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Seize These Incredible Cultural Activities
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From Mexico to the World

Mexico is indeed a place of contrasts and variety in flora and fauna. Due to these unique conditions the country has proudly given many gifts to the world. 

These gifts include: tomato, avocado, cocoa, tequila, vanilla, chewing gum, the jumping bean, the poinsettia,  just to mention some of them. 

Would you like to pamper your group participants and throw them a theme party giving one or more of these traditional wonders as a very special corporate gift? 

Contact IVI DMC˛ because we are sure they deserve it. ionk
Unique Handcrafts

The philanthropic vocation of Xbaal goes back to 1995, right after Hurricane Gilbert devastated Cancun and surrounding areas. The damage caused by the hurricane affected many families of little means. 

Xbaal, a local association emerged in order to help indigenous communities which were in dire need. Xbaal's task since its inception was to train especially   women   in  the manufacturing    of     typical
clothes and handcrafts. The association provided the machinery and training needed. Soon, many workshops were established and they became thriving centers that empowered women to make a modest living while helping their households bring bread to the table. 

Today, the association has become stronger and keeps focused on its lofty objective, helping others live a dignified life.
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When planning an event, it is of utmost importance the location chosen. Your very succes depends on it! In the vast Latin America, there are stupendous locations that focus on cultural activities and appeal to the senses. Our destinations boast a gammut of flora and fauna, customs, and ancient sites full of history. As a sample of such variety and fun, please read on to get better acquainted with some of what you can expect when visiting us.
The Brazilian Carnival

This Carnival is celebrated in Brazil every year, during 46 days and before the Easter festival. Carnivals are celebrated in many countries but the one in Brazil is by and large the most famous. Different cities of Brazil have their own way of celebrating this weeklong festival of revelry and fun. However, the most famous carnival is that of Rio De Janeiro. 

Thousands of people throng to the Sambodromo stadium in the city. Often wearing masks and colorful costumes, they dance to the beats of drums and music, Samba being the most prevalent form of dancing here. A major parade with beautifully dressed Samba dancers atop a decorated moving vehicle goes through the stadium.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Todos Santos is a quaint little place and truly the epitome of the contrasting beauty of Baja, an oasis in more ways than one. The contemporary show rooms and Mexican rustic furniture stores are all unique and can only be found in Todos Santos. Stroll along the street stores to appreciate the lovely old buildings including the famous Hotel California, built in 1928, as well as cozy restaurants, cafes, galleries, and shops selling hand-crafted items. You can visit the Mission church which was established in 1733, as well as the Cultural House that is full of interesting history. Top it all off with a lovely lunch at a local restaurant!
Tasty Panama - A Savory Fusion
Due to its strategic location in the center of the Americas, Panama is an obligated transit route and a bridge for culture and world trade. This unique blend has resulted in one of the most comprehensive and creative options of savory food. Flavors from all the ends of the Earth are present in fine restaurants that offer delicious options and pleasant environments, be it outdoors, oceanfront terraces, or comfortable lounges. These facilities are especially designed to hold successful corporate events that will result in a memorable Dine Around experience.
Behold Mexico's Architecture- Amongst the Most Sublime Worldwide
Mexico's architecture has a long lasting legacy. The colonial buildings have gained worldwide recognition due to their design and splendor. Why not consider celebrating a corporate event in such a unique background? That would really impress those in your group. Colonial sites such as Mexico City, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Puebla, Guadalajara and Morelia - amongst others - are ideal for a corporate event that you mean to be memorable. Be ready for a pleasant surprise when having your next business meeting in Mexico! Allow IVI DMC˛ to suggest a well-planned event that will ensure the success of your trip. i

It is our aim to inform our kind readers of the many activities your group can enjoy. Meeting planners are especially encouraged to consider our destinations as a means to achieve success in your upcoming corporate event. Rest assured that we will do our best to make you and your participants Look GREAT!



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