IVI DMC˛ Los Cabos Updates
Foreseeing a great recovery, restoration is already in progress!
According to official estimates:
  • Los Cabos Int'l Airport (SJD) Reopen:  October 10*
  • Cabo San Lucas Airport (CSL) Reopen:  October 10*
  • Power Restored:  45%
  • Water Restored:  Monday or Tuesday (Already Mostly Restored)
  • Phone Restored:  Completed
  • Internet Restored:  Completed
  • Garbage Pick-Up:  Resumed
  • Most Hotels Reopening:  October 1 through October 15
  • Bisbee's Fishing Tournament:  On as Scheduled for October 17

Airport Update

The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) did not suffer any infrastructure damage, but there was damage to the terminals and to the control tower.  It is projected to open again for normal traffic by approximately October 10th, 2014.  The smaller Cabo San Lucas Airport did not suffer damage to the runways and has been operating normally since September 17, but days only at this time.

Utility Update
  • At this time, 85% of the power in Northern Baja California Sur has been restored, and about 80% of the power in La Paz.  The power in Los Cabos is estimated to be overstated in 2-3 weeks, as power has already been restored to 45% of Los Cabos.
  • Telmex has restored telecommunications (telephone, internet) to 100% of the area and no more lines at the gas stations.
  • Some water has been restored to Cabo - about 40% of normal capacity.  They are testing the desalination plant and expect full water recovery this week.  A very welcome thing indeed.
Security Update
  • After a couple of days of much publicized looting of stores, official sources and reports from the ground agree that things are now under control.
Business Update
  • Baja Cantina Marina, Mango Cantina, La Davina and Cabo Cantina are open for business with food and cold drinks available.  Reports are that Solomon's Landing, Mango Deck, Cabo Blue and Captain Tony's will be reopen this week.  Many other restuarants will remain closed until the tourists return since all of their clientele was tourists. Beach vendors have been being spotted again.  :)
  • 6 bank branches have reopened, and some ATMs.  Several gas stations are open, and 6 of the area's 19 grocery and department stores have reopened, including Wal-Mart.  Some Cabo San Lucas fishing charters are reporting they are ready to go fishing.
  • The East Cape area was largely unaffected and those businesses are running as normal.  La Paz is also largely back to normal operations.
Impact on Your Tours
  • All tours are cancelled for now, and probably will remain so until at least after the airport reopens.  We hope to have the chance to serve you later this year here in Cabo, but if you will be changing your vacation plans to another location in Mexico, we would love to have you join us for some fun in one of our other locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen.
Hotel Damage & Reopening Updates

Many hotels in Cabo fared pretty well during the storm, reporting only minor damage.  However, they still have some clean-up to do which will keep most resorts closed until about October 1st.  By this time many resorts predict that they will open, and many more by October 15.  A few were heavily damaged and will remain closed until October 31 or longer.  


Here is a list of the official estimates we have received so far M&I properties:

  • Barcelo Grand Faro - Still Assessing. Tentatively September 22
  • Capella Pedral - October 1
  • Casa Dorada - October 9
  • Dreams Los Cabos - Sustained cosmetic damages and substantial debris, yet no serious structural damages. October 15.
  • Esperanza - October 13
  • Fiesta Americana Los Cabos - November 15 for a big group (this is an IVIDMC˛ Group with one of its main Clients from USA), then November 23 for individual reservations.
  • Finisterra - Tentative date of October 1.
  • Hacienda del Mar - October 31
  • Hacienda Encantada - October 15
  • Hilton Los Cabos - Still Assessing. Significant damage.
  • Holiday Inn - "At Least November 1"
  • Hyatt Place - October 17
  • Hyatt Ziva - October 17
  • Las Ventanas - Assessing damage. Will update on Sept 22.
  • Los Cabos Golf Resort - No serious damage, just cosmetic. Closed for 2 weeks for clean-up.
  • ME Cabo - October 16
  • Melia Real - October 15
  • One & Only Palmilla - October 15
  • Playa Grande - October 22
  • Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos - No structural damage, just cleanup. October 1
  • Pueblo Bonito Montecristo States - No structural damage, just cleanup. October 1
  • Pueblo Bonito Rose - No structural damage, just cleanup. October 1
  • Pueblo Bonito Pacifica - No structural damage, just cleanup. October 1
  • Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach - No structural damage, just cleanup. October 1
  • Riu Palace - Unofficially saying they expect to be open in 2 weeks. No official word yet.
  • Riu Santa Fe - Significant damage. No assessment yet.
  • Royal Decameron - October 17
  • Royal Solaris - October 10
  • Secrets Marquis - Sustained cosmetic damages and substantial debris, yet no serious structural damages. October 15.
  • Secrets Puerto Los Cabos - Cosmetic damage and debris, no structural damage. October 15.
  • Sheraton - Significant damage. Closed until "at least" October 31.
  • Villa del Palmar - Minimal damage. October 1
  • Westin - Significant damage. Windows blew out. Closed until "at least" October 31.
  • Wyndham - "Unaffected". Just basic clean-up to do of pools and grounds. October 1.
  • Zoetry - Cosmetic damage and debris, no structural damage. October 15.

Our Recommendations

  • Currently, Cabo is not ready for touristic arrivals.  There is a lot of work to do.  If you have vacation plans during the next few weeks, you will want to contact your hotel and airline and change your dates to at least mid October.  
  • In October, there will still be work going on in Cabo, but as long as your resort is open for business, there will still be plenty to enjoy.  The tourist infrastructure always comes back quicker than the local areas, and Mexico is one of the world's best at this.  You will truly be surprised to see how quickly Cabo is restored, given the severity of the hit.
  • The beaches, the sunshine, the pool, the food, and the margaritas will all be here. 
  • The marina is reportedly without structural damage and most boats were unharmed. 

How Else You Can Help

As soon as Cabo is ready to welcome you again, there is perhaps no better way to contribute to the recovery than with your tourist dollars.  Every margarita you drink or taco you eat gives a hotel or restaurant worker a job, who then uses that money to buy things at the store, giving the store employee a job and money to spend to buy things at another store, and so on.  The impact is felt through this small community in so many ways.  Cabo needs you, especially in this already low season.  


We hope to see you in October when the resorts and town are ready to host you.


If you have any questions please contact our Corporate Offices:

Tel: (998) 287-1700


Av. Acanceh #1-01 SM 15, Mz 9

Cancun, Q. Roo CP 77500


Jose-Manuel GARCIA Visionary, Founder & Managing Commander-in-Chief
Mario FOSTER Regional Managing Director  IVI DMC˛  Los Cabos 





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