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Yo Peoples! 

What the feck is up??? Hope everyone is having a great month so far and gearing up for an extra spooky and horrific Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!! I mean, pumpkins rule, we all know that. But cutting a face into a pumpkin is something really special :)  Or maybe something like this:
(courtesy of the legendary Rick Way <3)

The smell of autumn and its crisp night air, coupled with the dreadful screams of terror and grisly apparitions make this one of the most magical times of the year - so go scare the sheet out of someone! Seriously, go... we'll wait here... 

OK, did you do it? Good, then lets get back to this eerie edition of the monthly newsletter! In this newsletter you'll find updates on the ongoing preorders, some tidbits on upcoming releases and tours, and our own ghastly live-in spectre Boris might even make an appearance - this is his favorite time of year, after all.  We'll also discuss candy, ghosts, spiders, witches, and mummies. Hey! Don't get all weebly wobbly on us now, we're just getting started with the terror! Now, lets get heinous... 


Here's a quick update on all the ongoing and recent preorders. First of all, Aeges Southern Comfort 7" preorders are all shipped out and should be in your hands right now. These things came out gorgeous and sound greeeeeeeat. On a side note: these all come with a download code for digital versions of the tracks through Bandcamp, and we had someone email us saying the download only included the A-Side track. Thinking that it must be some kind of glitch, we had them download the tracks again using the same code, and sure enough they received both tracks. So that's just a heads up, if for some reason you only get the first track using your code, just download it again and both should download. Why? I don't freakin' know, but just DOIT. You can stream this and order it HERE, shipping nooooow, yo. 
Caspian's You Are The Conductor repress took a little longer than expected, BUT it sure did come out even better than expected! These are some serious records here, gang. 180 gram vinyl, super thick case-wrapped jackets - the works. Here are some pics:

Here's the colors (white vinyl not pictured):


Now here's the massive difference between first pressing and this pressing, when weighed on a 25lb scale, in ounces:

(first pressing)

(this pressing)

Whoa! Heavyweight champs! These jackets are so thick, as is the vinyl, that you could definitely protect your family this Halloween by beheading zombies with them. Buy records... protect your loved ones. 

And here's the freakin' spooky spines:

It's just... sexy. You can stream it and pick up a copy HERE

We have all preorders completely shipped out now, if you haven't received your shipping notification yet, let us know and we'll sort it out :)  

As for the other preorders, we've been told by the pressing plant that we'll have the If These Trees Could Talk Above The Earth, Below The Sky LP's by the end of next week, at which point we'll pack and ship those. And Gifts From Enola's new 2xLP A Healthy Fear should follow in early November, as the test presses sounded great and have been approved for production. So we'll keep everyone posted as those ship as well :) As always, if anyone has any questions about their order, email us at orders [at] themylenesheath [dot] com and we'll be certain to take care of ya!

Gifts From Enola
 A Healthy Fear
With all of this unhealthy Halloween fear running amuck, just remember A Healhty Fear is just around the corner! We touched on the preorder above, but we also wanted to show you the new video for Steady Diet from the album! Consequence of Sound premiered it the other day, and it's a total banger kid! Check it out below!

Thanks to Lurid Pictures for banging out this badass video!

In addition to the slick film above, you can stream songs off the album like Long Weakend via Punk News HERE and Cherry via Absolute Punk HERE. Shit rips from back to front, just ask anyone that preordered the album last month and received one of the early download invites! Awwwww sheeeeit, get wicked. 
7" Update
A quick update on this bad boy. The dudes are just wrapping up artwork on it and we should have it ready for preorders in November. If you haven't checked out these gangstas yet (featuring current and ex-members of From Monument To Masses and Tartufi), do it HERE. This upcoming 7" is a precursor to the full length we'll be putting out next year, so whet your appetite, won't you? Because these jams taste better than bobbing for candy apples in a tub full of chocolate. Yum, chocolaaaaaate. 

Upcoming 7"
The final document of Lavinia's initial line-up (pictured above), which features Nate, previously of Eksi Ekso, Phi from Caspian, Josh from On Fire, and Alex from Eksi Ekso. This line-up makes wood stand up in your pants, right? Us too! That should get some blood rushing back into some bones this Halloween! The couple songs we snagged from this final recording session will see the light of day via a limited edition 7" later this year. Now that Nate has moved to Austin, TX the line-up has changed significantly. But the new line-up is wicked awesome as well, featuring members of Junius and The Appleseed Cast. More on this 7" and other Lavinia news coming soon, but we just wanted to give y'all an early heads up on this one!
The Boris Halloweekend
(click image above to hear a frightening message from Boris)

Everyone's least favorite, most horrid, soulless spectre has risen to the spooky occassion! First of all, he has stolen several rare and out of print records from the Daddy Distro and is selling them for his own greedy profit! Some classicly total classics such as the remastered Caspian 3xLP, Gifts From Enola's self titled record from 2010, the Junius/Rosetta split 12" on blue vinyl, Giants/Beware of Safety split 7" and more! He actually went so far as to set up an illegal spot in our webstore HERE where he is selling them. The Sheath Sheriff is on the hunt for Boris for stealing his Daddy Distro goods, so be sure to buy them before he's caught! In addition to his thieving shenanigans, Boris will be on our message board giving things away and having horrific contests all weekend. You can head over HERE and check it out - and be sure to check back often over the weekend as he continually haunts the forums. 
And lastly, we're introducing "Boris Bucks" this weekend! From now on every $10 spent in the Sheath webstore will earn you a "Boris Buck". Boris Bucks are Boris' own special currency from the underworld where he is the president and has his face on all the money. These can be used to purchase exclusive items only available with Boris Bucks! We'll have special one of a kind Sheath items, such as 45 adapters, koozies, tote bags, bandanas, bottle openers and much more cool stuff! And to launch the Boris Bucks we'll be doubling them over The Boris Halloweekend! So every $10 spent in the webstore from now until Halloween will earn two Boris Bucks! Stay tuned to the message board to see a list of the items we'll be offering to redeem your Boris Bucks :) OH, and your Boris Bucks will be included with your order when we ship it. Don't be afraid... be TERRIFIED!
 Wrap Up
Well guys and ghouls, that's  going to do it for the Halloween edition of our monthly news diddy. Hopefully you were able to read through it without peeing your pants and running away screaming! Remember to check out what Boris is doing this weekend and have a safe and spooky Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! For the hearts still beating, much love and we'll see you next month <3
Lindsay & Joel