyone that has placed their trust in us by ordering a record - we love you guys. It has been a trying year for us on a personal level, and we know we wouldn't have made it through without you. 2013 is just weeks away, lets set it off on the right foot and make it the year we look back on in our older age with a happy tear in our eye :)

Love you, happy holidays, be safe <3

Lindsay & Joel