Keith's Comics
Keith's Comics

Week Two of Sidekick 2013 Deals:

Thousands of comics $1.00 each
Everything else:
 (Toys, Statues, Graphic Novels, Trade Paperbacks)
50% Off

I worked 20 boxes and found some cool older comics!

Keith's Birthday Bonus I: I turn 50 this week so I will celebrate with a Sidekick B-Day bonus offer. Buy $50.00 of Sidekick stuff and pick out another $25.00 in stuff!
Example: Buy 50 $1 comics. pick out 25 more for free!

There are still about 25 boxes I haven't gotten to yet so I suspect there will be fresh stuff for each week.


Friday, July 26th
Aug. 2nd 5:00-7:00 PM


Saturday, Aug. 3rd Noon until 3 PM

Next to Keith's Comics North Dallas
17610 Midway Rd. Suite  #118
Dallas 75287

Make sure you read to the left and further down for 
Keith's Birthday specials.

Yup. I'm older than Doctor Who.
Gotta check out that regeneration stuff.
Keith's Birthday Bonus Sale:

This weekend I turn 50 and want you to come celebrate with me. 

At Mockingbird store only. Sunday August 4th only. 

Items that came in before June 15th (That's 50 days ago...see what i did there?)
and that... are priced under $50.00

Are 40% OFF! 
Limit you can't get 6 packs of comic bags for 40 OFF ...just one. But you could get one current size and one silver size. You could get 20 different comics but not two of the same.

 AND...  additionally, any one item over $50.00 (50 days old) is 20% Off!

Whisper the deal at the counter to activate the sale but keep the offer on the down low to keep it special for my social media friends.


No dealers. Keith reserves the right to remove any item from sale at any time for any reason. No rain checks or Gift Certificates.

What: In the back of Keith's Comics Sidekick in which we invite our friends and customers to sell their stuff.

When: Starting Saturday August 10th, 2013 thru Saturday September 28th. Noon until 4 PM.

Friends and customers of Keith's Comics. We will try and put together a selection of folks with varied items. Hopefully local artists and artisans as well as folks trying to make room in their house so they can buy more stuff!

How: email me [email protected] and let me know you are interested. 

For participants in Summer Con:

Spaces (approx 6ft by 4ft ) are free. Spaces will be allotted by invitation. You will need to bring your own table and table covering along with chair. There is electricity available but better bring an extension cord to be safe. You are responsible for all sales tax and reporting your sales. 

You owe Keith's Comics nothing for set up. No percentage, no fees... nothing. Additionally, please sell your items for whatever price you choose... I do not care if it is lower or higher than my price.

Helpful reminders. Bring change (bills and coins- and remember most banks are closed Saturday). Sign up for a square so you can take credit cards or at least have a sign telling everyone cash only.

Load in is 11 AM in the back. Chris M. is the ringmaster and will be running the Sidekick during Summer Con. Load out is just the reverse from 4-5 (Sidekick will still be open just no customer access to the back.

Each invite is for one week only. We have commitments for several groups in different weeks so while it may play out that we can accommodate multi-week set ups, it is not guaranteed.

If you are extended an invite please accept ASAP along with some Bio info and the kind of stuff you are bringing. We want to hype your appearance as much as possible. Please do the same on your Facebook or other social media.

Join us on 

What is the Sidekick?

The Sidekick is a temporary store I set up to consoladate all the overstock from the back (and front) of our stores, our storage places and my garage! It will allow me to go through the mountain of stuff that has been buried too long! Many items will be sent back to the stores because it is cool stuff that just got lost, misplaced or forgotten. Some stuff will just be thrown away. But the rest... the rest will be offered to you at substantial discount.

What's in there?

Tons of toys, merchandise, graphic novels, hard covers, prints and posters, and comics.
...lots and lots of comics.

Also, help us be a good neighbor and not park in the other business' labeled spots.

For this weekend. Everything (except statues) in the Sidekick is 50% off cover or marked price. Most comics will be $1.00 each and about 500 $5.00 bronze and silver age comics (more each week as I get to it).

It is important to note that there is so much stuff to go through that there is no way it will all be ready opening weekend. Here is my promise though. Once we open for a weekend we will not put anything new out until the next weekend. So, every weekend we will have fresh stuff that we worked that week.

Fine Print:
Keith reserves the right to remove from sale any item at any time
(mistakes happen... where did I store that Action Comics #1?). No dealers. Limit one.


Keith's Comics
5400 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75206